Casey Abrams – “Simple Life” – Official Music Video!

Casey Abrams wants YOU and EVERYBODY to consider living the “Simple Life” in his breezy new music video. The Season 10 American Idol alum has also redesigned his official website! Check it out at

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  • Cherry Lillyfield

    He is so gross

  • Claude Dee

    I actually like it. Must live the SIMPLE life. And this will be my last comment for today because I’m putting down my laptop cause I’m getting out of my house. Hah.  :)

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I hadn’t realized how much Casey had cleaned himself up for Idol. lol

  • halo9125

    I actually liked the song better BEFORE I saw the video. He really has such an off putting appearance that a little personal grooming could solve.

  • Mase Wallace

     shallow much?

  • upsidedawn

    Casey seems like such a genuinely nice guy, and he’s so talented, I don’t care the least little bit about how he looks.  Or I could say: he looks fine to me. :) Looks like he gets the girl in the vid!

  • irockhard

    Casey is such a hippie and I’m sure that older couple in the vid are his parents!

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “I’m sure that older couple in the vid are his parents”

    I think that you’re right about that.

    What a hoot!  lol

  • Katie’s Uvula

    Um, its the truth. How is saying that he could do a little bit of personal grooming shallow? If he had a little goatee and people were telling him to shave it off or something then yes that is shallow. In addition calling someone like Adele or Melanie Amaro fat would also be shallow but Casey straight up looks like a caveman or a homeless person.

  • Leandro

    When finally Casey can get a girl he turns to the other side and hug his bass…lol

    The video is funny, but I think “get out” would be a much better single to promote with a video.

  • upsidedawn

     LOL!  The girl saw that too, and  she didn’t seem upset.  Guess the Casey in the video found the ideal gal, who doesn’t object if he puts his bass first.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I don’t think that expecting a minimum level of personal grooming and hygiene is shallow at all. If someone is unkempt, and looks like they slept in a dumpster and haven’t showered in a few days, then that’s a turn off.

  • Caro3278sweet

    I am back in the 60’s. And I wasn’t even there when it happened before. So this is really cool. 

  • Eilonwy

    Wait, what? Casey Abrams looks no different from the hipsters I see hanging out at the local coffeehouses, and I’m not even somewhere as tragically hip as Berkeley.

    Since the theme of the video is about living in the tent on the Pacific beach, I dunno that “dapper” would really be appropriate.

    He’s goin’ after hipsters who’ve decided that indie rock is too mainstream so they’ll move on to jazz. He blends in with his target audience sufficiently that they can give their full attention to the music.

  • sweetmm

    I truly enjoy this song :)  

    Casey, you may not need lots of thing but for heaven’s sake you need a razor!!!

  • standtotheright

    I don’t care about his personal appearance, but the website…whoever told him that his background should be those supersaturated stage shots should be shot. Most of them fight with the color scheme of the rest of the design. Even hippies can use a color wheel.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Sorry, too grungy for my taste. It makes me feel icky and distracts me from the music.  lol

  • marmom07

    OMG I really like that, Very catchy, great message. Really suits him.

    Having gone to HS in the 70’s when men had HAIR unlike so many today… I don’t have a problem with his looks. It is shallow to complain about him looking unkempt. If he walked by and was smelly and unwashed then you could talk about a grooming problem. But IMO just because he likes his hair and beard longer than you think looks good is not the same as a grooming problem. 

  • LLA1535

    I was just watching the greatest tv programs of all time on my DVR. All in the Family was number 5 in comedies. Most of these comments are perfect after seeing that.  I am surprised I haven’t read that he’s must be a Commie too!!! HA!

    I think it’s a cute video. I really like the song and Casey’s cd is very good. It’s  funny at the end when he chooses the bass over the girl. 

    I could give a crap about his hair or beard. He’s not an accountant. He’s not homeless. He’s a musician. I guess he’s the only musician who looks a little outside the mainstream.

    I don’t know if his folks were hippies or not. I do know they are educated (Harvard) and professional people.

    IA–think the website is ok–but it could be better.

  • Leandro


  • sabbia

    Best thing for me was the CJ!

  • sabbia

    I agree that he may be going after the hipsters and he is blending in well with that crowd. The problem I have with his album is that he blends in *too* well–his music sounds like the common folksy acoustic fare that can be heard in many hipster college coffeeshops and to me, has lost too much of the jazz elements that made him stand out on Idol. 

  • Charlotte Jones

    I loved it! I love him!  I’m certain those are not his parents.  Though, the older man is familiar to me.  I can’t put my finger on why though.  Having been hugged by Casey recently when he was in Memphis, I can attest that he is pleasantly clean.  A child of the sixties, I have no problem with how he chooses to wear his hair and beard.  I’m supporting him because of his most pleasant personality, and because he can sing and play like he does.  Rock on Case.  Oh, by the way, the Get Out video has been shot too.

  • sue

    Love the video and love his album. Casey is Casey and he looks fine to me. I guess I’m use to people being whatever they want to be. I kind of like his long wavy hair. Hopefully I will get to see him live one day. He is a true musician and I appreciate what he does. Great video and those are not his parents, lols.

  • zaclona77

    I think now it’s official: I LOVE this dude!

    btw. I just went back and read the comments posted prior to mine and I guess my only tip to some folks here would be that you might be better off following a fashion show or modelling competition…

  • Incipit

     Oh, by the way, the Get Out video has been shot too. 

    Thanks, Charlotte Jones. I bought the album, and I love the songs, but this laid back tune is a little too laid back to be a favorite. Now, “Get Out” is in my Top 3 – looking forward to that video…don’t give a flying fig newton about the hair or the beard, Heh. Unless they start singing harmony. Then, I would care. *snerk*

  • CanadianLady

    Totally enjoy Casey’s music and his creativity.

    P. S. While I prefer him with his hair and beard shorter, long hair and a beard does not equal unkempt or unwashed.

  • Steppen

    Casey is such a hippie. I still think he needs an image consultant. I know he’s targeting to hipsters, but trimming those hairs a bit can still retain the hippie look, while broadening the audience.  Why not do it?

  • pj

    Cool song.  I wish him the best.  I also don’t care how he looks.

  • Maria Romeo

    hahaha he is such a hippie stoner