Bengals American Idol Tour 2009 Rosemont, Il Recap

Hi All! I’ve been lurking here since April when I went in search of more Adam information (he had me at “Mama”!). I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the people and comments here and thank everyone for the (way too many) hours of entertainment with my new hobby.

My background ‘“ I am a 40 something, married, professional who has watched all the seasons of Idol but never attended a concert. I talked a friend into going to the show at the last minute (I’m also going to Grand Rapids so this was a bonus show). We bought tickets at 2:00 on the day of the show and got second row tickets in the “pod” to the right of the stage. If you’re still looking for tickets, I highly recommend that side of the stadium as the performers do seem to favor that side (the right of the stage from the audience perspective). My friend is not as into Idol as I am so I’ll include some of her fresh perspective too.

General observations:

– The videos at the beginning and intermission were not as annoying as I thought they would be.

– I didn’t notice Bandzilla issues at all; in fact I barely noticed the back-up singers and they were right in front of me.

– An older crowd than I expected, probably 30’s and up. Not nearly as many screaming teens as I thought ‘“ we didn’t even use the ear plugs we brought.

– Not many people dressed in contestant colors. I only saw one woman covered in glitter.

– Our section was standing and dancing from the minute Sarver started.

– Considering how close we were, I expected more eye contact from the performers. We got a little of that from Adam and Matt but everyone else wanted to look over our heads.

– No helium effect for either of us

Since I’m a finance person, I’m going to rate each person on dollar signs. This is not how well they will do in the future or how much money I think they will make, just how much of my money I’d personally be willing to spend on them (a $ to $$$$$ scale).

Michael ‘“ He did a great job opening the show. He was a better singer and better-looking in person than I expected. My friend agreed. My rating – $ (just not my style)

Megan ‘“ Megan’s son was at the show and she was completely focused on him during her performances. I thought she struggled to hit some of her notes. My friend said that she seemed like she didn’t even want to be there. I loved her shoes though ‘“ they have rhinestones down the heel which I haven’t seen mentioned yet. She had the afro hair and the fro-hawk during the group song. My rating – $$ (only if she does something closer to her auditions when I liked her a lot)

Scott ‘“ Great performance but he didn’t hold my attention during his set. His jokes weren’t as bad as I thought considering I had heard about them already. I did like his jacket! My rating – $$ (I do like Billy Joel, so he could eventually win me over)

Anoop ‘“ Good performer but his first two songs were too slow and, again, I lost interest. Purple shoes tonight and he looked very thin in person. My rating – $$

Lil ‘“ Her singing and dancing were definitely entertaining. I loved her bling, especially the shoes which I saw someone tweeted about last night too. My rating – $ (why not just buy Mary J or Beyonce)

Matt ‘“ I wasn’t as impressed with Matt as others have been, but that could be that my expectations were set too high. He’s extremely talented and I really enjoyed watching him play the piano (I couldn’t see Scott from where I sat so can’t compare that aspect). He did have some great energy and the crowd was into him. The girls in front of me held up a sign asking him to marry them. He saw it and smiled at them! My rating – $$$

Allison ‘“ She rocked tonight! She looked great and sounded awesome, even if I couldn’t always understand her. I saw a comment about her hair but there is still pink and purple in her there. My friend thought she was great too. My rating – $$$$ (may not see her in concert again but will buy some songs)

Danny ‘“ He was much better than I thought he’d be. His speaking voice sounded scratchy, so I was concerned he may be sick, but I think that is his normal voice. He looked great too, also thinner in person. As a non-churchgoer, I was dreading the preaching but that wasn’t bad either. It was short and heart-felt. Someone threw a stuffed, red heart on stage and he picked it up and thanked them. My rating – $$$ (but lower if he stays country)

Adam ‘“ WOW!! Whatever vocal issues Adam may have had, they are gone! He sounded great and went for all the high notes and crazy runs (check out how he sings “flower” during Let’s Dance; don’t know if that’s new). He had emo hair (didn’t see the blue or green anymore) and sang “woman” (both my favorites)! I loved the jacket even more in person. My friend had a raised eyebrow or two at his dancing ‘“ but not in a bad way! He came in front of us at least three times. I really wanted to see his eyes. The first time his hair was in his eyes but the second time I got a better look and they are gorgeous. There was a beach ball during SL which some commented was silly but when Allison hit it (it came to her first and she hit it with her hand), Adam thought that was really funny (see Mindchnger’s video around 1:18). He kicked it when it came back again. I saw the boa which Adam just picked up and threw back, no playing with it. My friend really liked him too and promised she would go with me to his solo concert! One more convert’ ¦ My rating ‘“ $$$$$ (I’ll probably spend way too much on the Adam Lambert Pretty House Fund mentioned recently here)

P.S. I just want to thank Mindchnger for the AMAZING videos of Adam!

Kris ‘“ He is adorable and very talented. I really like his version of Heartless, especially since I don’t like Kanye and like that Kris did that song better than he did IMO. I didn’t mind the curtain while it was up, but it was only for two songs and then it just dropped. Since it was right in front of us, it was very distracting watching them pull it off the stage. My rating – $$$ (I like Kris, he’s just not my style of music)

Overall, my friend and I really enjoyed everyone and agree it was worth the splurge to go. Unfortunately, even with a decent camera and a great vantage point, I don’t have pictures worth sharing (although the constant fog/haze in the arena didn’t help, yeah, it’s the fog’s fault, not mine). I was trying to be in the moment and not live through a camera lens, so didn’t take many photos to start and it’s disappointing they didn’t turn out well. If I learn how to use a camera by Sunday, I’ll post some photos after that concert.

