Casey Abrams – MTV & Access Hollywood – VIDEO

More Casey Abrams goodness from his media tour!

Casey tells MTV’s Jim Cantiello that he trusted the advice he got from the vocal coaches the most. He also likened all the advice he was getting from judges, producers, etc to jelly beans in a big jar, and Jennifer Lopez is the buttered popcorn flavor!

Plus, Casey sings “Harder to Breath” for Access Hollywood, and more.

Casey Abrams Sets the Record Straight about Haley Reinhart

Is Casey Abrams Upset About His ‘Idol’ Elimination?

Casey performs “Harder to Breath”

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  • sonyab

    I love when he sings harder to breath! :)

  • TwigLA

    Casey’s ‘Harder to Breathe’ is exquisite.

    He’s such a cool guy and fantastic musician.

  • Mtlfan

    Casey sings well. I like his version of this song.
    I think he tried just too hard on AI

  • amadcow2

    He so should have done the stripped down version of Harder to Breath on the show. I miss Casey. He’s a talented guy.

  • Miss Blue

    Geez, that rendition of HTB was outstanding. Why the hell wasn’t he doing this stuff on AI? He’d still be on the show.

    The best advice I could give all of these kids is to ignore the damn producers. Although in fairness, Casey was told to stop with the growling.

  • bjames

    James growls and faces were his demise on the show. TWICE.

    That said, I still like the guy. LOL at him not understanding Jim’s question.

  • Lulu2

    VERY nice rendition of HArder to Breathe. Better than on the show. Always good to play by yourself on Idol and avoid the sound mixer.

  • muzikghetto

    That was cool, Casey. Gonna save the vidz to remember you!