Betty Buckley Blasts Randy Jackson For His “Ignorant and Stupid” Diss of Broadway Singers

Oh. My. Gosh. Legendary Broadway singer, Betty Buckley, just went off on the most AMAZING twitter rant  on Randy Jackson.  Remarks he made last week after a young woman at the Aspen auditions performed a Broadway tune are what set off Buckley’s ire.

Aspen hopeful, Angie Zeideran performed “When You’ve Got It Flaunt It” from the Broadway musical, “The Producers”.  After she finished singing, Randy turned to Jlo and said, “The showtunes…that definitely…it turns me off.”  Jennifer looked at him like he was nuts before she went on to defend the art form. Randy dismisses her,  “The problem is that it brings out that vibrato I don’t like.”

Buckley calls Randy’s remarks ignorant and uninformed, and she goes on to tell you exactly why.  The singer is a veteran of stage and screen. She starred in 8 is Enough back in the 8os. She debuted on Broadway in 1969 in 1776 and her rendition of “Memory” from Cats cemented her reputation as a great singer.

I’m reproducing her ENTIRE rant here, not only because it’s so amazing,  but it’s informative as well.  The lady knows her stuff. Take note, Randy, Steven and Nigel!

OK, I just have to say this: I am sick & tired of Randy Jackson bashing what they think is Bway singing! It’s soo ludicrous! I have yet to see or hear anyone sound remotely like they are a theatre singer on Idol!! And, further, theatrical singing encompasses every kind of sound, voice & style. He doesn’t know what he’s talkin’ about!! And by these constant disses he is tellin’ Amer. kids that Bway is some kind of inferior art form. Next to jazz, Broadway is the only indigenous Amer. art form & with respect, “Dog”, your opinion is whack & uninformed! I mean, I respect Randy Jackson & everyone certainly has their own likes & dislikes, but THIS constant diss of “Bway” sounding, to his ear, singers is just so ignorant & stupid that I literally cannot comprehend the producers allowing such mendacity in his remarks! Beyond idiotic!!!

And when Steven Tyler remarked, “They learn that”, I thought I was gonna scream!! All human voices have vibrato in one form or another! This constant STUPID reference is beneath contempt & I gotta say, too, that all big “rock/pop” shows these days are frickin’ THEATRE! SOOO, Nigel Lithgow & company, in a world that includes an increase in the popularity of musical in general in theatre, film & television. America Idol needs to WAKE UP to the truth, voices are voices, singing is singing in all forms, styles & genres. These categories have nothing to do with anything. The Record business in general is in big trouble & why for frickin’ sake would you the creators of “Idol” risk losing & demeaning any well intended audience. You respond to a singer because you hear their soul or you do not! ENOUGH!! I’VE HAD IT!!

O, while I’m at it. The use of melisma comes outa African American church & made most popular by Mariah Carey & comp. but mindless use of melisma does NOT a great singer make if it is random & without a true emotional intiation! I’ve really had it, people! Someone tell Lithgow!  My point is that A singer is a singer is a singer & these frickin’ categories are bullshit!! Broadway smodway! Ridiculous!

Thanks for the “Amens”, Tweeties & Dopeys. Spread the word, please. Do not let these poor kids be so propaganized by a pop bass player with some pop recording success be the arbiter of what constitutes a supposed “good” singer! ENOUGH!! Aaaand….”world peace”  Oh, & one more thing: Broadway is a place, not a style. At one time, in early days of classic Bway, Rodgers, Hamerstein, Hart, Lerner & Loew Gershwin, Tin Pan Alley & company one could say there was a style, a consistency in construct. But not any more. All kinds of composers and singers and styles on Broadway. And that’s been true since the 60’s. I would venture to say that the “Dog” & powers that be don’t get much. Write them, people, & tell them how absolute off frickin’ base this is! x

UPDATENigel Lythoe responds:

@BettyBuckley I don’t believe I have ever dissed Broadway either in IDOL or SYTYCD. As far as I am concerned it is a Mecca for talent.

