Carlos Aponte – America’s Got Talent

So, peeps, what do you think? Has America’s Got Talent found their very own Susan Boyle in Carlos Aponte?

AGT loves their (faux) opera singers, so I expect Carlos will go very deep in this competition.

America’s Got Talent wind up this week. After the Vegas round next week, the voting rounds FINALLY begin.

Check out Carlos after the jump… (It starts about 1 minute in)

Video after the JUMP…

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  • useless

    He’s a little cutie, seems to have some personality, and has a decent voice. America may very well have found their Subo.

  • Studio57

    They had that Neil E. Boyd dude a few years back that looked promising too- didn’t he win? Whatever happened to him? I’d have to hear a few songs from him.

  • JudyOhio

    He does have a decent voice. However, it did seem the show was paralleling the Susan Boyle thing a bit (or Paul Potts). He was like Andy Kaufman meets America’s Got Talent (thank you very much, lol). Now, if that IS his real personality, than good luck to him, fine voice.

  • Esqt

    Lesson learned: Read the write-up first before you click the tubey. (Back to cleaning spilled soda).

  • LolaGlamb

    Just seemed so contrived to me. A poor man’s Susan Boyle. America’s Got Talent has no spontaneity. Everything is set up for you by the show, like ok, on this next one, you’re gonna get the sweet little runaway girl with the voice of an angel, then the gross out guy, then the Susan Boyle wanna-be…

  • onlinepastrychef

    I hear what everyone is saying about AGT’s being contrived and too packaged, etc, but still–this Carlos dude is a real guy, no matter how he was packaged. He seems like a lovely person; he has a decent voice, and he kept the crowd with him.

    I’m trying really hard not to be cynical and hold the whole AGT platform against the performers. So, go Carlos! :)

  • jodeb

    He looked more like Danny Gokey than Susan Boyle to me, but then again it could be the glasses. I kind of knew he would go through, but I think they have some better singers who are handsome, (not opera, but pop) that will probably go further, but who ever knows on this show.

    AND THEN THERE IS ALWAYS *PRINCE POPPYCOCK.” Check him out on Youtube, an Adam Lambert clone, but even more flaming, but he’s really good and entertaining.

  • tierbee

    LOL, jodeb, my family *loved* Prince Poppycock!

  • kansasfemale

    loved the prince, everyone I show the vid to does as well :) …don’t see him as an AL clone however in any capacity…but it is cool that Adam’s friend Cassidy tweeted for us to check out his friend (Price Poppycock)…you know what they say about degrees of separation. Just from the audition alone, this young man will probably have a much better chance of quitting his day jobs to pursue singing. AGT does offer that as a benefit to all those talents who try out. As we are shown over and over, winning these things doesn’t ensure success…it’s what you do with the platform.

  • Believers

    Hmmm Yup I agree with everything …very decent voice but that does not shows any much of him ..If he pulls another great performance ..he will surely go deep into the competition. Yes, there are lots of other talents like Alice Tan Ridley and Prince Poppycock that might be surprise us in the semifinals we’ll see :)

    He looked more like Danny Gokey

    I was about to comment on that

  • t2

    I love this show — especially now that they have Nick Cannon and Howie on board (Ellen take note, this is how you judge as a comedian) The whole show is kinda perfect.

    Terry Fador is really the only winner of this show with any acclaim. I don’t think the rest of them have done much.

    This year, at least, AGT has something in common with ai, the auditions are better than the voting rounds. Once the voting begins, the polish starts falling off some of the contestants.

  • PattyP

    The thing I really loved about this clip is how after he finished singing and he could see the audience’s standing ovation, his whole face showed his reaction to that so clearly. He was stunned and ecstatic, and it was written all over his face. He was really drinking that moment in, so much so that he wouldn’t leave the stage after the judges’ comments, LOL. I don’t blame him. A moment like that has probably never happened for him before, and he savored every second of it.

  • luvadamlambert

    Such a *bad* show…

  • iluvai

    I hope you post the clip of Luigi– he reminded me of Kris with his mannerisms and guitar. The audience loved him.

  • yv2k

    While AGT is obviously all about drama and doing things on national television to heighten ratings; I found not only my reaction to his audition as amazed as the Chicago audience who rose to their feet cheering and the judges themselves were astounded. Howie Mandel stated “I’ve always wanted to be part of one of those ‘wow’ moments and THIS IS one of those ‘wow’ moments”. Then the next week, he’s given just a ‘plain jane’ song to sing (not opera-his genre) and in one feld swoop they cut him. To double that insult; they passed the elderly lady on a walker who hand whistles–a woman who openly admitted on camera that she did NOT want to do this as a job. Then they passed the elderly red-haired woman on a keyboard even after she BROKE THE RULES by performing more than 8 1/2 minutes OVER the rule of 90 seconds. More importantly, do they honestly feel that the ticket purchasing public would actually lay down the price of an admission ticket to sit and listen to someone blow tunes through their fingers or screech and wail on a bad keyboard for more than 90 seconds let alone 1 1/2 hours? Would anyone reading this honestly lay down $25.00+ to sit and listen to this for 90 minutes?.. It was hard enough to sit at home and listen to it for 90 seconds. (They did this to create a furor and heighten their ratings – playing on the viewing audience’s emotions. While many of the acts were very good, different-and entertaining, many of the acts chosen to pass through to Hollywood were obviously of a much lower caliber. This leaves the abilities of the judges themselves in question. I would also like to comment on some of the children acts… These are some truly talented kids coming up in the world, however, are the families of these kids willing to take up residence and move to Las Vegas for a year should they win? Is their act going to be renewed after a year as Terry Fator was? I truly doubt any venue that is showcasing them is willing to pay airfare and lodging for the kids and their families leaving that expense to the parents. Many of these kids definitely have a place on a stage, I just don’t thing the ticket buying public is ready to lay down the Vegas ticket prices for them. The competition for ticket sales in Vegas is infinitely in a different category than the competition on AGT. Think about it; 70 year old woman on a walker hand whistling or Cher or Garth Brooks or Elton John. We’re not only in a different category of audience pleasing we’re talking about galaxy light years apart. The wide appeal that Carlos Aponte obviously has, could compete with those bigger names. I personally would love to hear Carlos Aponte do a duet with AGT’s runner up last year- Mrs. Barbara Padilla singing from “Phantom of the Opera”. I can get off my soapbox now and back to work. Thank you.