Britney Spears Close to Signing $15M X Factor Deal

According to reports, It looks like Britney Spears will be an X Factor judge after all.  The sticking point was money. She’ll be paid 15 million a year for her services.  All that’s left are a few small details to be worked out.

If this comes to pass, Simon Cowell will get his “star” for the judging panel, but will she be able to handle the job? In interviews, Britney’s affect is so dull and sullen, it’s hard to imagine her as a charismatic TV personality.

The good news, she be any worse than the annoying and ineffectual, Nicole Scherzringer. And who knows, maybe Brit Brit will surprise us.

Her fiance, Jason Trawick will reportedly come along as producer. Sounds like he’ll be her mouthpiece and protector, which is probably a good thing.

The deal will make Britney the highest paid judge on reality television, eclipsing Jennifer Lopez’s $12 million deal for American Idol.  Time for Jlo to head back to the negotiating table!

Via EOnline


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  • Landon Cox

    Xtina has the best voice and is paid the least. Poor girl.

  • No Thanks

    It’s Britney, bitch!!  I don’t care what anyone says,  I’ve always had a soft spot for Britney.  Even through all the crazy.

  • Stavros

    I’ll bet she gets first dibs on the “random” mentoring after Simon claims the groups with the idea of launching another One Direction or Little Mix.

  • Anonymous

    I wish it could be Britney and Paula.  The crazy factor would be off the charts. 

  • Anonymous

    I think Simon is just desperate to get a huge name on the panel that he doesn’t even care if she will be a good judge or not, or if she will be dull. Having an A-lister judge won’t solve it’s problems or even show skyrocketing ratings. Christina was huge also, but the voice had around the same ratings as the x factor it’s first season.

  • Anonymous

    Hmmmm…could be interesting.  I can’t remember the first thing about Britney, except that she was barefoot in a public restroom.  She may make for great TV.

  • Anonymous

    Ha! X-Factor and Brit-Brit are made for each other. A marriage of style over substance. No way can someone who has every breath autotuned or overdubbed realistically judge anyone’s singing. But she can teach them how to put on a great spectacle.

  • Listening

    I want this be true simply b/c Britney’s name recognition will give the show a boost and I want it to last. I love this shows concept allowing older people and groups an opportunity to be stars. I mean Idol makes no sense limiting the age to 29 I believe look if you think someone who is 39 or 44 can’t sing anymore just don’t put them through just cause they audition doesn’t mean you have to pick them.

    I think name brand is what had so many people tuning in the first season JLo and Steven Tyler were on Idol that’s why the decline was so steep in ratings to the current year not that the talent is so much worst but the curiosity of JLo and Steven have waned.

    Anyway after seeing X- Factor made 5.55 million every half hour they’ll pay Britney’s salary with in the first episode which is usually 2 hours w/ 5.55 mill to spare that seems like a steal.

  • Nick

    Say what you want, but I think this is such a smart move from Simon. Even though–as mj pointed out–she’s so doped up on drugs and trained to robotically answer pre-scripted interview questions, I’M STILL SO EXCITED.

    Ever since Britney’s made her big comeback after the whole cray cray, shave her head and smash up cars phase, the public has been completely shielded off from seeing her on any kind of a personal level. She had such an impact in the pop world, and is such a household name to anyone at ANY age. No matter how much shit she gets into, people root for her. I don’t think Christina is on that same level. And PLEASE understand that I don’t mean the level of talent. Britney hasn’t sang a note live in years. Christina has a one-of-a-kind voice.

    This is where the true test will come, and it’s completely in Britney’s court. Will she continue to seem as if she lacks the capacity to vocalize an intellectual thought? Or will she break free from those who’ve been shielding her and bring bubbly, pop-Britney back?

    I’ll just say this: As someone who despised the debut season of X-Factor, doesn’t watch The Voice, and doesn’t consider themselves a Brit fan by any means…I WILL BE WATCHING THE XFACTOR COME THIS FALL!

  • Anonymous

    I like Britney a lot, but unfortunately she has never come across as very articulate in interviews. Being articulate is necessary to be a good judge.

  • Tinawina

    Excellent ratings move.