@BettyBuckley I totally understand your point. The problem goes beyond Randy. ‘ Broadway’ has been adopted as a style of singing and dancing

I guess in the UK we we would call it a “show” voice. I agree GaGa, Freddie Mercury great show voices. You, Chenoweth, Katherine McPhee.

@BettyBuckley thank you I will certainly speak with Randy. I had the pleasure of seeing your outstanding performances in “Cats” and “Pippin”




Angie Zeiderman – “When You’ve Got It Flaunt It”

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  • Bobbi

    One of the most amazing things I’ve read on Twitter. Good for Betty! Wish they had judges on the show that were that well informed.

  • Anonymous

    Next to jazz, Broadway is the only indigenous Amer. art form

    This is far more ignorant than anything Randy said.

  • Anonymous

    Bravo bravo to Ms. Betty Buckley! This just made my day :) I love when Nigel and Randy get their smackdown – and deservedly so! She was right on the money when she called Randy out for his stupid ass comment. No wonder ratings are plummeting. 

  • mmb

    Not only is Betty Buckley a tremendous talent she is awesome! She is absolutely right! Good for her!

  • Jason Scott

    HAHAHAHA. Take that, Randy!!!! I hope he sees her tweets.

  • Sassycatz

    Where was she when Simon Cowell was putting down Broadway at every turn? He’s the one who started that whole “Broadway singer,” “Cruise ship singer,” “Wedding singer,” “Busker” string of put downs because he is not a singer nor has any real knowledge about singing. I think Randy just took up the mantle.

    That being said … ask Betty to be a mentor this season. It might be interesting. ;-)

  • Anonymous

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m not happy with randy this season  anyway! Good to see someone exposing him for the fraud he really is. I think they need to replace him with a meanish judge so that the judging panel is balanced out, making the auditions not predictable! Anyone else agree?

  • HaleysShindig

    Nigel is hearing it from her now, lol. 

  • Mirandy

    Mhm…animation is another American art form.  I’m sure there are more.

  • Anonymous

    Betty Buckley – HBIC!!!  Speaking with attitude and authority and eloquence.  Testify – maybe TPTB will listen.

  • Tess

    What are the others…I can only find jazz listed.

  • Anonymous

    Yay Betty-I’ve been waiting for years for somebody to say this.
    You will find the best voices in the world on Broadway (aside from instances of stunt casting). If you read the bios in the program from a Broadway musical, you will see that the majority of the ensemble members have years of conservatory training.
    I dislike excessive vibrato myself. I’ve seen many Broadway musicals and never seen singers displaying that annoying quality-but I’ve heard it from a few Idol singers.

  • Banished

    I love her!!! I agree with the post above about Simon. He hated Broadway almost as much as Country. He put down nearly every style BUT pop! Wish she would have ranted back then too!

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t Blues an indigenous American art form….or is it a subset of Jazz in her context?

    Either way, she’s right, for who they are, it is bad form for AI to insult a segment of their potential viewers.  Especially that the season hasn’t opened out gangbusters like many hoped/predicted

  • Anonymous

    Like Mirandy already mentioned, the comic strip is an indigenous American art form, along with hip hop, country western music, abstract expressionism,  and many others.
    The phrase “Jazz is the only American originated art form” is something uneducated people say when they try to appear smart because they heard it at a cocktail party one time.

  • Anonymous

    The egyptians sort of had comic strips on the sides of their buildings LOL…the caves of Lascaux in France too….LOL ;)

  • HaleysShindig

    Mission Accomplished: 
    dizzyfeet Nigel Lythgoe @ @BettyBuckley thank you I will certainly speak with Randy. I had the pleasure of seeing your outstanding performances in “Cats” and “Pippin”1 minute ago Favorite Undo Retweet Reply

  • Sassycatz

    Looks like Nigel is now responding:

    dizzyfeet Nigel Lythgoe I guess in the UK we we
    would call it a “show” voice. I agree GaGa, Freddie Mercury great show
    voices. You, Chenoweth, Katherine McPhee.

