Big Brother 15 Live Feeds 09/04/2013 (Spoilers)

I caught up on the Live Feeds and it looks like Production is getting involved again to try to save one of the two nominees.

Yesterday Elissa went into the Diary Room and when she exited she had a new plan for the game. She took Amanda aside and told her that she now wanted to vote to keep Amanda in the game and would do everything to help her stay. Amanda grabbed onto this quickly and grabbed Andy to form a new team made up of Amanda, McCrae, Elissa, and Andy going to the Final Four and sending Spencer home first on Thursday.

There is no way Elissa came up with the idea to vote to keep Amanda on her own. She has been saying for the last few weeks how she wants Amanda gone and Amanda tortured her last week. Now she is all for voting to keep Amanda in the house even go as far as giving her wedding ring to Amanda as collateral to convince McCranda that she will vote with them going forward. To me it really appears like Production strongly hinted the idea to Elissa making her think it was her idea the whole time. They know Amanda was the front runner to go home and if Amanda goes then the season is over as far as drama in the house.

Sadly for both Amanda and Drama lovers it still doesn’t look like the plan will work because right after telling Amanda and Elissa he was up for it Andy went right to The Exterminators and let them know the entire plan. The plan right now is to split the vote and let GM cast the tie breaker to send Amanda out the door. Andy will then play dumb and fake get made at Elissa to make it look like she lied to McCranda so that McCrae will target her if he wins HoH.

I’d like to think McCrae would not listen to this as he seems like he is smarter then that and there is no way Elissa gives up her wedding ring if she didn’t actually plan on working with them but losing his closest ally may affect his brain.

If McCrae wins the HoH the plan is to talk him into a all guys alliance and nominate GM and Elissa to send Elissa home. If Elissa wins they will tell her McCrae is pushing an all guy alliance so that she nominates McCrae. If anyone else wins they will just nominate McCrae and Elissa and send one of them home.

The problem with these plans is that in a Double Eviction episode there is just not enough time to push an agenda and Elissa will know her back is against a wall which is when she always competes best.

Either way Thursday should be a really good episode and you should all enjoy it because it will probably be the last exciting episode of the season if Amanda and Elissa leave the house.



  • flog gnaw

    Amanda is a very disgusting person, but her manipulative gameplay is fantastic. Her and Elissa are easily much better players than The Exterminators put together. I know Amanda is leaving for sure on Thursday, but I hope McCrae will see through Andy’s lies and work with Elissa.

  • AlesheaDominique

    Ugh, I want Andy gone so bad. Amanda may not be be the nicest or best person but I feel she has been more upfront and honest than Andy has which isn’t saying much. I don’t like how he plays the game.

  • Mark Humphreys

    Andy is such a back stabbing panzy…it isn’t even funny

  • KH

    I think Elissa is just trying to flush out Andy as playing both sides of the house. I think she will vote to send Amanda to Jury.