After the eviction last night, Helen was named the next Head of Household. Not too long after that, they began questioning the identity of the “4th vote” against Elissa. As was expected, McCrae told Amanda, Judd, Helen, Elissa, and Andy about the Moving Company. Knowing this, Helen began suspecting Howard and Spencer heavily, and told Spencer that he had 24 hours for him to be completely honest with her.

The next day, Howard and Spencer found it in their best interest to come clean completely about the Moving Company and try to make amends to rectify the situation. Howard and Spencer came clean to Helen, who bawled and kept repeating that she loved them and only said nice things about them. Helen then told Howard that if he were nominated, he would not be the target, but she would only do it to make it clear that she was hurt.  Later that night, Howard and Spencer told the rest of the HoH crew [Candice, Judd, Amanda, McCrae, and Elissa] about everything. They pretty much just begged for forgiveness a billion times.

The Have/Have Not competition also took place yesterday. We don’t know much about the competition, but it appeared to be very messy because all of the Houseguests were running to the showers afterward.
The Have Nots for the week are: Jessie, Judd, Amanda, and McCrae.

Meanwhile, Helen talked to each of the Houseguests about where they stand in the house in order to determine her nominees. She told Aaryn and Kaitlin that if they were to be on the block this week, they would only be pawns. About midway through the day, the feeds came back and it became clear that
Helen has nominated Kaitlin and Aaryn for eviction.

What’s the logic behind this? Well, Helen’s master plan for the week is to have Jeremy evicted. However, everyone is afraid that if she nominated him directly, he would win the Power of Veto and take himself off the block. That being said, by nominating Kaitlin and Aaryn, there is a strong chance that Jeremy won’t even be able to participate in the Veto competition, so Helen can end up backdooring him this week.

As for the new MVP…she is not new at all. Elissa has won the MVP position yet again. The HoH crew wishes for her to nominate Howard this week. It’s looking like if for whatever reason, the Veto is not used and Jeremy is not put on the block, they want to be able to take out Howard. Elissa is not very thrilled at the idea of nominating Howard because she likes him a lot on a personal level and is afraid because there is a strong chance that Jeremy will leave this week, but that means Howard will stay. If he stays, he AND Candice will be gunning after Elissa because she nominated him. Amanda, McCrae, Andy, and Helen are still pushing her hard to nominate him, however.

That’s all for now. Tomorrow’s update will contain the MVP nomination and the Veto competition results.
Check back!


  • Sara

    Elissa is the MVP for the third time in a row, this twist is so awesome, isn’t it? *shrug*

  • akramwwhhoo

    who is the mvp? surprise it’s elissa again! I wish MVP came in a perfect stranger season like 10 that would be a completely secret MVP gameplay

  • Ari

    The Mvp had turned into a colossal failure cuz of the casting of Elissa and Grodner should have for seen that. Its failed. The HOH now is utterly powerless and the only thing HOH gets is immunity (& possible enemies for their nomination s).. The evicted person gas been the Mvp replacement every week. No wonder theyve chosen to side with Elissa. Even if the other side wins, it doesnt matter. I think the viewers are such idiots and have ruined the season. Elissa cuz she’s Rachel’s sister? It was supposed to bethe pperson with the best strategy. Bb should have thought this through and said the same person couldnt be Mvp 2 weeks in a row the hg last night on after dark were all talking about who Elissa would nominate even before Mvp. I wish they weren’t allowed to reveal. I’m gating this season more and more. Don’t know how many more weeks Mvp us gonna work and why even Elissa allies aren’t worried in the least. I think if she got to the end, that on itself should mean they wouldnt vote for her because she had an unfair advantage. And while theyve now shown some of the racist comments (r they gonna show the Aaryn Candice blowout? Hopefully it’s great tv) but they’re focusing exclusively on Aaryn and not airing others comments.. Racist and especially anti gay… See Spencer & Gina Marue

  • Sara

    I agree with everything you said. this MVP twist is just getting on my last nerve and the most frustrating thing is that Elissa has absolutely ZERO gameplay. Look at last week, she did NOTHING to save herself, it was all Judd’s, Helen’s and Amanda’s doing.
    When it comes to the racist comments,they can’t show everything, it’s only 40mins show and Aaryn being singled out b/c I don’t think anyone can tops her ugliness.

  • emlz

    Let’s be honest here. I think we all kind of knew that not only was the MVP twist made specifically for Elissa coming into the game, but also that it would be a popularity contest regardless of gameplay or Elissa as a contestant. Fan voting rarely works out in favor of the greatest competitor. The one good thing perhaps to come out of the twist is that it’s definitely affected the strategies of the other contestants, and I think it’s definitely made people actually play the game much earlier than in some other seasons.

  • Dianne

    I really don’t get why Ellysa was cast or why being Rachel’s sister sways the voters, MVP every week? Come on, America! Elyssa is not a great player and not very interesting. Amanda is more like Rachel than Elyssa is. The MVP thing is a joke.

  • Karen C

    The only interesting thing at all that I saw about the MVP is McRrae trying to convince someone that he was the MVP and would be nominating someone. Though, I agree, they shouldn’t have the same one every week, maybe like HOH they shouldn’t be eligable for two weeks in a row.

    I didn’t know Rachel had so many fans either.