  • Anonymous

    A comic strip is a separate art form from a pictograph….

  • Black Swan


    How refreshing.

    Betty spoke her mind, Nigel replied, Betty replied to that (politely- even praising Nigel for all he has done), and Nigel praised her back. And with that, it ended.

    I find it extremely refreshing to see a twitter conversation begin and end with two people sharing opinions and coming to an understanding, as opposed to bickering for hours and posting passive nonsense.

    Good on the both of them. :)

  • Kylee

    Simon Cowell always dissed Broadway singers.

  • Anonymous

    It’s like saying rock and roll is separate from blues….rock has it’s roots in blues.

    Comic strips have their roots in pictograms, conveying a message through sequential ordering of images.

    Just kidding with you

    LOL I know what you mean, in her fervor to show indignance, she excercised the type of hyperbole that could be picked apart instantly.  My submission for Indigenous American art form is Blues.

  • Anonymous

    oh my goodness that’s fantastic!!!!!  

  • Tess

    Forms of picture stories were in vogue in Europe in the early 19th century, hip hop or rap was developed in West Africa centuries ago, country music is a derivative of folk music, and I’ll give you abstract expressionism.

  • Anonymous

    Blues and Gospel music is uniquely American too though, created out of the oppression and segregation of an entire people.

  • tap

    I would love to see Betty B as a judge on one of these singing shows.  They always make the male judges both talent and respected industry insiders while the women are there for quasi-talent and looks.  Put in a female power player!

  • Anonymous

    Randy’s diss of Broadway tunes is ironic since a lot of Idol alums end up performing on Broadway. Also, I remember Randy saying that one of his favorite Idol moments was Fantasia singing “Summertime’ a song from “Porgy and Bess”, a revival of which just opened recently in Broadway.

  • Anonymous

    While I am glad someone called Randy out on his foolishness, she took it a little over the top (kudos to Gangreen ).  And what took so freaking long, it’s not like this is some new thing.  Where was she when Syesha needed her?  Frankly last season there was someone far better than the women for whom Betty is having a cow over who could have used a bit of that attention.  But anyway, I get her point.

    Don’t think it was necessary to call Mariah out and she for sure didn’t originate melismatic singing either.  Maybe I should go on a bit of a twitter rant one day…..

  • Anonymous

    Picture stories aren’t comic strips. Comic strips are considered an american form of art. Most music has elements from other cultures including broadway and jazz, but hip hop, country western, blues, and ragtime are all considered unique American developed genres of music…just like jazz and broadway.

  • Mirandy

    Animation needs to be included.  The first animation that was recorded on motion picture film was created in the United States.  Before that there were experiments done with optical devices in France.  But animation was truly developed in the United States, without any reliance on old world techniques.  

  • Anonymous

    This is going to go down in history as one of the best AI related tweets ever! I could never understand why Simon put down “Broadway” and now it is being continued by Randy. The poster that said that Simon really doesn’t know shit about music is right. The folks that make it on Broadway are some of THE most talented performers around. They do it live and without auto-tune 8 shows a week–plus many of them act and dance. This Broadway thing that has been on AI has been thorn in my side for years. Thrilled that the Betty B called them on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maria Romeo

    The funniest part is ALOT of Idols end up working on broadway after idol.  

  • Anonymous

    Where was she when Simon used to trash people by saying that they were better suited for Broadway.  

    I don’t think that Randy or Steven said anything bad.  The truth is that AI is looking for commercial artists, and some Broadway actors, even though they are great singers, can’t make the transition to becoming mainstream commercial singers.  Through AI’s run people have often gotten upset with contestants who are better suited for the theater.

