Big Brother 15 Daily Updates [VETO CEREMONY SPOILERS]

So, McCrae won the veto yesterday, and the veto ceremony took place a little while ago.

McCrae has used the veto on Candice, and Elissa is the replacement nominee.

In other news, “everyone in the house wants Elissa out.” This is in quotes because the majority of the houseguests believe it to be true. However, McCrae, Judd, Amanda, Helen, and a few others are working on a secret plan to evict David. Jeremy and some of the other guys remain clueless about this plan. 24/7GameTalkAmanda has been leading the front. They all believe Elissa will win MVP for the remainder of the summer, so Amanda is basically telling Elissa repeatedly, “If we save you, you’re going to be our nomination slave for the rest of the summer and nominate who WE want nominated. If you deviate from the plan, we cut you.” Amanda’s coming on really hard about this, but Elissa doesn’t really have another option.

Check back for more updates later!


  • clacecl

    Most disgusting night of feeds, ever. CBS can’t not address this, right?

  • Roimeister

    Address it? just like this article, it won’t even be mentioned… there will probably be golden edits to produce America’s Sweetheart

  • Incipit

    What happened, lousy audio feeds? I’d expect CBS to address it around the same time FOX apologizes for about a decade of live screw-ups on AI – which is Never.

  • clacecl

    Really ugly racism/homophobia coming from a LOT of houseguests. Aaryn is the worst but GM was very quick to follow suit. Kaitlin to a lesser extent. Spencer needs to stop talking about how great the Nazis were. Jeremy is probably going to strangle Kaitlin at some point (literally).

    The nastiness was so fast and furious that the feeds skipped an actual sex event.

  • clacecl

    This was posted before everything happened, I saw it last night… I do think it will get some attention. Julie Chen is not going to be pleased when she hears “someone should smack [Helen] in the face, maybe it will set her eyes straight.”