Britney Spears In Talks To Write a Book (Report)

X Factor judge, Britney Spears, has plans to “write” a book. She’s currently negotiating a deal, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

That’s right, Britney Spears is close to signing a book deal, The Hollywood Reporter has learned, with plans to write a novel.

Her rep confirms that It Books, an imprint of HarperCollins, which has released many popular musician memoirs (among them: autobiographies by Sammy HagarThe Game, Slash and Motley Crue), is having “discussions” with the singer. (A rep for It would not confirm.)

A source tells THR Spears would pen a roman a clef for the publisher. The story would incorporate fictionalized versions of her own experiences, much like Lauren Conrad’s 2009 New York Times bestseller L.A. Candy, which was about a girl who moves to Los Angeles and becomes the star of a reality show. Conrad, who starred in The Hills, has written two more novels since.

Jersey Shore’s Snooki “wrote” a book too.  I wonder who Brit Brit will hire to be her ghost writer?  A roman a clef is like writing a memoir, but not really. Because, as a work of “fiction”, parts of the story are true, but it’s up to the reader to guess which.

Via The Hollywood Reporter

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  • Roman Karamujic

    This is so promising. Britney’s got such an amazing vocabulary, since she’s a true star, you know. I’m sure I’ll be utterly entertained by her amazing “book”.

  • OffLeash

    LOL MJ! When I read the headline, I immediately wondered who her ghost writer would be too.

  • Axxxel

    maybe she should make a comic version… She is still a beautiful girl.. so even if the story is so so…. we could just watch the pictures…

  • OffLeash

    She would be even more attractive these days if she stopped bleaching her hair to death IMO. 

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Did Britney herself decide to do this or is it her custodians (father, bf) who are deciding what she will be doing, career-wise?

  • upsidedawn

    What kind of book? Fiction? A children’s book? She’s much too young to be writing an autobiography, in spite of what she’s been through so far, imo.  But I guess what will count is if it makes money. If it does, than who cares what someone like me thinks.

  • merkureye

    Simon says, “Britney will be too busy to judge X Factor next year because . . . uhm . . .she’s writing a book.  Yeah  . . that’s it – she will be writing a book about . . ahem . . .all the interesting things that have happened in her life. . . that’s the ticket!.  We’ll just have to try and get somebody else to take her place because the book will take-up all her time.  What a shame.”

  • Soakey

    She can barely speak.  She isnt capable of making independant life decisions.  She needs supervision when around her own children.  Her vixen act is badly warmed over.

    She just needs to go away, get continual psychotherapy, leave California and focus on raising her children well alongside her “beloved fiancee”.  She isnt capable of being an active celebrity.  And trying to hold on to such a life style will be the death of her.

    Conservators should be unscrewing the bulbs from the spotlight and transitioning her to retirement, not adding more attention onto a damaged and hapless person.

  • Larc

    Somebody who can’t write probably has to use a ghost writer.  It’s a bit like those who can’t sing using Auto-Tune.  ;)

  • Amy Beth

    Oooh, a roman a clef. I wonder what the Justin Timberlake “character” will be called!