Blake Lewis - "She Loves the Way" feat. BT - (Beatbox Stutter Edit Mix)

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Check out the debut of  a new music video and edit from Blake Lewis of his song, “She Loves the Way”, featuring beatboxer BT.  On his youtube page, Blake explains how he and BT created the edit:

This video was made on a MacBook Pro using only the iSight, BT’s Stutter Edit plugin, Loop Pedals, a Kaoss Pad and KJ Sawka on drums. 3 live takes at London Bridge studios in Seattle, Washington is all it took for BT to take my song and make a kickass example of how Stutter Edit can be used with video.

It’s been an honor collaborating with my great friend BT and I will forever be humbled by this experience. Love and Happiness – Blake

Video after the JUMP…

Blake and BT will demonstrate the Stutter Edit at the NAMM conference today in Los Angeles.

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  • HermeticallySealed

    The video was interesting, but expected for a demo type thing. Liked the song. I see what he was saying about it having a Gorillaz sound. Could have fit in on the G-sides album.

  • GreenHippo

    Without Blake Lewis I would have never paid any attention to beat-boxing. so yeah, thanks Blake Lewis! AND now I am a fan. Love him, love his music. All because of American Idol – hahahah :)