Casey Abrams and Haley Reinhart – HOB LA (VIDEOS)

The not-really-homeless, Casey Abrams and his BFF Haley Reinhart performed together at the House of Blues in Los Angeles last night.

Listen to the Season 10 duo sing The Beatles’ “All My Loving” and the song that appeared on Casey’s self-titled debut alum, “Hit the Road Jack.”

Casey and Haley also performed the classic Ray Charles tune at Carnegie Hall back in October, where they performed with the New Orleans Jazz Ensemble.

These two really shine on the jazz numbers!

All My Loving

Hit the Road Jack

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  • Bug Menot

    Rachel, the person who posted the videos, arrived late so she was unable to record all the performances.

    Here though is audio of the complete show:

    They opened with Nat King Cole’s L.O.V.E., which is something we had not heard them perform before. 

  • Ann Freeman

    Beautiful performance!  Love their duets.

  • Bug Menot

    Haley told fans after the show she has been writing and recording. She is putting together an EP with a different sound (likely Blues Rock) to take to the labels.

  • kayd23

    Love the videos. Casey and Haley together are great.

  • Kesia Monteith

    These two should just be a jazz duo already. They bring out the best in one another. 

  • Kesia Monteith

    That’s where Haley really shines, in the retro blues/soul rock with a jazz flair. Although I liked the Mariah Carey-esque 90’s pop meets old school soul lite numbers she had on her album, like “Now That Your Hear”. Hoping she has couple of that still in her back pocket. 

  • Bug Menot

    In a “DOPE” magazine interview last month, she was asked what fans should expect from her next album. She said:

    “I’m really excited. I think that evolving as an artist is really important. I don’t think you should pigeonhole yourself into a category. For me, I want to step into my Blus-ier roots; keep it sultry but have some of that Rock & Roll edge to it. I’m hoping to get my dad to play his Blues guitar licks throught the whole album. It should be fun!”

    Her parents visited LA a couple of weeks ago.

  • Miz

    Casey and Haley are so good together. I loved these songs. 

    I’m sorry I didn’t go to the show. Completely forgot about it. Does anyone know how many people were there? The crowd sounded quiet.

  • justmefornow

    These two are really good together, IMO both better together than as solo artists.

  • durbesque

    There’s something missing.  If Haley could learn a few basic chords on guitar, it would help to make them a self-sufficient duo.  She even looks uncomfortable sitting there doing nothing.       

  • CB40

    “Casey & Haley” should totally record together and perform live together for years and years and years.

  • Bug Menot

    Maybe she should have a sex change and become a WGWG.

  • Lexie O’Neill

    I’m not a jazz fan, but I am S10 fan and would love to see them do well.  I, too, wonder about the crowd…it was so quiet…best wishes their way…

  • irockhard

    In all seriousness if she wants to go into blues rock it would be worth her while to learn to play an instrument if she doesn’t already know how. Guitar or piano or both is what I would suggest. Rockers, whether they’re band frontmen/women or solo do not just stand on stage and do nothing, otherwise they look stupid. They either play an instrument or are theatrical show men/women, and I can’t see Haley as a rock n roll show women.

  • Bug Menot

    Her mother plays the tambourine. That will probably have to suffice.

  • irockhard

    Well I wish her luck, it’s gonna be tough but if with patience and hard work just about anything can be achieved. And tip for her: lose the heels and cocktail dresses.

  • LA944

    Love Casey & Haley  separately or together. They do have undeniable chemistry–musical soul mates. I highly recommend listening to the entire audio show. L-O-V-E is a real treat as well as Can’t Find My Way Home. Actually–it’s all pretty damn sweet!

    Haley is a remarkable singer–so much she is doing with that voice of hers–love the subtly too. And Casey-so multi-talented–what can’t he do.

    I don’t know what the future holds for them–but if real talent counts-it should be quite bright

  • girlygirltoo

    I still think Haley would be best served going the jazz route, because that’s where she really shines. Blues-rock? She’s going to need a kick-ass band behind her if she wants to go that direction.

  • El oh El

    One thing I liked about this which I’ve neer seen Haley do before is she used the mic stand the whole way through. I don’t know if she never felt comfortable using it before but it will give her freedom and options on the stage in the future if she can.

    If you listen to the audio only version the crowd is quite boisterous and Haley and Casey converse with them throughout. She has them vote whether or not to rap when she sings Oh My! (of course they chose to have her rap lol). Love the Nat King Cole cover.

  • Xentusk

    IMO there were parts of those performances that were pure synergy and musicality.

