Casey Abrams – I Saw Her Standing There – VIDEO

Casey Abrams sang a jazzed up version of the Beatles “I Saw Her Standing There” during the American Idol Top 9 results show.

Super cool cover from Casey. But what the crap is he growing on his face?

Casey Abrams – I Saw Her Standing There… by IdolxMuzic

AMERICAN IDOL: Casey Abrams(R) performs on AMERICAN IDOL airing Thursday, March 21(8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Also pictured: Ryan Seacrest (L). CR: Michael Becker/ FOX. Copyright: FOX.

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  • Axxxel

    Yeah for the pony tail… and of course his nice voice !

  • LA944

    Loved the performance! ITA so cool and jazzy. Great arrangement. He is so creative, entertaining and talented. In fact, I was more entertained and had more fun watching him than anything I saw last night. Of course, he has more artistic freedom than the contestants. Casey rules in my book

    The mutton chops (I think that’s what they are called) have been around for a couple of weeks. I think he just likes to try some different beard styles. :)

  • Axxxel

    Casey should have directly answered Ryan that he has an album out there…and mention the title…

    This reminds me of another Idol alumn (no names but I am sure you can guess who is my snowflake)..This alumn was given an award and started to talk like Casey did.. not straight to the point… and was then cut off immediately before being able to thank the people who got him the award in the first place.

  • Kathleen Moore

    Casey is going to be one of the great jazz talents of the 21st Century. He’s that good in a field that’s sadly shrinking.

  • Last Laugh Lane

    Funny (to me) that they brought back a fan favorite from season 10 aka the favorite recent season of many… I think Nigel took notice of that due to the number of fans on twitter asking for their s10 favorites to come back on the show to sing and that season’s tour revenue.
    Anyway, awesome performance from Casey who I still enjoy very much. His quirkiness and musicality will always continue to impress.

  • gigglesmo3

    I loved that performance. I always loved Casey’s energy! I thought he was great in Season 10 and was my fav, even though I knew he wasn’t going to win. It’s great to see he still has spunk :)

  • justmefornow

    Casey was great. Very entertaining and FUN.
    Afterwards, watching the others there this season it was even more glaringly obvious how dull and boring this group is. There are a few with decent voices, but none of them have any real life, outside-of-the bubble star quality.

  • kayd23

    Loved seeing Casey perform. He remains one of my favorites.

  • jms

    Casey reminded me of how awesome S10 really was. Very male-stacked, but awesome. One of the best Idol seasons IMO.

  • Tommyo2000

    Season 10 and 11 had some really diverse talent …

  • Ira

    CASEY!!! You da man! T

  • Ira

    If you look back at his performances while on the show, he was always allowed a certain amount of artistic freedom. Both,he and Blake seemed to always push the creative envelope. Maybe we should add Adam and Naima to that group. They are the ones that have made the show fun. Next, Joshua!!

  • Miz

    That was fun. I love Casey’s ‘I don’t care’ attitude. I also love his music.

    I wonder what this year’s crop thought. I don’t think a single one of them could or would break out of the box like that.

  • Nanc

    Casey showed us exactly what is missing this season….entertainment…and artistry, this season is just a karoke contest

  • girlygirltoo

    This was fun, but if I was Casey, I would have rather have had the chance to perform one of my own songs off my own album rather than a Beatles’ cover.

  • LA944

    I’m sure he would have loved to perform one of his own songs. Wonder why AI didn’t let him

  • thirdtime

    I actually watched part of Idol tonight, just to see Casey. Casey was great, his usual fun energy was in the room tonight. I’m still upset that he did a cover song instead of one of his awesome originals, and felt that Ryan immediately cut him off when he started to talk about his album. But hopefully some people will take the time to look it up and check it out.

  • LA944

    True! They did. Just seemed like last nite most of the performances were dictated my Iovine or the producers. I think Kree is a very good singer–but that Joe Cocker arrangement of ALHFMF didn’t work that well for her vocal style IMO. Casey did it so much better his season with that arrangement. But, it suited him more

    Don’t get me wrong. I think Casey is the most all around talented person I’ve ever seen on the show. In fact, I don’t think there are too many out there anywhere like him. I can’t wait to see what he does in the future

    Would love to see Naima and Josh back on a results show

  • pj

    Enjoyed this. To Ryan’s credit, he did mention in his introduction that Casey’s album was critically acclaimed.

