Carrie Underwood – Jimmy Kimmel Live (VIDEO)

Carrie Underwood performed a mini concert on Jimmy Kimmel Live  last night. Watch her performances of “Good Girl” and “Leave Love Alone”.

But for laughs, she also participated in a parody of her smash hit “Before He Cheats” with Jimmy, aptly renamed, “Before She Freaks.” It’s pretty hilarious. Also, Carrie got some quality couch time with the late night host.

Before She Freaks

Interview Part 1

Interview Part 2

Good Girl

Leave Love Alone

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  • Anonymous

    Pretty funny skit-Kimmel is really funny-I remember the skit with Clay Aiken that was also a trip.

  • Anonymous

    Before She Freaks was hilarious! Weird Al would be very proud. 

    Great interviews, too. Many great lines from Kimmel including “I’m surprised you are not kicked out of country music for being vegan.” Being a relative Idol newcomer, I’ve never heard Carrie interviewed before…she is extremely personable, likable, and naturally funny. 

  • wutwut

    I love Leave Love Alone!!! I hope it can be a single. Maybe? lol

  • randi

    LOL that song is actually pretty dang catchy. 

    Carrie really has come out of her shell so much in the last 7 years.  She’s great. 

  • Pam

    Before He Freaks was just hysterically funny on so many levels!  Love Carrie’s sense of humor!

    Thanks mj!

  • Tiffany

    Love Cant Leave Love Alone.  Guess I will just have to hum it all day since I cant sing worth a damn. lol

  • Anonymous

    Really funny skit laugh out loud funny.

  • James Gebelhardt

    Leave Love Alone is one of my Favorites on the Album

  • Anonymous

    I adore Leave Love Alone. It’s such a fooot-stomping kind of song.

  • Anonymous

    She looked great, but she sure looked to be having a hard time walking in those heels when she came out with that red dress.  Who can blame her?  Holy crap are those some high heels.

  • Chris

    Jimmy and his red fanny pack!  Wait, isn’t that the guy you’re mad at?  Too funny

  • Anonymous

    i was there last night. she also performed one way ticket, wasted, and before he cheats.

    i was cheering and singing along so much that i ended up losing my voice and i’ve been paying for it all day. it didn’t help that i’ve been getting over being sick either. the miniconcert was beyond amazing.