Can You Duet? American Idol Contestant Brandon Green Makes the Top 20

Remember American Idol contestant Brandon Green? He was a Top 50 contestant during Season 7–cut just before making the Top 24. Not sure what he was thinking, but during his Dallas audition he confessed that he liked to peel his own fingernails and keep them in a bag. Some backstory, that was. Gross.

The Idol thing didn’t work out, but Brandon has made the Top 20 of another reality competition show, the second season of CMT’s “Can You Duet.”

Check out Brandon. He’s got a new look, and no stories about his icky personal hygiene habits. Can You Duet is produced by Freemantle Media, the Idol peeps, and is looking for the next BIG country duo. The last duo standing wins a recording contract with Big Machine Records–home of country princess Taylor Swift.

The show has plenty of twists and turns, with some duos advancing intact, but others making it without their partners. Some arrived at the open audition as singles and had to find partners on the spot. The singles who auditioned together and made the cut may or may not stay together. Brandon’s audition partner, his cousin Chris, didn’t make it to the Top 20, so Brandon is now paired up with a young singer, Jonathan Cox who lost two partners. More on the Top 20 HERE.

If you missed the 1st episode, re-runs are scheduled all week on CMT until the new episode airs on Saturday at 2:30 and 8 pm. Some really good singers made the cut–I’m planning on re-capping this one.

Check out Brandon Green’s Idol Audition after the JUMP…

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  • Sarah

    I just finished watching this, actually. :) I recorded it.

    The guy they paired Brandon with has an interesting voice. I’ll be curious to see how they work together. I liked Brandon on AI, gross fingernail story notwithstanding. lol. He has a great voice.

    The married couple from Canada is really fantastic. And I loooooooove Ryan Larkins’ voice. He and Avalon sounded great together. This could be a good show – there’s definitely a lot of talent there.

  • janerazor

    Oh, I always liked Brandon Green and was bummed that he didn’t make it further on AI. I agree that in the clip, he was the much stronger half of the duet.

  • jack5791

    Brandon needs to cut his hair. I’ve always liked Brandon, was real bummed when he didn’t make it to the semi-finals. Hopefully this will work out for him. Might need to start looking the part of a star though.

  • hardkandy

    oh wow it seems like this is actually a better deal than what they get on AI, if you wanna go the country direction that is. BMR is pretty small label… so they can focus more on their artists. And they also have lots of clout since Taylor Swift is on their label. And they can give you opening act position on Taylor’s tours too.

  • sonyab

    OH YEAH! I remember him! He was one of my favorites that season! Yeah sure the fingernails in a bag were gross but it was interesting. It was different. :)

  • pj

    I really liked Brandon, so good luck to him. The fingernails did not bother me. LOL.

  • rayni

    Yay MJ for recapping :clap_tb:!! I love this show. And I love Naomi Judd as a judge – she’s very constructive and to the point. I watched the last season and loved the winners – Caitlin and Will. They were a created duo. But I have been disappointed at the ‘afterwards’. Has anybody heard of Caitlin and Will? Noooo….these folks won’t get the winners hype the Idols get. But it’s still a fun show with lots of talent and good music and Naomi!

  • Sarah

    No, I haven’t heard anything from Caitlin and Will after winning. But Rory and Joey (they came in 3rd, I think?) had a video for “Cheater Cheater” hit CMT’s top 20 countdown, and I think they said at the top of this episode that it was nominated for an award? However, I don’t know where Caitlin and Will signed or if they ever made an album, whatever. Bringing in the head of Big Machine for this season is a big coup, I think. If they’re really serious about finding and marketing a new country duo, BM is definitely a good label to be with, as hardkandy said. Small enough to get the attention and development they’ll need, but have clout because of Taylor Swift.

    That’s the one thing about the show… it’s not interactive – the judges pick who’s eliminated and ultimately who wins. But it’s still interesting to watch, imo.

  • holeighannie

    1. I remember this guy now. I really liked him, I hope he does well.

    2. That’s where Big Kenny of Big & Rich went, ahah.

    I’ve definitely been considering watching this show and now that you’re going to recap it, I’m in. Thanks for the post. :)

  • itsalleternal

    Hopefully his duet wins!