    Plus this revives the Christina vs Britney rivalry this fall.

    Now let’s see which Britney actually shows up to judge.

  • Nick

    Good point Tinawina! I forgot Christina will be back on in the fall as well. It’s like I’m back in middle school in the 90’s! Let the rivalry begin! I’m soooo team Britney! hehe. Now we just need Jessica Simpson judging a third-rate reality show trying to keep up with the likes of Brit and Christina, and we’ll be back to the good ol’ days! …. Oh wait a second …. Fashion Star is it?

  • tommy

    Britney is smart to pocket 15 million a year for this.  Nevertheless, the show is the most indulgent over produced sensory overloaded schlocky competition show on the air.   It’s not about the contestants, it’s about manufactured ego battles between the judges, the singers and acts are just vehicles for that.

    I gave it a full season chance last year, but I have no interest in wasting more time on it next fall.  My opinion.

  • pj

    Yeah, I predicted this when speculation started. I think it will be an initial ratings boost, but unless she brings the cray cray… I just dunno.

  • Jeff Dodge

    Is Xtina really paid the least? Considering she’s the most famous one on The Voice, I would think she’s getting paid way more than all the rest of the judges.

  • pj

    I think they meant the least between JLo and Britney (if she joins X-Factor).  Pretty sure she makes more than her fellow Voice judges.

  • Valentin432

    The question I have is wheter Britney can bring the young viewers that X factor wants for the show.
    She’s been in the business for over 15 years and she’s not the it girl anymore. 
    Should be an interesting experiment nonetheless.

  • Mateja Praznik

     Britney is still a relevant pop artist. She is just over 30, can still get pop radio play and has hit singles.

  • Brian Thurman

    Do you watch American Idol? You do know auto tuned JLO is a judge don’t ya?

  • Jordan Seltzer

    Unlike JLO and Christina – Britney is still touring, still making music, still doing her thing. JLO and Christina had careers in the can. She doesnt need this show, so she obviously wants to do it. She knows what is expected of her and what the job is.

  • Valentin432

    Yes, there’s no doubt that she’s a relevant pop artist like P!nk, Kelly or Xtina (even if she hasn’t had a hit in quite some time), but she’s just not the hit girl anymore, that’s Katy Perry, Rihanna, Lady Gaga or Taylor Swift. The fact that she’s 30 year old shows great longetivity in the business because she became famous as a teen pop star.

    I’m just not sure she would bring a ton of young viewers/buzz by herself but maybee I’m wrong, Britney sure has found ways to stay relevant much longer than most people believed.

  • Nick

    That’s what I was thinking/hoping. When this was first being reported, I thought, “Britney doesn’t need this. She’s not like Paula, Nicole, JLO, Christina. She has a successful career and just had three top 40 hit singles off her last album. Seems like the only female judges chosen for these things are ones that need to revive their careers. So I never believed she would take the offer seriously. But now that it appears I was wrong, I hope your right Jordan–She better know what’s expected of her, or this could have disaster written all over it for her.

  • Nick

    “Hold It Against Me,” “Till the World Ends,” and “Wanna Go” were all big top 10 hits last year, and her album went platinum. HIAM even went straight to No. 1. I see what you mean in that she’s not GaGa, Katy, or Rihanna, but you can’t argue she’s not still in the game. As long as she can continue to squeak by with “not ACTUALLY singing,” I think her star power isn’t going away anytime soon.

    I think all the little girls, pre-teens, and 20-somethings know all her more recent stuff like the songs I just mentioned, so I really think she can bring the younger viewers in.

    It’s if she can KEEP THEM that I worry about.

  • Anonymous

     Despite the fact I swore off xfactor after last season, yes smart simon, I will be back to see Brittany.  They must get stronger talent this season, stick with three judges, and lay off the flashing lights, fire, backup singers, and Carmina Burana.

  • Sunny Mc

    I honestly don’t know how she will be able to manage this.  She is definitely not all there anymore.  Her father is has control over finances, because she can not. There is a reason she doesn’t do interviews anymore. Now she’s going to offer opinions on live TV? I think she will need alot of “notes” or someone speaking to her in an ear-piece. Or maybe she’ll go the Steven Tyler route and just tell everyone that was beautiful ;)

  • No Thanks

    Britney has been severely controlled within an inch of her life in recent years.  But maybe that’s why she’s doing it. So can show the public the real her again. 

