Angie Miller – You Set Me Free – Full Version (VIDEO)

American Idol Top 40 contestant, Angela Miller, wowed the judges with a performance of her original song “Set Me Free.”

Here, she sings the tune with Jonathan Miller (her brother, I’m assuming) in a venue that looks like a church.

Although the 18 year old singer instroduced the song vaguely, describing it as about being “set free from baggage,” it’s obvious the song is about Jesus.

There are more pre-Idol videos at Sir Mac’s Top 40 preview for Angie. Click Here.

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I wonder, will Angela unabashedly present herself on Idol as a proud Christian artist, the way Colton Dixon did last year, or will she be less forthcoming in order to foster cross over appeal? Interesting.

Check it out here.

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  • jpfan2

    Angela has a great voice. I think she can do very well with good song choices. If she goes too white bread (Celine Dion etc.), that would be bad. The Christian angle isn’t a problem unless she feels she has to always do “positive” music, etc. Then it might be a turn off for me.

  • merkureye

    Regarding MJ’s last question, it’s my guess Angela Miller will just live her values like Carrie Underwood and stick to the task at hand during the competition.  She wants to win.  That’s how Carrie approached S4.

    According to published stories I have found, Angela was offered at least 3 musical scholarships to universities right out of high school but she turned them all down because she knew she was going to try-out for Idol.  She apparently has been an AI fan for years and has been planning for this moment.  This is fantastic news since she knows how to play the game.  IMO she will be coy about anything that would be distracting for the next few months.

    Like Carrie though, she will not deny her faith either.  However I don’t think she will let it become the focus and it shouldn’t.  I’m almost positive she wants to do the Pop Star deal a la Kelly Clarkson, Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift as her online videos suggest. 

    By the way, that cover of The Civil Wars’ Poison and Wine was beautiful.

  • calliebeckett

    Jork once mentioned that in her youtube vids, she’s been preparing for idol in  terms of the covers she’s been doing. 

    I think she would do equally well and maybe even better in The Voice.

  • Kevin

    I tried to root for her to win because she has some star potential and she’s very likable but I feel like her singing isn’t up to par in comparison to some of the all time greats of American Idol. I keep trying to get into her performances but the vocals keeps holding me back. I just can’t get fully into it. I think it’s about her vocal style more than anything. However, I do believe as of right now, Angela Miller and Janelle Arthur are the top 2 girls in the competition. But based on vocals and what American Idol is all about, I do think Janelle has the upper hand but we’ll see. Maybe someone will come out of nowhere and become the frontrunner like Pia Toscano did. 

  • forwarddad

    Why on earth would she turn down multiple scholarships? I am less impressed with her. I feel she is very contrived .

  • merkureye

    Angela Miller covering Bonnie Raitt’s I Can’t Make You Love Me.

  • girlygirltoo

    I guess if Idol doesn’t work out the way she hopes she can always try to get another music scholarship. :)

    She’s good, but I’m not wowed by her. I don’t see her as being the obvious frontrunner among the girls.


  • merkureye

    I don’t think Angela is worried about getting another scholarship.  With only what she has shown so far on AI with the publicity and all, she would, again have multiple offers probably from more prominent schools.  No doubt about it.  She will be just fine either way.

  • Jake W.

    Amazing. I need this song on my ipod. As far as artistry, I see her as someone making music very similar to Christina Perri.

  • Leandro

    She knows how to play the game just like Colton Dixon always said he knew because he watched carefully every season, but he finished in 7th place. 

    BTW, it seems that she has a strong connection with Colton Dixon. Someone said on the recaps that Colton’s best friend is dating her for a while.

    I’m just guessing, but she’ll be totally Colton Dixon 2.0. She resembles totally him. She even has his legs.

  • H.A.

    I can’t believe she turned down 3 scholarships to try out for Idol. She must think she’s got this in the bag. Although if she works the whole Christian thing she may have a shot. I find her kind of generic to be honest.

  • justmefornow

    I see the similarities with Colton as well. But I’ll give her this, her voice is much more powerful and less nasally, which is good.
    But she’s generic, like vanilla ice cream. Good but not great.

