Carrie Underwood – ‘Blown Away’ – Clips (UPDATED)

Check out 30 seconds clips from Carrie Underwood’s 4th album, Blown Away!

Carrie has teased a very diverse album and the clips definitely back that up.

UPDATE: Check out a different set of 30 second clips via Barnes & Noble.

Blown Away Sampler by jeff1317

Tracklist with songwriting credits:

1 “Good Girl” 3:24 (Carrie/Chris DeStefano/Ashley Gorley)
2 “Blown Away” 4:00 (Josh Kear/Chris Tompkins)
3 “Two Black Cadillacs” 4:58 (Carrie/Josh Kear/Hillary Lindsey)
4 “See You Again” 4:06 (Carrie/David Hodges/Hillary Lindsey)
5 “Do You Think About Me” 3:37 (Cary Barlowe/Hillary Lindsey/Shane Stevens)
6 “Forever Changed” 4:02 (Tom Douglas/James Slater/Hillary Lindsey)
7 “Nobody Ever Told You” 4:10 (Carrie/Luke Laird/Hillary Lindsey)
8 “One Way Ticket” 3:56 (Carrie/Josh Kear/Luke Laird)
9 “Thank God for Hometowns” 4:01 (Luke Laird/Ashley Gorley/Hillary Lindsey)
10 “Good in Goodbye” 4:17 (Carrie/Hillary Lindsey/Ryan Tedder)
11 “Leave Love Alone” 3:19 (Hillary Lindsey/Gordie Sampson/Troy Verges)
12 “Cupid’s Got a Shotgun” 3:43 (Carrie/Josh Kear/Chris Tompkins)
13 “Wine After Whiskey” 3:51 (Carrie/Dave Berg/Tom Shapiro)
14 “Who Are You” 3:55 (Mutt Lange)

Carrie will be premiering her full album for her official fan club members at listening parties on Saturday April 21st in Nashville and online on Tuesday night, April 24th.

Which songs stand out to you based on the clips?

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  • Madred

    This sounds so much better than her last album. I am going to have to order a copy. 

  • andy

    GG is by far the most pop sounding on the album.  I love Carrie when she’s not belting.  Sounds like some good stories on the album too. 

  • Trea Smith


  • AllenTX

    Carrie sounds more and more like Celine Dion of the country music to me, lol. idk, most songs sound so corny. 

  • Anonymous

    definilty sounds like the most diverse country album I have heard in a long time.. wish I got to hear more though those “30 seconds” seemed to fly by..

  • windmills

    Based on the clips the album starts out not all that country with the first 3 songs and then gets more and more country from tracks 5-13. 

    My favorite clips are Cupid’s Got A Shotgun & Wine After Whiskey but Carrie’s voice also kills me on the Forever Changed clip and Do You Think About Me sounds really charming and infectious. I’m very intrigued by Blown Away and Two Black Cadillacs but there’s not a whole lot I can tell about them from the clips. The production is very interesting. I now get why Becca Walls mentioned Paul Simon in connection with Nobody Ever Told You – the background “awoo” is a totally unexpected choice but it sounds really cool. One Way Ticket and Leave Love Alone sound like a lot of fun.

    The album definitely sounds like a musical journey. 

  • Jordan Benkelman

    That was the fastest 7 minutes of my life. What an amazing album this is going to be. Just from the clips you can tell the songs have more substance, more meaning, more Carrie. She is really coming into her own with this one I think, and finding out that she has the controls now and can be the artist SHE wants to be.

    Lucky for us, it sounds like that artist is going to be AMAZING!

  • Kaitlyn Boyce

    Awesome! Thanks SO much for uploading…

  • chearts77

    Windmills – my thoughts exactly about songs 1-4 not being country and the country kicking in with songs 5-13.  I was pleasantly surprised when the country kicked in and stayed in tact.  It was a let down listening to the first 4 clips.  I was thinking, “Carrie, what are you doing????”  Who Are You had to have been written for Shania.  That has Shania all over it.  I wonder if it was one of the songs she recorded for an album before her marriage went to hell in a hay basket?  Carrie sounds good on it from the clip we hear.