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  • AnninSD

    Great recap – I love Adam too!
    and I agree – thank you Mindchnger for the vids!
    Great quality and early in the AM so I could view prior to coming into work – yes I was on the the Blog at 6:00 PST – oh yeah and I’m at work right now reading more recaps! – What’s work again?
    Anyway – great observations!

  • becausehelives

    thanks 4 the review. u are generous since u are willingly to spend $ on all of them . also lol at people who were actually at the concert who can’t wait to get back and watch the utube videos as well with the rest of us. it’s like even after seeing it live u still can’t get enough.

  • roquemocan

    Yay for the positive Allison (and Adam, of course) review! (lately Allison has not been receiving much love from reviewers…)

  • Squirrely

    Adam = CHA CHING!

    Always on the money ;p

    Thank you for the recap

  • 10DogMom

    SEE YOU SUNDAY! I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cheetara86

    yay for the adam/allison love..

    roque, allison has been getting a lot of love…well better then what Kris and the others are getting

  • yinyang

    Thanks for sharing your recap. Some interesting comments, (like regarding eye contact from the performers), and I’m glad that there was no helium effect, and that Bandzilla behaved. :)

    It sounds like you had a great time, and I look forward to hearing what you think of your second concert this weekend.

  • retjenny

    Loved your rating system!!!

  • adamland

    Good recap, great on scoring the tickets at the last minute and for sharing the love and the up close views. Have fun Sunday!

  • monte

    Great recap,

    I was one of those who didn’t give Allison a good review. I was really excited to see her in concert but I felt the music was too loud and she was shouting. She also didn’t connect much with the audience and wasn’t singing all the words to the songs.

    I also was pleasantly surprised with Danny. I thought his two Rascal Flatts songs were the best of his set and I can definately see him doing well with cross-over country.

  • ivyrae

    Great re-cap. I was at the Auburn Hills show I will be at the show in Grand Rapids. I am driving over 2 hours to get there and meeting up with some others from this site. I was able to get a 2nd row seat. If you want to meet up with us after the show we can coordinate. ivyrae09 on u-tube.
    It is going to great!!!

  • Cheetara86

    see, I guess that is where we differ monte, I thought allison had great stage presence and was the only idol to actually work the entire stage..

    but, everyone has an opinion :))

  • luvadamlambert

    Thnx 4 the recap.liked the ratings:)

  • Cheetara86

    did like measuring them by dollar signs haha

  • Animated

    Thanks for the recap. Fun read.
    Dollar rating makes a lot of sense. This is how 19E would evaluate these kids- return of investment . Those in the higher scale got signed first.
    But hey, we made a tally and a total of 36 reservations for Adam’s new album were already made by a close circle of friends . Keep the music coming.
    This keeps the economy going in a way.
    Thanks again Bengals.

  • CindyM

    Thanks for the recap. I love Adam and had the same reaction to him in concert. Those videos by Mindchnger showed me you guys got a great show!

  • cher

    Hi great recap. lol at the dollar ratings. I’ll be contributing plenty to the Adam pretty house fund. You guys are too funny sometimes. More recaps please. Not enough..:(

  • GeminiDolly

    That was cute, rating them with $ signs.

  • cjinsd

    Terrific review! Sounds like Adam was in great form. Makes me almost sorry I left Chicago in March. I would have had a job and, therefore, money for the show. Oh well, there’s always his solo tour…

  • roquemocan

    Hi Monte! Allison sometimes seems to spazz out when performing, like she is in a trance – and when that happens, she might not be looking at the audience… she has stated that sometimes she doesn’t remember what has happened. Hope she can vary (like Adam) the kind of songs in her debut album, to show her mellow side too – like she did in the show. And hopefully she can regain your love in the future!

  • Susan M.

    Hi Bengal! So glad you came out of lurkdom for this review! Loved it. You sound like you had a shoe-level view. I’m loving all these professional perspectives. We do have a broad little community on this blog. You’re very right about not experiencing Adam through a camera lens if you can help it (thanks mindchnger!!).

    I too can’t wait to contribute to the Adam Lambert Pretty House Fund.

    Your recap = $$$$$

  • justjude

    Good read Bengal. I, too, delurked late spring to something I’ve never done before…became a fan!!What a ride. Adam is my reason to entering the strange world of fandom, or JME! I, also, love Allison and glad to hear something positive this week for her. She has mega talent
    but I understand she does not sleep well and her exhaustion is showing in her performance and on her face. I don’t think there are any 2 day off stops to catch up on sleep and rest the voice. And, of course, her enunciation will improve with braces off!
    I love that you have already paid for the pretty driveway to the pretty house.LOL!I will probably $$$$ to all of Kradison and maybe $$$ for Matty G….Egad you two had a fantastic time….MmmmmAdam up close!!!
    Lucky Tards :!: :???:

  • PRMari

    I don’t think there are any 2 day off stops to catch up on sleep and rest the voice. And, of course, her enunciation will improve with braces off!

    I know, poor thing hasn’t had a day off in weeks. Every day off she spends it recording. It’s the end of the tour, she’s exhausted.

  • mr

    Thanks for the recap- but who’s mindchanger and where do I see his/her videos??

  • Bengal

    Thanks for all the comments!

    mr – If I did this right, you can click on the Mad World video below and then see the other videos by clicking on “more from: Mindchnger”


    NO VIDEOS????? or Mad World or Mindchnger??? Please try again!! :0)

  • Bengal

    Trying again, I’m new to this:

  • ShariG

    Thanks for the recap. I was probably just opposite you on the left pod as you face the stage and thought those seats were great, too. We got lots of up close and personal with most of the performers. For my money, I would take Kris any day of the week. Loved every minute of his set. I enjoyed them all but thought Michael, Anoop, Matt were really good in the first act, some better than I expected, and the entire second act was in a class of its own.