  • durbesque

    I’m glad to hear that jazz is shrinking and has not totally shrunk. Casey has a ways to go to be accepted by the jazz snobs. He was not good at Carnegie Hall.

  • Niall

    Casey has never been a favorite but he has something the guys this year are missing. Charisma.

  • abbysee

    Sweet! Casey is a force, he’s infectious!

  • angiedb

    Loved it! I just watched it as I had to tape Idol tonight. I dig Casey and his sound a lot.

  • angiedb

    You hit it right on the head.

  • Livi2

    Casey’s a jazz musician, so re-interpreting classics is just as important a part of his art as doing originals. Performing a song off his album might have generated more sales for him, but I was really happy to see that he’s still serious about pursuing the jazz thing too.

  • sweetmm

    I’ll never get tired of watching him perform; one of the best musician that came out from AI. This is what missing from this season I feel, which why makes it a tad boring.

  • tierbee

    He’s awesome. What a nice break from Ballad Idol 2013. Can’t help but love this mad, jazzy… samurai… with crazy beard-ish stuff going on?

  • Hank Stromner

    His album has received a nice bump on itunes as well. Its up to #14 overall and #5 in pop.

  • Karen C

    This is exactly what is missing from AI this year. Whether or not someone likes Casey’s covers, at least they sound original and unique. Casey sounds like Casey. Most this year are pretty much interchangeable, they are not doing anything unique like we’ve seen in the past.
    I’m glad they had him do this, but they should have had him do one of his originals too. They definately would have had time…

  • Kariann Hart

    Casey wasn’t a favorite, but it was good to see some rockin’ life on that stage. Too many ballads each and every week!

  • WestiesRule

    Casey is so talented. I have to close my eyes because his look (although he doesn’t care which is fine) is terrible! I had a bf in 1972 who rocked those mutton chops!

  • CB40

    Fun performance. I still think Casey & Haley would be one hell of a jazz duo.

  • CB40

    Casey’s album is now #13 on iTunes.

  • LeoCS

    First performance this year I watched two times and paying attention.

  • irockhard

    While I still think he was robbed for not being allowed to perform one of his own songs (which are all good IMO), I’m glad to see he did get a bit of a sales bump from this performance. God I miss S10, that season was awesome, and it was the cast that made it awesome!

  • springboard2

    I enjoyed this :)

  • irockhard

    Fun fact I just remembered: Casey and Paul McCartney are on the same label, so perhaps him doing a Beatles cover isn’t so random.

  • Allison

    Casey’s #5 on Amazon music right now. I guess viewers were impressed.

  • FE Swann

    Casey is great. Totally his own man with his own style and his own take on music. He should do great for a long long time in the coffee house circuit…not the absolute big time but good enough to keep him in the business and doing music for a living. I think he’ll continue to develop and will hold the jazz banner high.

  • irockhard

    I can see Pia coming back to perform a cover.

    But I’d rather the ones who have their own music be allowed to perform their own songs. I’m hoping and praying they leave James alone if their intention is for him to perform a cover.

  • standtotheright

    “And then I ate her.”
    He’s a great bass player, but it invariably feels like he’s trying too hard when I watch him perform.
    But clearly it made people seek out his album, so good for him.

  • sue

    So much fun, the best performance of this season. Can I vote for Casey? The damn show this season is missing spunk and energy. I’m getting sick of the damn ballads over and over again. Thank you Casey for reminding us how good idol could be.

  • Diana Adams Tyler

    This is the Casey I love. Loved this arrangement and I had to laugh at the 3 musicians smiling at Casey.

  • Holden17C

    Talent, charisma, & originality: Everything that’s been missing from “Idol” this season.

    Thanks, Casey.

  • Incipit

    “He’s awesome. What a nice break from Ballad Idol 2013.”

    tierbee, I can’t help but smile when I’m watching or listening to Casey A – his mad skilz and love of the music comes flying through everything he does – and this appearance was no exception. It was great to see the reaction on iTunes, as people searched out the album. Casey’s kinda sorta pleased with the reaction to his appearance on Idol too: >>Casey Abrams ?@IAmCaseyAbrams 22 Mar
    I’m definitely not mad at this occurrence.

  • tucker davis

    So glad that Casey’s album got a nice bump…he’s so creative. Bet he gained a few fans from that performance!

  • tucker davis

    So glad that Casey’s album got a nice bump…he’s so creative. Bet he gained a few fans from that performance!