  • Moria Polonius

    Landon Cox 3 hours ago
    Xtina has the best voice and is paid the least. Poor girl.

    Lol, what does a good voice have in common with judging? They aren’t paid to sing. 

    And yeah, poor Xtina, she gets fewer millions than others.

  • shell29

    Hmm…well I’ll be tuning in to find out which Britney we’ll see.  I’m not sure if this is going to work but who knows, Brit might surprise me.

  • Enough already!

    Simon’s thinking is so skewered.   He had Paula, who the fans loved, and who knows as much about this contestant thing as anyone, yet he dumps her and pays a fortune for Britney.   Who btw may be worth the 15mil if she brings in Simon’s numbers, which she might at first.   But I’m thinking of the old tic for tac between Xtina and Brit…way to keep it going I suppose.    Cannot see how Britney can improve on the talent that is presented on X Factor, which so far hasn’t been that great.  

  • md

    Pay the woman or leave Britney alone!

  • Kirsten

    Her fiance, Jason Trawick will reportedly come along as producer. Sounds like he’ll be her mouthpiece and protector, which is probably a good thing.

    Who is this mook and why does he deserve a producer credit on the show? I’m getting a kind of creepy vibe with him leveraging himself a job on the show off her gig and wanting to control her finances.

  • Li Wright

    Her “fiance” is going to co-produce?  I don’t think so.  Simon is very tight about producing rights.

  • Li Wright

    Like I’ve wrote  before about Paula….she’s been crap**ped on.  First AI wouldn’t pay her and they got Jennifer and paid JLo more than Paula.  Then the dance show was cancelled, and then XF cancelled her.  She must be feeling like cr**ap right about now, and Paula is a nice person.

  • Li Wright

     Jordan — Jlo tours.  She tours a lot.  And she’s going to be in Vegas with Marc Anthony this summer.  And you don’t think that JLO isn’t making music.  She had the most downloaded song last year.

  • Li Wright

     No thanks — “Brit’s” not doing it….her “fiance” is doing it.  She’s just going along.

  • Frank

    I will judge the X-Factor for half a million!!! Hire me Simon!!

    But seriously, Simon obviously cares more about the “name” rather than any actual judging skills for who the two female judges are. Britney seems like she would be a generic judge praising everyone. Hopefully the second female judge is someone who actually knows what she’s talking about. I also wonder if Brit Brit will get the seat next to Simon or LA.

  • Jordan Seltzer

     Your facts are not correct. JLO doesnt tour at all. And my comment was in response to her career prior to joining Idol. Her career wasnt in a good place. They didnt even want to release her album. Remember the song Louboutins? That was the time when her career had stalled.

  • Jordan Seltzer

     I think that she has to fully know what is going on with this job – especially with still being under Conservator.  Shes A List. Christina and J LO were B list at best when joing their respective shows. Im excited to see this and despite all the negativity on here, everyone will be interested to tune in.

  • Frank

    If I was over 30 years old (but I’m not) and wanted to join Idol and was told I couldn’t because they have age requirements, I would sue for age discrimination!! I wonder why no one has done that yet.

    This reminds me of a scenario I heard where a man wanted to be a waiter for Hooters but was told they only accept big breasted women.

  • hcpoirot

    Britney should really think this over. She is still A List celeb. Why join any singing competition as a judge? A guest judge is okay. But not as judge.

    If I am Britney, I will ask for higher salary. maybe 25 million. Cause who knows if the show can raise her popularity even more or drown her if the show fail this season?

  • Amy Beth

    Producer credit = extra paycheck for keeping track of Britney’s meds.

    I hope for Britney’s sake this won’t be the train wreck I imagine. Of course, Simon’s probably counting on it.

  • Anonymous

    If X Factor is going to compete with The Voice in the Fall, hiring Britney is probably the smartest move that Simon could have made. 

  • HG

    bring back Cheryl, S!!!!