Breaking: Updated American Idol Schedule through March

I’ve just received some information about the American Idol schedule through the end of March.   There have been some changes worth noting.

  • The results shows will be an hour long, and will begin airing at 9/8c pm as of February 18 (First week of the semi-finals). The Fox show Lie to Me moves to 8/7c pm.
  • The Tuesday night shows will be two-hours long, beginning February 18 ( First 12 semi-finalists perform)Â   Through March 24Â   (Top 10 Perform).
  • The Tuesday night show cuts back to 1 hour on March 31 (Top 9 Perform)
  • Sorry Fringe fans, the show will be pre-empted for 3 weeks during March to accommodate the 2 hour Idol performance episodes. It will be back on the schedule at 9/8c pm, March 31.

The remaining audition episodes (including next week’s extra Thursday episode), and the Hollywood Round episodes are an hour long, and begin at 8/7c pm.   The Top 36 reveal, scheduled for February 11 is a 2 hour episode.

Another hour-long 8 pm Thursday episode–the Wild Card-Top 12 reveal–is scheduled for March 5.

Check out the updated schedule HERE, or after the JUMP…

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  • hicksaholic

    complicated-you need a calendar to keep up with this stuff. Great news, only 4 more nights of auditions.

  • LadyBeBop

    I guess adding next Thursday night explains why they allowed a full hour for the San Francisco auditions.

    Instead of six dates spread out over eight auditions, there are now seven dates. Meaning that only two cities would have truncated audition times, not four (as originally thought). I’m assuming San Juan will be a truncated audition (maybe only 15-20 minutes). However, that means there’s a city besides SF (and probably SJ) that also had lousy auditions.

  • sparklesgirl2

    What happened to the half-hour results shows idea? Guess that got scrapped. BOO.

  • Gracie77

    Well, drat. I’m going to get to suffer through all the audition weeks, and then miss the much more entertaining Hollywood weeks while in Germany for business.

    Oh, well, it’s still a free trip to Germany. :) Thanks for the update!

  • sma11ie

    Anyone heard when SLC auditions are next week?

  • Grammie Kari

    Thank you for the update. I cannot view the show by computer, so this was important to me!

  • jstxanothrxstory

    Hour long results shows again!?
    :X :X :X

  • minzhi

    Gosh. Sounds like TPTB is going back on their words again. Once again, we have to sit through the dragging 1 hr result shows. Tsk tsk tsk.

  • dee

    Well…the results shows just lost me to Lost. I’d rather dvr and fast forward to the last 5 minutes.

  • GwendolynD

    Wellà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬ ¦the results shows just lost me to Lost


  • primeminister

    I wouldn’t mind hour long results shows as long as they show more behind-the-scenes Idol footage (a la Idol Extra), and get rid of the ridiculous phone call questions.

  • Michelle

    Well, I guess I’ll be tuning in for the last 5 mins only on results nights…