Caption This! Constantine Maroulis Hits the ER!

Haven’t played “caption this” for ages! When I saw the photo Constantine Maroulis tweeted of himself at the ER, I KNEW IT WAS TIME!

Constantine tweeted,

“At the ER not feelin so hot :( show must go on! Yes I’m wearin a mask. Crack is whack.”

Wut’s that about CRACK?

All is not lost and the show WILL go on, Constantine tweeted about 30 minutes later,

“Gettin released. Fever broke. Let’s rock.”

Did Constantine pull down his hospital gown before he took this photo so we could get a look at his chest hair?

This photo is crying out to be photoshopped and captioned.

You guys are so hilarious. Have at it!

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  • koshka

    I think the mask is there so that he doesn’t inhale his own chest hair.

  • JazzRocks


  • cheese
  • Incipit

    Geebus, Cheese – some warning? Pass the brain bleach….thank you.

    The only thing that occurs is he’s wearing the mask as a public service. Which, would be good.

  • tinawina

    Maybe constantly inhaling his own skeeviness has finally taken its toll.

  • Margie

    That mask isn’t big enough.

  • tinawina

    Leave it to Constantine to try to make being contagious look sexy.

  • Esqt

    It is Simon Cowell in disguise.

  • abbysee

    Looking this skeevy has finally taken it’s toll!

  • car3278sweet

    This seems like desperation to me. Stay in the public eye at all costs. For anyone who has ever worn one of those lovely hospital gowns… well, who the hell would want to be pictured in that?

    Which makes me grateful. At least we only saw his chest hair.

  • oza902

    Ugh.. I wanna vomit every time I see that “smolder”.. go away creepy guy..

  • abbysee

    It’s not easy being sleazy.

  • smeggingnuts

    “So which one of you lucky nurses gets to be the first to give me a sponge bath”

  • bootslacrosse

    That’s not Constantine, that’s Sarah Silverman.

  • abbysee

    “I make my damn self sick”.

  • tinawina

    “I make my damn self sick”.


    I forgot this was supposed to be captions!


    “Constantine Maroulis readies for his starring role in “Grease 3: The Musical – Extra Sickening Edition”

    Eh, its not too good. I have to think about the caption thing. :D

  • yaminacookie

    Caption: I’ve got a bad case of loving you.

  • steelbluelily

    “How you doin’?”

  • Kirsten

    I bet he doesn’t need to wear that mask for health reasons. The nurses just made him wear it anyway.

    Caption: Come closer. I want to infect your blood.

    Caption: We’re going to need a bigger mask.

    Caption: 3 out of 4 doctors recommend wearing masks when in the presence of Constantine. The fourth doctor recommends a hazmat suit.

    Caption: Constantine – so skeevy he even makes himself sick

    Caoption: Beware the eyes of Constantine

  • bootslacrosse

    “C’mere, lemme spread some lovin on ya baby.”

  • Lu

    1. I’m stinkin’ hot.
    2. I’m Stinkin’.
    3. Even I can’t handle the smell of my sexiness.
    4. Bet you want some of what’s under my mask.

  • sunchick

    Doctor to intern: And here we have a patient with a rare, extreme case of Obsessive Compulsive Eyef*ckery Disorder….notice that he is now attempting to tweet “sexy” pictures from his hospital bed. Tragic, really.

  • smeggingnuts

    “There is no cure for what I got Baby”


    “If there’s a cure for this I don’t want it”

  • jammasta

    well, who the hell would want to be pictured in that?

    …Think before you talk because I’d look damn sexy in a hospital gown.

    Caption: I’ve got a bad case of loving you.

    This is my favorite one :).

    That’s about as topical as it gets in this post. Captions are not my forte.

  • sagi

    “Can’t be too careful, I hear ‘love is in the air’.” (Ooooh, I suck at this! :( ) or “They made me wear this, I am beginning to think no one wants what I’ve got”

  • Nina1

    Hmmm. A Kardashian who needs more than the customary bikini wax.

  • jumpstart

    This guy is totally revolting. Blech.

  • Grammie Kari

    I am concerned about the circles under Constantine’s eyes. I’d say that either he is very sick or he’s not getting enough sleep. I don’t believe he’s doing “Baby Duty” though.

  • geekygirl

    A Kardashian who needs more than the customary bikini wax.


  • pj

    ewwwwww. that’s all i got.

  • luvadamlambert