  • windmills

    Who Are You is the only one of the clips that feels very conventional and not that interesting. But, maybe I’ll change my mind after hearing the whole thing. It definitely sounds very Shania but I’m one who never thought Shania was that great a fit for Carrie. Though, I liked Cowboy Casanova.

    I had a WTF reaction to Blown Away and Two Black Cadillacs not because I think they’ll be bad songs (Blown Away especially sounds like it’ll be amazing) but they sound so out there for Carrie. It was like where is this album going? I can see See You Again possibly falling into the pop/country space depending on how that song goes but it mostly sounds pop in a Lady A way. But there’s no denying the country in the rest of the album (excepting Who Are You). Which I’m not gonna lie is a big relief to me. I definitely think they chose this track order on purpose. Based on the clips this is probably Carrie’s countriest album but that’s not the 1st impression you get because of GG/Blown Away/Two Black Cadillacs leading things off.

    You can so hear Brad on Cupid’s Got A Shotgun. The Cupid/Wine 2fer is making me so happy right now.

  • Anonymous

    based off the tiny little snippets See you again might be my favorite.. Pretty catchy if you ask me..

  • Cindy

    I am very excited! :)

  • DoesMonaKnow

    Cupid’s Got A Shotgun…love that title!

  • Joyed

    I am loving all the clips this week!

    To my initial snippet impressions:

    Overall, definitely love the sound of this album :)

    LOVE = Blown Away by far my favorite, such an instant love for me.

    The rest are bunching up for me at this point, but I am really liking several of them.  I like that there are some different flavors – a few feel more like stompers, a few are a little poppy, a few are sweet, and some have a sway feel to them.
    It is fun to finally hear some lyrics to Cupid’s got a Shotgun.  I remember trying to guess the lyrics when I first heard the song title!

  • Team Underwood

    I love it!!! This Album is Amazing!!!

  • Anonymous

    On first listen, Blown Away, Two Black Cadillacs, are stand out tracks. Love the fun vibe from One Way Ticket and Cupid’s Got a shotgun.

  • teacup

    My favorite of these clips is Do You Think About Me. I’m looking forward to the album! 

  • too-cool-for-school

    This sounds really good! Each song seems to have its own distinct flavor. ‘Blown Away’ and ‘Cupid’s Got a Shotgun’ are standouts for me. ‘Nobody Ever Told You’ sounds cool too! Different. Kind of a bluegrass feel? I can’t quite figure it out but I like it!

  • Nick

    Wow Carrie — Color me surprised. I didn’t see these types of songs coming. Windmills, you make a good point with the strategic placing of the tracks. It really does sound like Carrie’s “countriest” album yet on many parts, but it’s so easy to forget because of what the album opened with.

    Do we really think musical journey, or two different styles of country (pop vs. twang) competing for each other. I’ve never really been good at determining if all the songs on an album compliment each other or belong together. I enjoy the variety, but do all of her fans?

    Could Carrie ever get away with releasing one of those pop tracks as a single on country radio? I couldn’t ever see that happening. Which is sad, because I think “Blown Away” is awesome. But really, even with the pop country playing on country radio today, I think a track like that is really pushing it, right?

  • Anonymous

    I would be surprised if Blown Away isn’t a single and it’s definitely got a more Country Story Line than Good Girl.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll be honest, the first three clips left me scratching my head. I’m not sure about the production on Blown Away. The beginning of Two Black Cadillacs gave me a Saturday-Night-Fever-meets-Bust-Your-Windows vibe. See You again sounds straight up pop to me. However, I’ve learned to never judge a full song based on a 30 second clip.

    Then the songs seem to take a hairpin turn back to a country feel, which I … whew! ;) I really liked the clips of Leave Love Alone and Wine after Whiskey. One Way Ticket and Cupid’s Got a Shotgun sound like fun songs.

