TEASER: Carrie Underwood’s “Waiting All Day For Sunday Night” (NBC Football Night In America Theme)

Carrie poses with Cris Collinsworth & Al Michaels at the video shoot for the NBC Sunday Night Football opening

Back in May, NBC Sports announced that Carrie Underwood would succeed fellow country superstar Faith Hill as the performer of the theme song for NBC’s Football Night In America, “Waiting All Day For Sunday Night” (which is a reworking of Joan Jett’s“I Hate Myself For Loving You.” Now, after Carrie’s new opening was teased at the NBC Sports presentation at the ongoing Television Critics Association press tour, you can check out an audio clip of her version.

The clip isn’t super HQ, but seems a little more guitar-heavy than Faith Hill’s version with some tweaks of melody and lyrics while Carrie lets loose vocally.

Are YOU ready for some football? The season is a little over a month away!Carrie’s version of “Waiting All Day For Sunday Night” set to premiere on September 8 to introduce the game between the New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys.

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  • justmefornow

    Really? This sounds pretty much like the old theme. If they were going to the trouble to change the singer, why go to another country one? They should have gone at least in a different genre direction.

  • windmills

    There appear to be clear differences in melody, arrangement, and lyrics based on the clip, but we’ll see. As far as why NBC Sports went with Carrie, here’s the answer from Sunday Night Football producer Fred Gaudelli via Entertainment Weekly:

    Talking with EW today, Sunday Night Football producer Fred Gaudelli says that Underwood was an obvious choice. “Carrie appeals to both men and women,” Gaudelli said. “Obviously we’re the number one rated show on television. We’re number one in the men demographic but we’re number two in the female demographic. Just as Faith was, Carrie comes with a sterling reputation and is just very, very likable. The important things are she’s a dynamic performer that sells a ton of records and generates a ton of publicity, all of it positive. She’s a great, great performer….One of the other things is we consider Sunday Night Football family viewing and I think she’s got that All-American Girl persona. What’s that [lyric]? ‘Wonderful, beautiful perfect all-American girl.’ That’s her.”

    Honestly, this whole thing is just a fun thing to help hype the game. It’s kind of funny to see it treated as such a big thing, but as Gaudelli said, it’s a vehicle for additional positive press for Sunday Night Football and Carrie’s the obvious fit for their viewing demographic.

  • justmefornow

    Since I’m no country fan, I’ll defer to your more attuned ears with regards to the differences, lol.
    I’ll also agree Carrie probably does appeal to the all american, apple pie, football loving demo. But it’s all too vanilla for me.
    To each their own, though.

  • thomas

    yes to each his own….. Perfect person to ask…

  • Nostradamos

    I guess I’ll just use the mute button….

  • emlz

    It sounds a little different to me, but from the snippet, it sounds more similar to Faith’s version as the song progresses. Not bad, and it certainly won’t take more time getting used to than as it did after Hank Williams Jr.’s MNF theme. In any case, I’m ready for football to start…even preseason, so I can’t say I’m too disappointed (or that this concerns me too much)!

  • waynestrong

    I like Faith Hill’s better.

  • Joob

    Love, love , love this!!!!

  • ny4carrie

    I love it! Carrie really rocks out on this version. I liked Faith’s version too, but it was a bit dull compared to Carrie’s version. Carrie brings new life to the song!

  • ny4carrie

    Faith is a great vocalist and I do like her version, but I feel that Carrie’s version has more spunk and more life to it. Plus we only got to hear a small snippet of it.

  • cerise

    I agree, based on the clip, there’s more energy in Carrie’s version.

  • Joob

    Exactly. I love the rock edge Carrie brings to it. People are gonna love it. Plus, I hear she shows off plenty of leg. lol

  • thedeviledadvocate

    Faith’s version was like a boilermaker. Full of grit, and kick your bottom.

    Carrie’s version is like a Shirley Temple. Sweet, syrupy, and sounds like a little girl.