America’s Got Talent – You Tube Results & Wild Card Picks.

America’s Got Talent results and Wild Card list

Four acts from last night’s  America’s Got Talent’s Performance Show are set to advance to the AGT semi-final round. Also, the 12 Wild Cards who will compete next week for a last shot to compete were revealed in tonight’s results show.

Gymkana and Powerhouse take the stage. Gymkana advances.
TNC Elite, Matt Wilhelm and Aeon are next. Matt Wilhelm advances.
Brett Daniels, Breena Bell, Kevin Colis and Kalani take the stage. Kevin Colis advances.

West Springfield Dance Team, Gabe Rocks and Beth Ann Robinson are up for Judges Choice. The bulldog is eliminated. Piers votes for Beth, Sharon votes for West Springfield and Howie breaks the tie–he votes for Beth.

Advancing to the semi finals:

America Votes:
Gymkana – Gymnists
Matt Wilhelm – Blacklight BMX
Kevin Colis – White guy with guitar

Judges Choice:
Beth Ann Robinson – Tween Dancer

Wild Cards: (Will compete next week)

West Springfield Dance Team
Landon Swank
The Kinetic King
Summerwind Skippers
Charles Peachock
Yellow Design Stunt Team
J. Chris Newberg
Those Funny Little People
Seth Grabel
The Fiddleheads
Avery and the Calico Hearts

Source: Zap2it

Once again, I suck at picking the winners. I would have preferred with West Springfield Dancers over the Beth Ann (she’s too young),  and Kevin the WGWG was weak sauce. I would have preferred the show choir, Powerhouse, or even the dog for yucks. Gymkana and Matt Wilhelm are good choices.

Some of those names on the Wild Card list are completely unfamiliar…I don’t think Sheyonne has competed live yet. Nice that they gave Kinetic King another chance after his card trick bombed.  The Fiddleheads, the pop bluegrass band, were entertaining, I’m glad we’ll see them again.

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  • desiree_chick

    What the hell happened to Desmond Meeks!? Why didn’t he get picked for wildcard, he was very entertaining. Whatever, screw this show, these judges wouldn’t know talent if they would even smell it. This show is just so silly.

  • Sq

    Wow – this season never ends…. Unless the acts can change it up a lot the “race to the finish” is going to be soooooo slow. So far very very few acts are worth sitting through the 2 hr show. Without MJ I’d likely miss the entire rest of the season!

  • Grammie Kari

    The West Springfield Dancers and Powerhouse were two acts I enjoyed. They didn’t make it. This show should be repeated on Monday. I wantched the SYTYCD Finale. Yes, this is a slow season with no one really outstanding.

  • shwriteme

    It does seem long this year, doesn’t it? I like to watch some of the auditions and then I don’t really bother until the end. If there are some really good acts, I might go back and watch their earlier stuff later, but I don’t have time to be bothered by the whole series of quarter finals.

  • Ellessay

    When I saw the WGWG, I thought “There’s this year’s winner,” but although his singing was pleasant enough, I was not impressed enough to vote. You can tell which one of the wildcard acts that Howie brought back to bug Piers.