    Where was she when Syesha needed her?

    Syesha is a perfect example of someone who would hide behind characters, instead of just being herself and singing. She was rewarded for being one of the hardest workers of her season, but that hard work didn’t take her further, because she always acted like she was in a musical or doing an imitation. She even admitted that this is what she was doing, and that she was more comfortable acting than just singing.

  • buffynut2001

    Did anyone just tweet her and say, “What you fail to understand is that Randy is an idiot!” I really hope he is gone next year. He still does every critique with over used sound bytes!

  • Kirsten

    While I applaud Betty on her defense of Broadway singers, I think she’s way off base in some of her criticisms. It weakens her argument.

    It is Simon who has been wrongly using “Broadway” singer as a diss all these years. Randy is an idiot, but he hardly deserves this when Simon has gotten off scott free for so many years. Plus, I think Randy was reacting to the “stereo-typical bad Broadway” singer that was on display for that audition (it was like she was a joke audition – who would audition for American Idol singing a song from a musical that essentially makes fun of ridiculous musicals? In a fake accent no less?). And Broadway of singing is not what his show is for (there have been shows that were competitions to cast singers for Broadway shows). There are things like over-annunciation so you can be heard at the back of the theatre that sound a little strange in Pop/Country/Rock/etc music.

    This is far more ignorant than anything Randy said.

    Yes, that is rather jaw-dropping. Not only does it dis a great deal of American art forms, it dismisses the inputs to musical theatre by many other countries (most notably the UK – Gilbert and Sullivan anyone?).

    hip hop or rap was developed in West Africa centuries ago, country music is a derivative of folk music,

    All music evolves from other music. It is never hatched in a petri dish. Jazz and “Broadway” (Betty is both arguing it is an art from and that it is not a single definable form of art, so I’ll put it in quotes) also evolved from other forms of music. If Hip Hop and rap evolved from West Africa, so did parts of Jazz.

    The amount of musical forms that America has spawned is massive. Bluegrass, Zydeco, Country, Rock-and-Roll, Jazz, Blues, Rap, the list just goes on and on. Styles of dance, styles of visual arts, “etc etc etc” (to quote a musical). And then there are all the varied Native American art forms.

    Betty just took me completely out of her argument with that absolutely ignorant and dismissive claim.

    Again, I wish that Idol wouldn’t make Broadway sound like a bad thing. I wish that Randy wasn’t an idiot. I really enjoy musicals. I applaud her intent. But she should have taken aim at Simon and she shouldn’t have dissed all those other art forms.

  • Ryan

    i think I’ll do that right now

  • Anonymous

    who would audition for American Idol singing a song from a musical that essentially makes fun of ridiculous musicals? In a fake accent no less?). And Broadway of singing is not what his show is for 

    This says it all.  I’d add all of the affectations that the Broadway type singers seem to have when they audition.  Why would anyone think that they’d make it to the next round by doing things that take their audience out of the song.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t other singers do that Gaga,or Beyonce oh I mean Sasha Fierce?  Maybe instead of beating her up for it, they could have had her re channel that in a way that could have possibly given them the type star idol bloggers seem to think the show needs.  

  • Anonymous

    To my knowledge, Gilbert & Sullivan wrote opera/operettas. Betty B is talking about the Broadway musical. All music finds its roots somewhere else–but jazz and the Broadway musical really developed in a large part in the US.

  • Kayla

    It is Simon who has been wrongly using “Broadway” singer as a diss all these years. Randy is an idiot, but he hardly deserves this when Simon has gotten off scott free for so many years. 

    Do we know that she is actually a regular Idol watcher, or did she just catch this show/season? Or heck, maybe one of her twitter followers tweeted her about it and that’s why she watched. Maybe she doesn’t know.

  • Ronnie D

    This is just my opinion, but I think they should get rid of Randy. I don’t even see how he is relevant anymore. He always says the same things in his judging, and is usually condescending.

