Casey Abrams & Skylar Stecker Cover “Am I Wrong” – VIDEO


Casey Abrams had been teasing a special video duet this week with a young singer named Skylar Stecker. And now it’s here.

Styler covers “Am I Wrong” by Nico and Vinz with the American Idol 10 alum on backup vocals and upright bass. “The only instruments involved in this music was upright bass, guitar and voice.” tweeted Casey.

Shot in Casey’s backyard, Skylar writes in the video notes, “I absolutely loved this song from the minute I first heard it on the radio and knew that Casey would be the perfect person to collaborate with on this song. He is not only talented, but he is also super fun to work with!”

By the way. Skylar is only 12 years old.

Watch the video below.

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  • Kimmy Moores

    Casey’s hair…
    he just looks swollen >.>

  • Kimmy Moores

    This Skylar girl is only 12?
    Wow…I thought she was 16

  • Aakash Mansukhani

    She’s 12…? wut.

  • jobeob987

    I can’t believe this girl is only 12! She’s probably chomping at the bit to audition for American Idol. :-) Great voice, though. Casey’s not bad either but I confess, I was mainly focused on Skylar.

  • nncw

    Very nice collaboration.

  • Tess Herself

    I don’t think there are a lot of really good singers who are chomping at the bit to audition for Idol since, after 13 seasons their track record of producing a “star” is pretty limited. She’s better off going the Taylor Swift route since she is also a song writer, though I don’t know if she comes from the same kind of upper financial stability that Taylor did to help finance the process.

  • iluvai

    I liked them both together.Casey actually looks kinda cute here. The song is a bit boring.

  • Bugme Nomor

    Money’s not a concern. I think I saw her on some online Idol pre-show billed as a YouTube star. That appearance and the enlisting of Casey would suggest she is an Idol fan.

  • iluvai

    All of the talent shows have their hits and misses. I think AI is still a platform for some really awesome singers and musicians.

  • WestiesRule

    Now I know why my 9 y/o granddaughter acts and looks 14. All of these kids seem older than their years (as evidenced by the maturity level of my high school students).

  • WestiesRule

    I’m a fan of Sam’s!

  • girlygirl

    If that’s her plan, she better have a back-up one, because it’s unlikely Idol will still be around in 3-4 years. But if she is a YT star, maybe she’ll get signed before she’s 16, anyway.

    Nice collaboration.

  • LA944

    I enjoyed the video. Of course, I love Casey. He sure has some fun music in his backyard happening quite a bit. I was surprised that she was 12. She sings very well for her age.

  • Porfivor Nixon

    12! I thought she was in her 20’s. Casey’s hair out like that makes him look like the Lion in the Wizard of Oz.- in other words, terrible.

  • Happyhexer

    Gotta say, I like CaseyA’s voice a heck of a lot better than Skylar Stecker’s. Cute kid, but her voice grates on me, and it’s kinda sad watching her trying to be older than she is (even though I know that is very common nowadays).