Brooke Burke Fired From Dancing with the Stars!

First, long-time Dancing with the Stars orchestra leader, Harold Wheeler, was fired and replaced with ex-Idol band director, Ray Chew.

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Now, comes news, that co-host, Brooke Burke has been let go from the dancing competition. She released a statement to E News today, confirming her departure:

“I have enjoyed seven seasons co-hosting DWTS but understand the need for change considering the position of the show at this juncture,” she said in a statement. “I’ve always been one to embrace change and looking forward to pursuing opportunities I previously wasn’t able to entertain because of contractual obligations to the show. I’ve seen my fair share of shocking eliminations in the ballroom but this one takes the cake.”

Well, then. Not exactly subtle, are we Brooke? Sources tell E News that the ex-host “had no idea her job was on the line. ABC apparently informed her this afternoon she wouldn’t be returning.”

Dancing with the Stars returns to the ABC schedule on Monday, March 17.

Via E News

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  • supersonic

    I liked Brooke. She didn’t bother me. Yes, she asked dumb questions and made some mistakes. But she was better than the previous co-hosts.

  • broddybounce

    Agreed! I thought her chemistry with Tom Bergeron was good — and as you alluded to, definitely better than her immediate predecessor. But I guess Tom’s on his own. It’s going to be awkward at the start of the season.

  • weareallinnocent

    Her statement was rolling along fairly typically professional, until that last sentence. That seemed to come out of nowhere, which I guess was sort of the point. lol But, really, it seems like something she slipped in while here PR people weren’t looking!

  • WestiesRule

    I have always admired Brooke. I’m sure she won’t have any problem rebounding. I’m not particularly crazy about that show and don’t really watch. Not sure what the problems are but, basically, no show lasts forever (maybe Survivor :) ).

  • Dakota

    The question is whether the position is being totally eliminated or whether someone cheaper, younger is coming ng on. With all the budget cuts, theres no reason Tom couldn’t do it all by himself. It still would be smarter to freshen up the judges panel and bring I some younger fresher hipper judges

  • Listening

    I also noted the part of her saying she turned down stuff so I thought maybe this was mutual since now with no more contract she’s free for all opportunities. But nope not the case since she threw in that shocking eliminations comment.

    I was like oh I guess she’s not bitter, they’re cool but uh uh.

  • Miz

    I enjoy the judges. They amuse me.

  • Miz

    Were they really her questions or the writers?

  • Guest


  • Matthew Richards

    As much as I hate to see Brooke leaving, I would be delighted if Kellie Pickler returned in her place.

  • lola

    I am going to miss Brooke. She is so beautiful and elegant. Can’t think of anyone to replace her. Although I like Kelly Pickler I can’t see her in this position.

  • supersonic

    That’s what I’m saying. People got mad because they say she asked dumb questions. Didn’t the producers yell those questions in her ear? She didn’t have anything to do with that.

  • iluvai


  • madmike2276

    Way to announce being fired! lol. I do not see ANY benefit to her to publically announce she has been fired/let go/not renewed. Why remind the world that your “expendable”. I appreciate her honesty, but I do not think it was necessary.

  • BL1486

    I personally didn’t care for Brooke. She has improved a bit after her horrible, wooden first year. I was surprised they didn’t fire her before. She has the pretty factor, but to me she lacked in charisma and imagination. I am not shocked at her elimination because I think it was long overdue.