Carrie Underwood is celebrating Black Friday by releasing the trailer for the video of her new single “Two Black Cadillacs.” The song is a Southern Gothic-influenced tale about two women who conspire to take the darkest revenge on the man who was cheating on both of them without their knowledge. The dark clip teases a clandestine meeting between Carrie (who appears to play the mistress who didn’t realize she was one, or is she the hitwoman?) and the two-timing cad that proves to be a trap, a wife who may be mourning what she had, a funeral, a magic 8-ball keychain that seem to play a role, and of course a couple black Cadillacs.

The video itself will not be released until January 2013. A long wait but, it probably makes sense to wait out the holidays before releasing a video for a song about the murder of a cheating scoundrel! Country radio isn’t waiting though. “Two Black Cadillacs” is already up to #38 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart despite not going for adds until this coming Monday 11/26.

  • jlscott13

    Ahhhhhhhhh. This video is so awesome. I love who dark it is and the Southern Gothic feel to it. January can’t come fast enough!

  • Incipit

    Whoah. That looks like it’s gonna be a good video, with the haunting music to set the mood, and the strings doing a faint scream at the end – and Carrie’s not playing the Good Girll here! Plus a circa ’69 Caddy, from back when Cadillacs ‘looked’ distinctively like Cadillacs…and had their own mystique – very nice. IMO.

  • DB987

    I like the song a lot and this video looks very entertaining.

  • Amanda (Celebrity Bug)

    Even though I’m not crazy about the single choice, it looks like Underwood is set to deliver another winner. The teaser looks A MA ZING!

  • Keyera Mullins

    Looooooksss amazing!!! 

  • Shoriagirl

    So, it is another version of Before He Cheats?  

  • Mateja Praznik

     Well, it goes one step further. In BHC, the guy gets his truck trashed. In TBC, wife and lover kill him.

  • jlscott13

    Have you even heard the song? It’s not like BHC at all…like not even close….