    Their performance of “LOVE” was sublime and “Hit the Road Jack” gave me ‘goosies and chills’…great scatting and harmonies in both those songs <3

  • Bug Menot

    Haley tweeted an hour ago:

    “Back in the studio, recording a cover that many of you have requested.. ;) ”

  • Bug Menot

    Another video of “Can’t Find My Way Home:”

  • DragonFly

    HTRJ was spot-on complimentary to each other & jazz needs to find the right notes for me or it plays badly w/my nerves. The flow of the harmony & Casey’s “one-man band” backup was great.  You get the feel they love singing together.  Don’t really see a guitar but Haley could stand a slight more body language going on–maybe other songs she does.   Would guess they are also tearing-it-up in 1 or 2.  Casey’s hair fit the scene perfectly also.  Nice 

  • cherelann

    Music just seems to ooze out of their pores…these two are so talented & compliment each other perfectly.

  • irockhard

    ITA with this. I think Haley will have better luck and success going further into jazz than blues rock, as she doesn’t seem to understand how important the band is (getting her dad to riff? Um no).

  • richhahn

    Disappointed.  Sounds like they didn’t spend any time rehearsing.

    Haley needs to put some clothes on and stand up when she singing.  And stop sipping from a water bottle all the time, it looks amateurish.  Nothing wrong with drinking water, just do it between songs and not facing the audience.

    Practice, practice, practice.  Harmonies weren’t very good.  They didn’t seem to know where the other was going. 

    What a waste of great talent. 

  • Bug Menot

    Poor Haley. Putting her family ahead of her career. Whatever will become of her?

    I think she will have have long career doing what she loves. She may or may not have great monetary success. But she will be happy and fulfilled.

  • Bug Menot

    The video was of poor quality so you probably didn’t realize Haley was wearing pants.

  • linda

    I thought they sounded great! I love Casey… he’s unique and you can tell he loves the music. My favorite from his season.

  • EmmaCT

    Haley is one of my top two favorite Idol contestants. What “hits” with music constantly shifts, constantly changes. Who would have thought Mumford and Sons would define a “new genre” of folk rock for a new generation, or that The Lumineers would top the charts.

    Haley is deeply rooted in jazz with all of the pop overtones as well. This is really the beginning of her career – and she has something most new artists don’t have, a built-in fan base, which is a slight edge. So few musicians come out of the gate million-copy sellers – and if they do, very few stay there. I think Haley has a long, long career ahead of her – the right song, and her genre will “hit.” It’s been interesting to watch the 10-year music shifts and changes of another of my favorite artists, also rooted in jazz – Adam Levine. Can’t wait to hear what Haley has in store for the next ten years.

  • pj

    Love them. That is all.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Haley was my favorite contestant from S10, and I’m disappointed that she continues to perform with Casey (who is not nearly as talented as she is). I honestly don’t think that they sound good together at all.

  • Shoriagirl

    Does Haley play any instrument? If not, than she needs some accompaniment and, therefore, she needs Casey or somebody.  Casey seems to be a good musician, but not very good singer.

  • LA944

    Another gem from this show–Cant Find My Way Home. It’s beautiful. I think both of these two are extremely talented. Haley has a better natural gift vocally which she knows how to use. And Casey–sings with great phrasing and rhythm and can harmonize on anything. Great ear. His tone isn’t as pleasing–but so what? He is still a good singer and a fine musician. I also really love that both their voices are so distinctive.

  • revolution

    Agreed…American Idol gives artists in non pop genres a leg up, but they still need to earn their way with fans that don’t care about American Idol. Jazz fans are not impressed with the idol label, just like AAA fans, Crystal Bowersox and Haley will have huge careers based on their talent, it will just take time in their genres. 

  • Don’t lie

    I like Haley …sometimes. I agree with those who feel that she is good at singing pretty. She can control her voice in an amazing way! Wish she had a lower register, she needs to avoid diving – it isn’t there when she calls it sometimes and it shows. There are places in a few songs on her CD where she is totally in her nose. She could use some voice lessons. No shame, I’ve heard huge change in some artists.

    I don’t think she purposely blows things off, rather, it’s that her parents are very very casual performers. Haley needs a sense of urgency to what she is doing as her own brand. You can’t open for someone like Allen Stone and tell an audience who is willing to give you a listen for the first time, that, you are from American Idol. WTF? Why does she still carry that around like it’s a trophy, Smh. It’s been years now since that show. Time let it go. She also needs to let go of her parents and commit to being a single gal making her way in the big bad city. I think this contributes to why she can’t tell a story when she sings. She needs to get in touch with herself and the living of life’s good and bad. Get out and be with other new people/musicians, think about people she’s met and sing us a story about them.

    Maybe she’ll get a new label. Who knows. I just don’t think that’s gonna be there for her. If she is quick about it, she may get some return if she goes to something like a Pledgemusic. One thing for sure, she needs to get out and sing. She hardly ever does. Don’t get that.

  • Greg Smith

    Haley should do her own thing. She does better when her entourage is just watching.