  • Brian Copp

    I think today’s singers don’t use enough vibrato, and they don’t control it well. It bugged the hell out of me that the judges didn’t call out Haley, Casey, or James last season for their lack of vibrato. It’s a fundamental skill that any great singer should be able to master.

    Here is a video of my favorite singer of all time (Jackie Wilson) singing one of the great Jazz standards. He makes Haley and Casey sound like amateurs.

  • larc

    I’ve never understood Randy, Simon or anybody else dissing Broadway-type music.  It’s fully as valid as any other kind, IMO.  Very many of the timeless old standards everybody knows were written for Broadway musicals.  At least most of them have obvious melodies, which is considerably more than can be said for a disappointing number of current pop songs.

  • Kirsten

    All music finds its roots somewhere else–but jazz and the Broadway musical really developed in a large part in the US.

    If you can’t count Gilbert and Sullivan as having a massive contribution to Broadway, why is Country music not American? Why are the totem poles of the Coast Salish not an American art from? (they are even more than just an art form!) Why is Rock-and-Roll not American? Why is tap dancing not American? What about movies?

    Her statement about Jazz and Broadway being the only “indigenous American art form” is dead wrong (and actually pretty Imperialistic when consider that you are dismissing the rich culture of the indigenous people of America – should certainly have picked a different word). Her claim is made all the more bizarre by her claiming that all singing is singing and all rock concerts are theatre (so is Broadway not even an art form?).

    Oh, and her rant about melisma. The AI judges have ranted about the same things.

    She should have just made her point and left out the other nonsense. She had a good point, but she got into a frothing rant and ended up being just a big an idiot as Randy.

  • CircadianDomination

    While Buckley has a point, this kind of hyperbole puts me off more than anything Randy said.

  • Anonymous

    If that was the case, then maybe her rant shouldn’t have been so vehement.  It sounds like a case of the straw breaking the camels back.

  • Whiskey

    Hail to Queen Betty Buckley. Randy is an dumb ass. He has foot and mouth syndrome. Does he even know how many Broadway fans watch Idol. Idiot.

  • Carole Sue

    Country music is American.

  • Hazehel

     Yes, that is rather jaw-dropping. Not only does it dis a great deal of American art forms, it dismisses the inputs to musical theatre by many other countries (most notably the UK – Gilbert and Sullivan anyone?). 

    Yup.  There is probably more direct influence from English operetta in Broadway musical than there are African music in hip-hop.   Everything has its origin from something else, nothing is entirely new.

    Again, I wish that Idol wouldn’t make Broadway sound like a bad thing.

    I can understand though why they said it – it’s sometimes an exaggerated form of singing (like Angie Zeideran’s performance, and I suspect what Randy meant was that it also exaggerated the vibrato), and that isn’t current in the chart, so not something they are very interested in.

  • Anonymous

    The West African origins of hip hop are greatly exaggerated.  Hip hip is uniquely American. Just because in some of it’s forms there is an element of spoken word that isn’t really the basis of hip hop.   Hip hop is just as American as “Broadway”.  The more I read her rant, the more pissed off I get……

  • Kayla

    If that was the case, then maybe her rant shouldn’t have been so vehement.  It sounds like a case of the straw breaking the camels back.

    See to me it seems just the opposite. Someone who is rightfully proud of her and her peers Broadway achievements shocked that a judge on America’s biggest singing contest with an audience of 20M would put down her life’s work so scornfully. If she’d been hearing the same thing ad nauseum for years, she’d probably be numb to it. JMO though, I could be wrong.

  • Enough already!

    Hey Dawg, when you bite someone, make sure they don’t bite you back!

  • Anonymous

    But she said constant dissing of Broadway, so it would see she has a history of watching the show.  One, imho opinion doesn’t become sick and tired instantly.  It’s obvious that she’s watched the show, how else could she say she’s never seen an idol with a theatrical voice?