  • Dr. Tracey

    O.K now you mention finger nail clippings I remember who he is.

  • ghostwriter

    MJ, if you’re right, and Brandon was paired with Jonathan Cox, he definitely scored big time–assuming that I’m right and Cox is the young blond guy who sang second from the group of pairs from the seven singles. Cox has an amazing voice with a unique tone that may have been better than any of the other singles on the show. He was definitely memorable, though his performance ability was a little lackluster. Brandon is the opposite.

    Btw, he looks better now– and sounds better too. Maybe his voice has matured or his technique is better.

    also MJ, how’d you find out who he was paired with– they didn’t show that at the end.

    Finally, any interest in talking about How do you solve a problem like Maria on BBCAmerica?

  • Lu

    Wow, I really like Brandon’s voice. Now I want to know what happens next. MJ, have you gotten me hooked on another reality show?????

  • gingerly

    I remember Brandon and sorta liked him. I only saw part of this last night (channel surfing during commercial) and was lucky enough to see the couple from Canada. They were really good. Maybe I’ll have to watch this show.

  • Ladybug

    Sheepishly raising hand here for one who is watching this show. I did last year as well. A total whore for reality music competition. What can I say?

    Ok. So then, I think the partner switching is completely ridiculous. Dismiss the entire duet or keep them, but those trying out ARE duets. I didn’t get this last year and don’t this year either.

    Last year’s winners were a “created” duet and seem to have completely disappeared. Whereas the ones who SHOULD have won, a true duet, Joey + Rory, are doing pretty well. I bought their very fine album.

    Despite my objections as to how this show is done, I will watch because it is kinda fun stuff going on and some great music will occasionally pop up.

  • BootStar

    Oh, yay, something to fill the hole in my heart since there won’t be any Canadian Idol this summer! Thanks for the scoopage, MJ.

    I liked Brandon on Idol, but he sounds and looks WAY better now. I only wish I hadn’t watched that “fingernail video” again. Really could have lived without that a second time! :sick_ee:

  • taran33

    I watched this last year and really enjoyed it.

    If I’m right I thought it said at the beginning of the show that Caitlin and Will, Joey and Rory, and the blonde girls, that Naomi didn’t like, all made albums. I wonder what happened to the boys that got runner up?

    I had Caitlin and Will on my myspace page, but I don’t have it anymore. Man that chick could sing! I’m disappointed that we haven’t really heard anymore from them.

  • mj

    MJ, if youà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢re right, and Brandon was paired with Jonathan Cox, he definitely scored big timeà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬’assuming that Ià ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢m right and Cox is the young blond guy who sang second from the group of pairs from the seven singles. Cox has an amazing voice with a unique tone that may have been better than any of the other singles on the show. He was definitely memorable, though his performance ability was a little lackluster. Brandon is the opposite.

    Yes, it’s the same guy. He’s only 18 and he’s already awesome. I felt bad for the friend who he auditioned with. She was so disappointed to be cut. Also, I was a little sad that the judges busted up his second partnership with the curly-haired girl–I thought they sounded beautiful together.

    The contestant Bios HERE give away the pairings, strangely enough.

    Seriously, there are some amazing singers on this show. I’m looking forward to recapping!

  • primeminister

    Oh I liked Brandon’s voice back in S7 too.

    Thanks for posting the 2 vids, mj. I’d love to watch a recording of the whole show…does anyone know where I can find it?

  • huckleberryfriend

    Caitlin. from last year’s winning duet, is also an Idol reject. I love these guys. Will is Southern Rock and Caitlin is just an unbelievable singer. Plus they are both accomplished song writers.

    If you haven’t been introduced to them yet, check them out.

  • tinkie101

    Caitlin & Will are alive ‘n kickin’!! Their self-titled digital EP was released at the beginning of April and can be bought at all the usual places (Amazon, etc). Check them out on MySpace and listen to their tunes there as well.

    Oh, yea. On the CMT site, you can watch their performances from last years show. They do a killer version of Keith Urban’s “Stupid Boy”. And if I were a former A.I. winner and saw their version of “Before He Cheats”, I’d be too embarrassed to ever perform it live again.

    MJ…I’ll be interested in hearing what you have to say about the rest of the Can You Duet show this season!