Carrie Underwood – Waiting All Day For Sunday Night – Sunday Night Football (VIDEO)

Carrie Underwood - Sunday Night Football

Carrie Underwood’s “Waiting All Day For Sunday Night” video premiered today, as NBC’s Sunday Night Football kicked off.

The video will open the football extravaganza every week, taking the place of the Faith Hill version, that ran from 2007-2013.

Thirteen NFL players participated in the video, including Peyton ManningEli ManningAaron Rodgers,Clay Matthews, Andrew Luck, J.J. Watt & Terrell Suggs.

Check it out below:

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  • tammy

    Maybe I’m just so used to hearing Faith Hill singing this, I kinda like her version more than Carrie’s. Hopefully it will grow on me as the weeks go on.

  • Jason Gorny

    i like it

  • Miss Blue

    I’m with you – I liked Faith better too. And I’m a huge Carrie fan but this just isn’t as good as the original.

  • supersonic

    I like the Faith Hill version better.

  • undrwood9098

    Well, the original would be Pink. ;) But I get what you’re saying.

  • undrwood9098

    Loved it, but I’m a Carrie fan so that’s not saying much. I can see how it’s tough to appreciate Carrie’s version after hearing Faith’s every fall Sunday for 6 years, but I’m sure Pink fans were saying the same thing 7 years ago, and I’m sure when Carrie’s reign ends and a new female takes over, the Carrie fans will be saying the same thing. It’s just a matter of getting used to it after being so accustomed to Faith’s version.

  • GalPal

    Carrie rocked it! Awesome job.

  • carola99

    As usual Carrie was fantastic! Great job.

  • Loken980

    Can we just stop to recognize how much this girl has done in 8 years? Who knew when she won American Idol in 2005 that she would be hosting the CMA Awards, singing the SNF theme song, and starring as Maria in the Sound of Music–all in the span of a few months. What a talent.

  • ***** MAVERICK *****

    LOL.. “Giants and the boys are about to go down”… Yes, Carrie, we know you are a Cowboys fan and cheering for them. I thought Peyton was throwing the ball to Carrie? Wouldn’t that be awesome and she catches it.
    Thumbs UP!

  • J3$$!C@

    Maybe i need to get used to it, but I did not like Carrie’s spin to it. Its…different. I much prefer Faith Hill.

  • Abbey Jones

    It’s been wonderful.

  • Abbey Jones

    I thought it was great! can’t wait to see it again next week! I wonder what the lyrics will be…considering that two different teams will be playing very week.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Carrie looks and sounds great. Love the subtle plug for “Verizon” in the video. lol

  • alonzo7

    After watching it again I really like it-a younger version-although I’m a big fan if the Faith Hill version.

  • windmills

    I’ll admit the first time I ever watched the intro was back when Carrie was announced as Faith’s successor so while I knew Faith’s and Pink’s versions, I wasn’t used to hearing either of them. The whole intro thing has been treated with a lot of hype and it is a fun thing but I’m not 100% sure why it’s become such a big deal, with all the media coverage it has gotten? I guess it’s been used as a big promo vehicle for Sunday Night Football. Anyway, all versions of the intro have their strengths, and I like the energy and melody changes in Carrie’s. She also sounds fantastic. I did expect there to be a little more focus on the specific teams of the week in the video portion, but no biggie.

    On a side note, I really wish Faith Hill could pick the right single and finally get her album out. It has been too long!

  • Indigobunting

    Carrie does well, but I definitely like Faith’s version (singing and dancing) better.

  • Incipit

    Geeze, I had no idea. Not about Pink, whose music I even like, or Faith Hill and Carrie, because I have no interest in football. If mj hadn’t posted about it, I still wouldn’t know.

    Never heard the song from any of the above, likely never will – but congrats to Carrie for getting this gig, since it’s a big deal.

  • thedeviledadvocate

    Carrie’s beautiful voice is too pretty for the SNF theme song. It sounded lovely, but lovely and football are two words that should never be in the same sentence.

    Pink, (who originally did SNF’s remake of Joan Jett’s song) did a good job, but her name Pink and football, like lovely and football, really don’t belong in the same sentence.

    Faith’s gritty, low, slightly rough voice was the best of the three. Faith and football do belong in the same sentence, because football fans have faith in their team, right up until their team is eliminated.

  • Darko_5

    Her song American Heart(at least I think that was the title) was decent and they didn’t play it so I am guessing it will be hard to find a song that they will play. I no longer believe when you are a female country singer that finding the right song will make them play it.
    Back to the topic I think both Carrie’s and Faith versions are fine Carrie looks great which I would guess is more to the point of who gets to do it.

  • g122y

    Carrie Forever!

  • g122y

    Faith’s version is boring than? carrie’s version. the problem of carrie’s version is that ,it contains many high notes and it is too fast. ahaha Carrie ROCKS! CARRIE CAN SING ANYTHING

  • bestmusic

    I like Carrie but she just does not have that raw sex appeal Faith uses.

  • windmills

    Darko_5: Her song American Heart(at least I think that was the title) was decent and they didn’t play it so I am guessing it will be hard to find a song that they will play. I no longer believe when you are a female country singer that finding the right song will make them play it.

    That’s a good point. Maybe I should have said the right single at the right time, because I think Faith wasted “comeback” momentum with the dud One Republic cover Come Home, and then needed an undeniable single after that (which American Heart wasn’t, even though it was solid). I do still think that the right song can be part of creating a moment for an act where that act gets on a roll. But a lot of things have to come together for that, especially if you’re not a party rocking guy at country radio.

  • pj

    Not familiar with the other versions, so I’ll just comment on Carrie. That was hella cheesy. Hope she got paid big bucks.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Not sure what happened to my post, but I hadn’t heard Faith’s version, so I found it on youtube. I agree with you that I prefer Faith’s version to Carrie’s.

  • Abbey Jones

    They’re a sponsor. :)

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Oh, I know. I was being sarcastic about the “subtle” plug. lol