    I understand the point that she makes in defending her craft, but considering the fact that very few “broadway’ singers become pop stars (many, many many have tried, Randy was sorta correct in his assessment of Angie Zeiderman.  He may be an ass, but even an ass is correct some of the time.  If idol is still searching for a pop star, then Angie was in the wrong place.  Nothing to really say there.

    I hate when people degrade Broadway style singing. I love Broadway, I live in NYC and have seen tons of shows over the course of a couple of decades, and I’ve seen a couple of idols there too, so it’s not a diss of Broadway, but saying that this type of singer isn’t exactly what they were looking for and then going off on the melismatic singing that originated in the Afircan American church……a bit too much for me.

    Just as when folk go in for a broadway casting I am sure some are told they are too pop, too ethnic, to midwestern etc, etc.  

  • Anonymous

    Not really.  America gets its most credit for jazz and the sitcom in terms of art. That’s the accepted view.  And it’s not completely off the mark.

  • Anonymous

    I think BB meant strictly musical art forms–not all art forms. You could say country music came from folk and folk had some roots from Celtic type stuff and blues. It’ is all a big circle kind of thing. Again, I think when she said that it is an American Art form like jazz–she means it developed mainly here. She did neglect to mention country and some genres, However, I get her point but maybe she could have worded it a little differently

  • Anonymous

    It can argued that hip hop started from Afrcian chants that slaves brought over to America.  It became a recognized art form in the US in the 1970s, but the pure origins lie outside the US.

  • Kayla

    Ah good points, I bet you’re right then.

  • Anonymous

    Great example, but Wilson was a traditional R&B/jazz singer.  And those don’t do well on Idol these days.

    And Wilson makes a LOT of people sound like amateurs.  Haley and Casey have no reason to feel bad about that.

  • Hazehel

    To my knowledge, Gilbert & Sullivan wrote opera/operettas. Betty B is talking about the Broadway musical.

    Have you heard Gilbert & Sullivan?     You might think of opera in term of Mozart or Verdi, but even then if you have ever watched or listened to Puccini’s work, they are not a million miles from modern musical.  Andrew Lloyd Webber even stole a bit of tune in his Phantom of the Opera from Puccini’s La Fanciulla del West.   Gilbert & Sullivan’s operettas are even closer to musical than operas. 

    Here are a couple from Gilbert & Sullivan – Three Little Maids from school –   

    A Very Model of a Modern Major General  

  • Nele621

    Interesting how many winners and finalists did some “Broadway” AFTER they went on AI. Too many to list here. Randy is insulting them by his comment.

  • Anonymous

    She sure took that a bit personally! She must not be too fun to work with. Yikes. It’s just a tv show. She gives AI too much credit. Lol..

  • koshka

    True… which why its a difficult export. 

  • koshka

    Personally I don’t care about the “true” origins of any music recently stated… however I am pleased as punch that someone gave Randy a long awaited verbal beat down that he so richly deserves!! That is the win here for me. If I have to listen to country on Idol… someone else can listen to a “broadway” singer for a change. 

  • koshka

    ” If idol is still searching for a pop star, then Angie was in the wrong place.  Nothing to really say there.”

    Country singers aren’t pop stars… and neither are rock singers. I don’t think Idol is still looking for a pop star.  

  • Tess

    Definition of art form: any activity or medium similarly regarded as a means for the expression of creative impulses or professional expertise

    Definition of medium: A specific kind of artistic technique or means of expression as determined by the materials used or the creative methods involved

    Broken down to its raw elements an art form isn’t a type of music…blues, hip hop or country, nor is it the carving of a totem pole, the drawing of cartoons.  

    Types of art forms are sonnets, poetry, moving pictures, photography, symphonies, operas and if you look up jazz it is almost always referred to as an art form.  

    And I’m not expressing any type of personal opinion…these are the definitions taken from dictionaries and research material.

