Anoop Desai – “OoWee” – Download it Now

Anoop Desai is leaking a new song from his upcoming album Zero.0 every Wednesday until it’s release on March 23.

Today’s tune is the infectious dance tune “OoWee”, produced by Wonderberg.  Listen to the track after the jump. You can download it for FREE at

Zero.0 will be available to download for FREE on March 23 on his official website and

And if you want to help Anoop fund his endeavors, you can contribute at!
Audio after the JUMP… MP3 Exclusive: Anoop Desai, “OoWee” by Wetpaint

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  • just missed the train

    oooooooo WEEEEEE! that’s hot

  • LoveDaRocker

    Liked Anoop during S8. I question the image he portraits. Its like a nice-nerdy guy who wants to be Usher and look like a d-bag. Don’t get it.

  • emmuzka

    Very top 40, very polished, very produced. Too produced, imho. There’s no character left in his voice.

  • yummmybanana

    I think it sounds great!

  • lakers24

    Love this song! It’s very cute and catchy.

  • dflowers

    Very radio friendly. A little too juvenile for my taste, but I hope it does well for him.

  • girlygirl

    Has Anoop gotten any radio airplay for any of the song he’s released yet? I’ve never heard any of them on the radio out here in L.A.

  • tierbee

    I was prepared to not like this song (the title, I guess?) but I was having a craptastic morning, put this on, and was feeling like dancing around the house haha. It’s very catchy.

    Has Anoop gotten any radio airplay for any of the song he’s released yet?

    Don’t think so. Not easy getting radio play when you’re an indie artist :(

  • hoosiermama

    I’m going to download this. It will make a great walking song. And the Ooooweee just makes me smile! I’m proud of Anoop for working so hard to makes his dreams come true—good job!

  • yf7184

    This was a great running song yesterday afternoon.
    @girlygirl – His “All is Fair (Crazy Love) got some radio plays at a few stations last fall. One here in Louisiana played A LOT (like 30+ plays/week) for a few months. He also got played somewhat frequently at a station in Savannah GA. But that was when he was actively visiting radio stations to promote airplays. It hasn’t been played on radio at all since winter.

  • luvadamlambert

    Haha soooo true lovedarocker