Carrie Underwood Falls On Stage, Continues to Sing (VIDEO)

At a concert in Corpus Christi, TX last night (9/5), Carrie Underwood WIPED OUT after getting her heel caught in her shirt while singing “Undo It.”

It was the 3rd song of the show, and she kept right on singing! Remarkable, considering she ended up with a foot boot after a trip to the hospital. OUCH!

Afterward, Carrie had a great sense of humor about it on twitter. Hope she’s feeling better soon!

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  • Wui Zhuan Lim

    Carrie fell gracefully though…

    Compare to this SWSRN shaking her head non-stop then fell heavily on her butt..HAHA

  • Anny_nanny

    Oh my God, I was frightened that she fell from the stage. I hope ligament intact – it’s much worse and more painful than fracture. Baby, you don’t scare more anyone.
    On the positive side: langet(?) does not have heel.

  • apezpril

    Carrie needs to be more careful!! 3 inch heels will do!

  • Kariann Hart

    Podiatrists have been warning these gals who are wearing 4-5 inch heels that they will be paying for it later in life. Carrie needs to be careful and maybe spend some time sitting on a stool during her performances?

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Carrie is quite the trouper! Seriously though, even if there’s nothing broken, if Carrie sustained soft tissue damage (torn ligaments, muscles, tendons, etc.), it will take a while before she’s totally recovered. I hope that she’s feeling better soon.

  • thirdtime

    Ouch! No more long shirts for Carrie I would bet.

  • Incipit

    That is really unfortunate. Not broken is good – but any serious damage will take almost as long to heal. I hadn’t heard that there is a cast under that medical boot, but maybe phase out those stilts and go to real boots for performances? That will cover the ace bandage.

    Those combination stiletto/platform shoes are a liability, just waiting for the next trend to become passe’, and it can’t happen soon enough. IMO. At least the last time footwear that tall or taller were in style (see Venetian Chopines) the lady wearing them walked around with two attendants to prevent her tipping over. SMH

    A speedy recovery to Carrie.

  • b_james

    Love her. At least she didn’t look like Beyonce falling down the steps or Demi Lovato wiping out basically every other concert. Lolz

  • windmills

    So this happened 3 songs in what was a 90 minute show but good on Carrie for soldiering through. She has another show tonight. Hope she heals well, busy months ahead!

    Brad Paisley made sure to weigh in ;)

    The graceful, the nimble, the cat-like reflexes of @carrieunderwood

    Carrie responds:

    @BradPaisley I learn from the best! Brad Paisley Falling

    More from Brad:

    @carrieunderwood At least I wasn’t drunk. :)

    “@BradPaisley: @carrieunderwood At least I wasn’t drunk. :)” You know I don’t drink on stage! I’m uncoordinated enough as it is!

    And Brad responds to a fan:

    Do that. But also pray for some more similar things to add to our monologue.RT @mustang_38: @carrieunderwood I’ll be prayin 4 quick healing!


    Carrie also responded to a concerned tweet from Zach Myers (guitarist from Shinedown, good pal of Mike and Carrie’s):

    Yeah, I’m fine…thanks! But I think I’ll wear flats for a while…

  • Gwen

    Oh, Carrie was down here? Wonder which local hospital staff, if any, had the opportunity to treat her?

  • EB

    As a natural klutz wearing flip flops and sneakers, I’m surprised this doesn’t happen more often. Those heels are dangerous business! I hope she recovers quickly… tough to do with foot injuries if you can’t spare a lot of hours in bed. :(

  • DaisyMagnolia

    Beyonce tumbled down a flight of stairs, bounced up, and kept singing too.

    Kudos to both Beyonce and Carrie for continuing with their shows. LOLZ!

  • Landon Cox

    In before Haley stans say she fell better

  • Bugme Nomor

    This reminds me of the time J-Lo was performing at Wango Tango before 20,000 people when the sound went out. What happens is you got to keep going.