Big Brother 15 Daily Updates [Possibly HUGE News] *Updated*

Ladies and gentlemen, Big Brother 15 has finally become interesting again.

After poking fun at her one too many too times, Amanda has gotten on her alliance-mate Aaryn’s last nerve.


She and GinaMarie were venting tonight about how much they hate Amanda’s control over the house. GM started throwing around the idea of possibly putting Amanda up as the replacement nominee, and Aaryn immediately considered this option, despite being in an alliance with Amanda. She counted out the votes. She would need GM, Elissa, and Spencer to vote to evict Amanda, or else she would be screwed. She pulled up Helen, and that’s when things really got interesting.

SHE EXPOSED ANDY AND TOLD HELEN HE’S BEEN THE RAT.  Oh gosh, the “Agent” is going down. Aaryn told Helen that Andy is NOT with her and that AMANDA IS PLANNING TO EVICT HELEN.

In order to pressure Aaryn to go through with this move, Helen is assuring Aaryn that Spencer would support her decision. This is fantastic because it will get Aaryn to continue considering an Amanda blindside. People online have been afraid that Andy would just talk her out of all this, but after blowing up his game, I’m not sure how much of a pull he has on her now!

Could this all happen? Could the infamous BB15 Houseguest SAVE the season? Tomorrow will tell!


Amanda has gone up to the HoH room to resolve her issues with Aaryn. Now Aaryn is saying that Helen came up trying to get Amanda to backdoor Amanda. And with that…the plan seems to be squashed. Dunzo.


  • Eric Mitchell

    Every time the season gets a little interesting someone chickens out of actually playing the game

  • tigervixxxen

    Helen getting evicted IS a big move but because people are rooting for her it equals to not playing the game? I actually prefer the 3AM alliance. *shrug*

  • damo

    I do not understand why Aayrn doesn’t backdoor Andy, since he has been exposed as a rat. No blood on her hands if she does that and she can still play both sides.

  • Eric Mitchell

    I didn’t mean that evicting Helen wasn’t a big move. I just think going for Amanda is the bigger move and I’m all for anything that adds drama to such a boring season

  • flog gnaw

    Aaryn is such a wuss and last night just confirmed that she’s Amanda’s b*tch.

  • EvenMoreron

    Aaryn just self destructed even more. Oh you know Elissa is going to win some sort of endurance HOH and Amanda will put out the order to eliminate Aaryn … which could be good news for whoever walks back in Thursday.