  • Leandro

    oh, her voice is much more powerful and effortless than Colton’s voice, for sure. By the way she sings, she probably had some classical training already.

  • jammasta

    I love Angela, but I’m a little scared of the Colton comparisons because I don’t find Colton very likable at all and I so far don’t see anything wrong with Angela. Turning down music scholarships for Idol seems a bit weird, but eh whatever.

    I’m also not a fan of Christian music in general, but so far I do see Angela as one of the front runners. She’s my favorite girl right now. I’d be kinda turned off if she were really…. like, God this, God that, God everywhere. So I hope she doesn’t go that route. *coughjermainesellerscough*.

    …She’s the contestant who had the hearing loss, right?

  • durbesque

    You were kind in your critique.  I checked out her clips and didn’t like her high piercing voice at all.  She yells the highest notes with sudden jarring attacks.  Her piano playing is nice but leagues below Colton’s.  I’ll check out Janelle.     

  • Wally.

    Who says she thinks she has this in the bag just because she turned down a few music scholarships? Maybe she knows that Idol is great exposure for her music career then a scholarship.   Ever thought of that? Just maybe.

  • Aakash Mansukhani

    Idk, I get a winning vibe from her. The idol audience does cater more towards WGWG’s but like I actually got a Kelly Clarkson type feeling when she sang that song. If she plays the game right and sticks to her guns she should make it to the finale. 

  • Karen C

    The other thing is that maybe the schools that had the music scholarships taught classical music, and if she wants to be in popular music, that kind of scholarship wouldn’t help as much, if she wants a record deal.

  • merkureye

    Are we talking about the same Angela?  The one on AI?  Those legs of Angela’s are definitely NOT Colton Dixon legs. No Sir-ee Bob :)

  • Kariann Hart

    I have mostly positive feelings about Angela.  I think she will be very marketable and a possible star.  She has this appeal about her that sends good vibes.  I hope she will follow along Carrie’s path and not be too outspoken about her religion.

  • sporkle

    Perhaps they weren’t scholarships at the schools she wanted to go, or maybe they weren’t significant enough for her to be persuasive. Maybe money is not a significant issue for her when it comes to schooling. Maybe she wanted to wait a year for college to pursue a solo career (especially given her strong youtube following) and AI was just one of the things she wanted to do in that time.

    I don’t think she’s naive enough to think that she has AI in the bag, but she also seems like a smart girl with her head on her shoulders not to turn down a major opportunity if it came her way. It’s hard to make a judgment based on one piece of vague hearsay. 

  • Miz

    Maybe she can say this is a devil worship song and then she will be more acceptable to some. Or maybe she could say it’s about her pimp or drug dealer or first sexual encounter with your gender of choice.

    There have been many Idol contenders who have sung in church prior to and even following Idol. I don’t know that this is a problem. Heck half my family toured Europe and sang for the Pope and not a single one of them could even remotely be classified as ‘Christian singers’.

  • upsidedawn

    Is it actually known that Angela is more religious than most AI participants?

    It seems to me that most of the people who participate as contestants on AI are religious to some extent, at least nominally, although a couple are more outspoken and demonstrative about it. No value judgement here–whatever floats your boat. Of course, I wish a contestant were able to be honest about being Atheist or agnostic, but I would imagine they wouldn’t last long.Believe it or not, the opposite of “Christian” or “religious” isn’t a drug-using prostitute devil worshiper, lol.

  • Valarie

    Has Angela even m

  • fuzzywuzzy

    That’s one of my favorite songs, but oddly, I wasn’t touched at all by Angela’s rendition. She sang and played well, but for me, there was no emotional connection.

  • upsidedawn

    Thanks.  I admit that I haven’t watched most seasons, so I wasn’t aware someone (David Cook) had actually publically acknowledged being agnostic while being a contestant on the show. And he actually won in spite of that–interesting.

    Never assume, upsidedawn.

  • Valarie

    There are very few opportunities for young singers to hone their craft. Programs for the arts art non-existant in many public schools. Community theatre casts are usually filled with kids who learned to sing in church, or whose patents could afford private vocal instruction. Their are a fee l That is why so most Idol contestants come up through the church or temple.