    So, I think Ms. Buckley is more right than wrong.

  • Anonymous

    Totally agree! Randy and the rest of Nigel’s posse needed that smackdown.  They are arrogant – whether that arrogance comes from within or direction from Nigel, either way it is contributing to the shows lower ratings.  Yes, Simon was arrogant too, but at least he was funny and clever – at least to me.  These 3 clowns aren’t even that.

  • milwlovesadam

    I am so glad that someone finally had the chutzpah to tell them off at Idol. Yes, there is a”Broadway” style of singing a show tune. But, I agree with BB, in virtually all of her rant. How many Idol contestants have been on Broadway or in touring company’s of Broadway shows after their Idol stints? I can’t even name them all.

    Jeez, after hearing LA Reid on the XFactor literally say out loud that singing doesn’t matter in the music business anymore, and hearing what passes for music these days on the radio, and seeing the types of shows pop stars put on, it seems that in terms of “entertainment” the public does want real talent.

    Who won XFactor? A real singer. Who had the best album of the year? Adele. A real singer. Who puts on theatrical shows? Gaga, Perry, Spears, and my bestie, Adam. Glam Nation was uber theatrical and uber fantastic!!

    I hope Randy gets this message. Most people like a great singing voice and great talent, I’m not paying any money for a bad singing voice and someone who has no stage presence.

  • Anonymous

    Yep.. Randy is stoopid.. lol

  • Sassycatz

    Country music is American.

    Exactly! Nobody else likes it. ;-)

  • Anonymous

    This was so epic. Its about time Idol was taken to task for using “broadway” to singers down. And someone with broadway cred too!

  • Anonymous

    Remind me not to tick off Betty Buckley.  But good for her:  Randy is not exactly the arbiter of good taste in music, dawg.

  • connie0128

    Well, Adam Lambert was dissed by Simon for being too theatrical and we all know how that turned out. (Can you say Pop singer, Randy?) And many of these AI auditioners come from high school musicals and community theatre. Doesn’t mean they can’t be good singing something else. Find another way to reject those bad ones, guys.

  • tinawina

    She had a point but honestly I found that damn near dissertation she wrote irritating. Something about the tone of it was off putting. But at least she got her point across to the right people.

  • sdmama

    Here we go. We found the person we should replace Randy with. ;)

  • Kesia Monteith

    Thank you so much for that video. Hmmmm…*dreaming*

  • Good Vibes

    I have news..there is no bigger hotbed of vocal talent than on Broadway. You have to sing LIVE, no autotune, no studio tricks. The average working Broadway singer could sing most pop stars as well as idol contestants under the table.

  • Reflections On Life

    Betty Buckley watches American Idol?  Right on!

    FWIW I floved Eight is Enough!

  • swansteel

    Randy is a dope.  Everything he says annoys me these days. 

  • Mieps

    Well, I like that song about trucks getting stuck in the mud. That was pretty hilarious. Does anyone know how it’s called?Was it Kirsten who posted it last time?

  • TFLS

    Next to jazz, Broadway is the only indigenous Amer. art form

    This is far more ignorant than anything Randy said.

    Sorry gangreen29 – but Ms. Buckley is right.  Both Musical Theatre and Jazz ARE considered to be indigenous American music forms.  There’s perhaps a point to be made that Gilbert and Sullivan fathered modern Musical Theatre (no longer strictly Opera – but not exactly Oklahoma! either)….but it was here in America that all that flourished.  And she’s right to call Randy on his attitude.  Singing IS singing.  Vibrato has nothing to do with genre.  Simon used to set my teeth on edge with his anti-Broadway attitude.  What I think he actually meant was he thought the singer was too gay (Adam Lambert?).  It was a double diss.  And now Randy does it (with a nonsensical assist from Steven Tyler).

    So I say Bravo Betty Buckley!  And she got Lithgow to reply.  Maybe he can put the kibosh on Randy’s constant anti-theatre carping.  I for one am sick of hearing it.

