The Biggest Loser 15 – The Premiere Recap


The  15th season of Biggest Loser is underway with the theme of ‘second chances’.  Excited for this chance to recap it for you all!  It begins with the trainers Jillian , Dolvett & Bob choosing contestants for the first time ever . We all know producers probably had a pretty heavy say too. They flew 50 contestants to LA to whittle it down to 15. In the first group is Holley an Olympian weightlifter. Well Bob this may not be a talent show but singers still pour out their heart & soul on occasion & you’re picking contestants by pictures still looks like American Idol haha.. Luckily this process only lasted a minute before we see contestants arriving at the ranch.  Look there’s Ruben Studdard Idol’s 2nd winner in the group! The contestants immediately go into a workout before learning who their trainers are . Ruben’s shirt reminds me of the ones on Idol where he had his area code but now it represents his weight . He’s the heaviest guy at 462 lbs . There’s the usual puking, passing out & crying . Jillian likes to break a victim mentality so she gravitates to David grieving the loss of his wife from brain cancer. He walked out of the first workout.  Then we learned Ruben loves ice baths & Jillian really wants to get rid of his back & shoulder hair.  See the video below!

Very little suspense when it finally comes to picking teams.  Jillian picks Craig who’s father died from heart disease & he had to have in vitro to have a child due to his weight issues;  Tuni, cowboy Jay, Fernanda  & Marie for her white team. Dolvett picks Ruben, Jennifer, Rachel Fredrickson who used to be a national level swimmer, Tanya who gained 125 lbs. being pregnant & David for his red team. Oh & Tanya has a crush on Dolvett.  Bob picks Holley, Chelsea, Bobby, Matt, & Hap for the blue. Before heading into workout Dolvett & Ruben have a chat. Ruben had sleep apnea which led to cardiomyopathy. He lost 100 lbs but after his divorce he started hanging out with friends & fell  back into bad eating habits. He also wants to be known for being a great singer not for being big. Workouts seem to go fairly smoothly then it was time to face the scale!  The person on the losing team with the lowest percentage of weight  loss would be automatically eliminated. For the first time ever there will be a trainer save. I believe each trainer gets to use one all season but they didn’t really explain this. Blue team goes first .Holley loses 16, Hap loses 17, Chelsea 12, Matt 23, & Bobby 20.  For the red team Ruben lost 21, Jennifer 11, Tanya 16, Rachel 21,  & David 38. Red team is safe.  Jillian’s white team has Tumi lose14, Fernanda 12, Marie 9, Jay 23, & Craig 13.  Blue team is safe & Craig is automatically sent home but Jillian saves him!  The preview of moments coming up looks fairly compelling. This seems like a good crop of contestants & I kind of like the trainer save & the show shortened to an hour. What do you all think?

Biggest Loser Sneak Peek

  • curlyenta

    You go Ruben! Something about those ‘bama men! They don’t bruse easily. The show looks great from the clip!

  • TarshaM

    I’m rooting for them all to get healthy but have a special love for the Bama guy. Go Ruben!

  • Annatree

    See that its only a hour long, seem as if the producers finally listen.

  • TarshaM

    So happy for David.

  • Jennifer Bridgett Fumero

    Didn’t Ruben lose a ton of weight as a vegan?

  • DD

    He did. He was married and turned vegan, lost 100 pounds. Thats around the time he toured with Clay. Then he got divorced and went back to his old ways.

  • SaSa8

    Wishing Ruben luck and that he is successful on the show but more importantly that he becomes healthy.

  • TarshaM

    No, the big weight loss was when he entered the weight management center at Duke University. That’s when he lost nearly 100 lbs. That was in 2006.