    But as ever, I’m not sweating it until I’m able to hear the full songs in all their glory.

  • nemo

    Blown Away is definitely the next single. The music video has already been filmed.

  • wutwut

    Can’t wait to hear the full Blown Away track, especially since she’s been talking about it so much. I’m so excited by these mini-clips! haha

  • Indigobunting

    This album sounds very pop to me.  Of course there are some more country sounding songs, but on whole balance it seems slightly more on the pop side, except for the ‘middle’ of the album.  Who Are You to end sounds pop again.

    I’m not a big Carrie fan and only own some of her singles but I’ve enjoyed her country sounding ballads the most like Temporary Home and JTTW.

    Leave Love Alone probably appeals to me the most.

  • Anonymous

    WH9, from your post on a previous Carrie article I take it that you’ve listened to the demo for Blown Away. I know this is only just the clip, but did the production take the song to a whole different direction? This song is one of my favorites judging from the clips.

  • Anonymous

    The production was the same on the demo, I was so impressed that it was just a demo. The only difference I really hear is the change in Carries voice from the begining of the clip to the chorus. The demo had a stellar female voice but it never really had a change in sound. Not sure who the female singer on the demo was but she needs a record deal. She was fantastic.

  • windmills

    Nick: Could Carrie ever get away with releasing one of those pop tracks as a
    single on country radio? I couldn’t ever see that happening. Which is
    sad, because I think “Blown Away” is awesome. But really, even with the
    pop country playing on country radio today, I think a track like that is
    really pushing it, right?

    Well Good Girl already pushed it and like WH9 says, the storyline of Blown Away is more signature to country music. Too, Carrie’s already shot a video for it so I think it’s definitely going to be a single, probably the next single like nemo says. How country radio will respond is anybody’s guess but there’s definitely a lot of other country radio friendly material on the album.

    Carrie’s interview with KX96 New Country in Toronto aired today and it’s up on the radio station site. In it she confirmed the writers of Blown Away (Josh Kear and Chris Tompkins) had her in mind when they wrote the song.

  • Anonymous

    Based on the clips, I think the production is quite good. Looks like Mark Bright did not bury Carrie’s vocals with bombastic production that he was so fond of. So thankful for that. I saw that restraint in some of the production for Play On (Someday When I Stop Loving You). 

  • Bernard T

    Everything about Blown Away is PERFECT! :) This is without a doubt Carrie Underwood’s best album!

  • Anonymous

    I really like the snippet of Wine After Whiskey.  

    I like that this isn’t a carbon copy of her last albums.  Though I liked several songs on her last 2 albums, it felt like she was coasting, and was capable of more.  

  • Simon Torales

    The Blown Away song is EPIC ! the sound is amazing ! I like a lot Two black cadillacs , See You again, Leave love alone , Cupids got a shotgun and Who are you ! BLOWN AWAY wil be a huge hit ! 

  • Paulie

    ‘blown away’ sounds really promising. based on the snippets i also like ‘see you again’ (what’s with the awoo background vocals though? lol), ‘nobody ever told you’, and ‘one way ticket’.

  • Carriefan1

    I really hope Carrie releases her “Blown Away” music video very soon. The 30 seconds alone with that song is outstanding. This was a great choice for second single!

  • Anonymous

    Note to one self don’t forget to get “Cupid’s Got a Shotgun” once the album is out.

  • Taro

    The standout for me is definitely “Blown Away”. It sounds so dramatic. Also like “Leave Love Alone” (love the banjo!) and “Cupid’s Got a Shotgun”. “Nobody Ever Told You” sounds real cute..

    OK. I’m officially looking forward to being “Blown Away” on 1st May

  • Anonymous

    From the clips, my favortites are Cupid’s Got A Shotgun, Wine After Whiskey and Thank God For Hometowns – but I am sure I will like most of them  :)

  • Adam Sherman Parnell

    WOW!! I’m absolutely LOVING this album. I like her more country-esque songs though than the first 4.

  • Eddie Driver

     how do I listen to them?