  • MellyPer1692

    Lol. So non-religious means devil worshipping, prostitution or drug dealing?? WOW.

  • kayd23

    Angela has a great voice.

  • Miz

    That’s not what I said at all. I was pointing out how biased and ridiculous it is to discount a person because they happen to belong to a particular faith. It seems like it’s ok to be hateful towards people who identify as Christians, but any other presumed class is somehow off limits and by default better.


  • upsidedawn

    Huh.  I hadn’t noticed any hateful comments in this comments section about that.

  • wordnerdarchie

    I see it happen a lot.  Christians seem to be fair game, probably because one of their tenets is to speak about their faith.  That’s part of their religion… to believe and spread the word.  It seems to turn a lot of people off. 

    As for David Cook, yes there was a post on an old blog from when he was in college I believe, that he mentioned he was agnostic.   I don’t know how widespread that information was.  I don’t think he ever said it in an interview during Idol.  But beliefs are ever changing with life’s experiences.  His current view might be a bit more murky and I quote: “”I don’t know what’s going on.  I think something exists.  There’s no way all this is just to chance.  I would consider myself spiritual.”
    6/7/2011 David Cook with Race Taylor of PLJ

    There’s a lot that goes into voting for someone on American Idol.  If it’s the whole package thing and not just singing, things like looks, performance style, personality, and cultural background (including religion) all have a bearing on to how appealing they might be to a person.  People vote for what they like or are comfortable with, so if one is not comfortable with religion for ex., contestants  that mention it a lot might not be high on one’s list.  Colton knew he was heading back to Christian music, so he talked about it a lot to solidify that base.  If Angie does the same, I think that will give us a pretty strong indication what her musical direction will be after Idol.

  • Incipit

     …to discount a person because they happen to belong to a particular faith.

    Or, because they happen NOT to belong to a particular faith, or subset of that faith? That would be not cool, IF that were what was happening, Miz. Respectfully, I do not think it is, I don’t see this “hateful” content – and I also do not think your postulating a false dichotomy made anything clearer, for the sake of discussion. IMO.

    For the sake of discussion, my observation is a contestant’s spiritual beliefs don’t come up on this show unless the contestant chooses to mention them, whatever they are…or make their music all about these specific things.  Which then opens them up to whatever societal or musical bias exists in their listeners…just as a bias can and does exist against hip hop and rap – or against Diva voices, or against ballads, or rock – or any music. Christian pop music is certainly not immune from being measured by people’s tastes.

    It’s up to the contestant how they answer the generic questions that are supposed to give us insight by contrast – but if some are asked what they do before going on stage and chose to answer “I say a little prayer”, or something religiously connected, NBD. If some do not, equally, NBD, IMO.

    But some contestants choose to be “like, God this, God that, God everywhere. So I hope she doesn’t go that route. *coughjermainesellerscough*. “ – jammasta  – and they ‘may’ be so sincere – but others see it as if (she) works the whole Christian thing. – H.A.

    And Colton is just the latest Idol example…so he is convenient shorthand, I think. But Angela has shown no signs of being pretentious, and she can sing, so far as we have seen; her singing has some uneven features, still, it’s pretty good, all told. So IDK what Angela will choose – if she ultimately goes the ‘praise and worship’
    route, I am personally not interested in the words and
    music that produces. Nothing against any subset of any religion – just personal preference in music. And JMO. Of Course.

  • merkureye

    As much as I like Angela, there is a long way to go.  I believe the schedule in Las Vegas is 10 boys Wed. – 10 girls Thurs. and then again the following week with the second set of 10 guys/girls.  So it is two weeks before we even get to the top 20.  I would bet that Angela will not appear this week but rather the following week.

    Then, the 3rd week it will be top 10 boys Wed. and top 10 girls Thurs. for selection of final 10 for live shows.  The aspect of performing before a theater audience during the auditions brings a new dimension to the competion. . . . more pressure.  Nail-biting time. 

  • mjsbigblog


    Could we NOT question the motives of posters or put words in their mouths? Besides being rude, it starts arguments. 

    You all know that’s the #1 rule around here, so why do I have to continually mod for it?

  • Cindy

    Angela is so talented.  I sure hope she keeps her momentum going!!