Can You Duet: The Singles Perform

This this week’s Can You Duet had the judges putting together duos out of single contestants. The ones who survived, were the duos who managed to not only put together decent performances on a dime, but were able to muster up some chemistry, despite being strangers.

Former American Idol Season 7 contestant, Brandon Green survives on to the next round, in no small part to his incredibly talented partner, 18 year old Jonathan Cox. Their cover of the Dixie Chicks “Long Time Gone” was a highlight of the night. Another duo to watch out for are Ryan Larkins and Avalon Peacock, who performed a lovely “Tennessee Waltz”. They paired up early on, and the judges were so impressed, they decided to keep them together.

The other duo who advanced, Keeira Lynn Ford and Matt Boggs, ripped though Ray Charles “What I Say” and may be this group’s version of Soul/Country.

Next week, the three duos who advanced from last week, and this week’s survivors become the Top 6, and will be mentored by judge Big Kenny. At the end of the episode, a duo will be eliminated.

Videos after the JUMP…

Note: I didn’t record it last night, this week, I’m linking to the videos at

Memarie Gayle and Cassie and Kassie Miller (starts at around the 4:20 mark) – Gunpowder & Lead by Miranda Lambert – Watch it HERE.

Ryan Larkins and Avalon Peacock – “Tennessee Waltz” by Patti Page – Watch it HERE.

Jonanthan Cox and Brandon Green – “Long Time Gone” by the Dixie Chicks – Watch it HERE

Abby Fender and Holly Jackson – “Bring Me Down” by Miranda Lambert – Watch it HERE.

Keeira Lyn Ford and Matt Boggs – “What I Say” by Ray Charles – Watch it HERE.

Abby Fender and Holly Jackson, Memarie Gayle and Kassie Miller are eliminated – Watch it HERE.

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  • LisaE

    I listened to Brandon and Jonathan sing “Long Time Gone” and I have to say that I hated it. They ruined one of the best country singles of the past decade. At least they knew they couldn’t top the Chicks version and went in another direction, but what was that?!

    (I will admit that I found it kind of funny that I know the song by heart, I knew what they were going to sing, and it still took a few lines of the song before I recognized it. They Garth Brooks’ “Ain’t Going Down Until the Sun Comes Up”d it. Eek!)

  • TWI

    I keep forgetting to watch this show, saw only the last duo last week and forgot it completely last night – thanks for posting videos, mj.

    I thought Ryan and Avalon were excellent – anybody who can make Tennessee Waltz sound sexy just has to have somethin’ goin’ for ’em. :-)

  • kansasfemale

    too bad…I enjoyed Memarie and Cassie…would have bought their stuff I think
    did not like Ryan and Avalon….
    Matt’s smile would have been the only reason for me to have kept his duo

    either of those last two duos would have gone over Memarie and Cassie if I was choosin’

  • chessguy99

    I listen to Cox/Green and was nearly ROFL. The meaning of the lyrics are so 180 of how they preformed it. And Big Kenny with the thumbs up??? I think to much of John Rich is rubbing off on him.

  • Meg23

    I was really impressed with this episode.
    Loved Brandon and Jonathon and Ryan and Avalon. I really like Matt’s voice, but I wasn’t crazy about that performance. For me, it’s hard to pick out the weak link going into next week. The Australian couple has been my least favorite so far.
    Overall, this show is really loaded with talent.

  • sammi

    I haven’t watched this before. Is this fan voted at all. If a duo goes home at the end of the next show, then it’s not going to be fan voted either is it. Anybody watch this last year and know how it works.
    And AI could take a few lessons from this show. The only duet i have thought was really bad so far was those two girls Holly and Amber, the judges were right that one girl acted like it was all about her. And mentioning the judge, they are concise and to the point and sound like they know what they are talking about. I really like that. I really liked the 2 girls at the beginning of the show. I am sorry but I didn’t like the 2 that sang TW. I thought her voice was a little weak. For me for her you know dawg. :cool_wp:

  • mj

    Is this fan voted at all.

    No, not fan voted.

  • Soapbox0916

    Thanks for posting this, I keep forgetting that this show had already started. I was kind of expecting Brandon Green to make it on the season 7 of American Idol. Josiah Leming, Colton Swon, and Brandon were the ones I was most looking forward to last year. I feel confident that Brandon would have made a top 36 if they would have had it in season 7.

    This is a good gig for Brandon, but I agree with you that Jonathan really sold it for the both of them. Well since Brandon seemed to be unlucky with AI, maybe he will be lucky on this show.

    Most of my family is country, but I am not quite country. So since I am not overly attached to any of the songs performed on this episode, I really liked their interpretation.

  • tierbee

    I keep forgetting to watch this show – thanks for this, MJ! They seem to have a lot of talent.

  • jodeb

    I loved Jonathan the second I saw him. He has the whole package and Brandon is fine with him.

    I really believe this duo will be the winners and I hate to predict anything, especially this early on.

    I hope for Brandon’s sake that they don’t break them up afterwards and Scott signs Jonathan as a single. Naomi seemed to be hinting to Scott that Jonathan could be the male Taylor Swift for his company.

    Long, lean and blonde, except honestly, Jonathan sings a lot better than Taylor.

  • NOLA

    If I had to make a choice between Duet and Idol, Duet would win by a mile.

  • carroll

    I’m really enjoying the show. I wish they would have kept the first 2 girls and sent someone home from last week. I think that the final four of this week sang much better than any of the 3 couples from fast week.

    And Duet would win over Idol anytime in my book.

  • graceann

    I loved the show and I really like Jonathan and Brandon. I’ve always been a fan of the Dixie Chicks music but I still loved this version. It was amazing. I hope they go far.

    I wasn’t a big fan of Ryan and Avalon’s song. That was probably my least favorite of the show. I liked Ryans voice though.

    I can’t wait to watch this Saturday. I’m hooked!

  • YeeHaw24

    Thank you so much for posting the links to the performances. I don’t get CMT in my area anymore and I LOVE Can You Duet! After you posted this I ended up going to CMT’s site and watching the full episodes. I think this year’s competition has a lot more talent overall than last year’s. I must say that I am more impressed with the singles this year than the ones who were already duos.

    From the duos I really liked the Aussie lady from O’Shea’s voice. It’s crazy how a lot of foreign accents disappear when they start to sing.

    The singles from last week got me really thinking about who I want to win though! There is a lot of talent in that pool. I was in disbelief when Memarie and Kassie got eliminated first. They sounded great together! I thought that their performance and the one from Matt and Keeira were the 2 best of the night. Jonathan and Brandon did a really good job too. I would have picked all three of those duos to advance over any of the 5 from the week prior.

    I can’t wait for the next episode to post!