  • Lynda Hanson Beaugez

    WTG Betty!  Love her!  I don’t blame Nigel, as it was Randy’s ignorant comment. 
    Idol sure could use a Betty Buckley as a judge!!!

  • Anonymous

    And many of these AI auditioners come from high school musicals and community theatre. Doesn’t mean they can’t be good singing something else.

    I don’t know if people realize how many past contestants had their start in musical theatre. Kelly Clarkson did musicals in high school. David Cook did the same and was good enough to get a scholarship and he began his college career pursuing a degree in musical theatre.

    When is the last time Stephen and Randy have attended popular Broadway musicals?

    Many of the modern musicals lean more pop/rock. Rock musicals have been popular for years: Hair, Rent, Tommy, Little Shop of Horrors, Chess, Aida, Rock of Ages, American Idiot, The Wedding Singer, Spring Awakening, Spider-Man, and Next to Normal. Some musicals have R&B influences: Dreamgirls, Raisin, and The Wiz. Then there are the jukebox musicals: The Buddy Holly Story, Grease, Mamma Mia, Memphis, and The Jersey Boys.

    Maybe Stephen and Randy should attend some of these musicals and see how Broadway has progressed over the years and what type of singers these musicals have to have on their stage!

  • Anonymous

    What??  Randy say something stupid?  Huh??

  • Anonymous

    This was on TWITTER?!  What the HECK?  hahaha, She needs to start a blog or something pronto.

  • Anonymous

    I think I love twitter. Imagine life b4. 

  • Anonymous


    Sorry gangreen29 (and others) – but Ms. Buckley is right.  Both Musical
    Theatre and Jazz ARE considered to be indigenous American music forms

    Um, my point wasn’t that Musical Theatre and Jazz aren’t indigenous American art forms, it is that they aren’t the only ones…

  • Anonymous

    I’m all for someone dressing down Randy, especially someone well-respected.  I just wish she had done it a little more eloquently.

  • Miz

    Well that was fun. Kudos to Betty for her rant.

    Randy is a parrot. I doubt he has an original thought in his head. He is still parroting Simon 2 years after he left the show.

    I have never understood the dissing of Broadway on Idol. I always felt they had never been to any Broadway plays, which are not always musical theatre. The musical theatre isn’t even always over the top singing.

    I had the evidently unique pleasure of seeing Miss Buckley in a one woman play off off Broadway … as in a small theatre in Los Angeles. I can find no record of this online, but I’m pretty sure it was an adaptation of the book ‘I’m Dancing As Fast As I Can’. 

    She was beyond fantastic. I had no clue at the time of her abilities or roles other than her role on ‘Eight Is Enough’.

    Fun fact – While in line I was ranting about how much I abhorred Neil Simon. THe woman in front of us turned around laughing hysterically and agreed with me. She was Marsha Mason. They were divorced shortly after that. 

    Ahhh, ‘Memories’ :)

  • Anonymous

    I agree with Betty. Broadway singers nowadays have to be able to sing many different styles – country, pop, r&B and shows that represent the songbooks of icons (Elvis Presley, the Beatles) . . .and they usually are the best singers out there. Betty Buckley has one of the best voices out there.

  • indigo

    To be exact(I think) “you are theatrical and therefor not current”to Adam Lambert, Simon said often “Broadway” in a put down way. Randy is trying to sound intelligent and smart and in the process getting his ass bitten, DAWG.

  • Kariann Hart

    Bravo Betty!  I loved reading all she wrote!  It is about time American Idol judges learn and share information about the singers with us.  Show that they really know music.  Besides Randy, Simon would say that too.  I hope Nigel sets the record straight. 

    As a viewer, I want to enjoy the performances as well as learn a thing or two.  That’s why I enjoyed Ben Folds’ comments.  He was interesting.  Randy is a bore.

    Broadway is a place, not a style.