America’s Got Talent – Top 48 Part 1 – VIDEO

America’s Got Talent’s long long audition phase is now over, and with the conclusion of the Vegas rounds last week, we’ve got our Top 48.

Over the next 4 weeks, the field will perform in groups of 12 for a LIVE audience, with only 4 of the contestants advancing to the next round after the viewer vote.  This week’s results will be announced Wednesday night.

Did you watch? What did you think of this week’s acts?

Video via: America’s Best Talent

Miami All Stars

Dancers had to rehearse a new song in the 11th hour because they couldn’t get a song cleared. Just like Idol!

Dezmond Meeks

Dezmond made it to the Hollywood round in Idol Season 4. Remember this from Season 4? Oh Pauler!

Those Funny Little People

Annoying elves

Fearless Flores Family

Hello child abuse! Call CPS.

Squonk Opera

Hippie Dippie Weirdness. They’re democrats!

J Chris Newberg

Lam-o comedian with a guitar

Snap Boogie

Boston street dancer

Echo of Animal

Talking bird

The Fiddleheads

Pop songs with a bluegrass spin.

Duo Aero

Trapeze duo perform dangerous stunts

Anna Graceman

Precocious child singer. Stay home and play with dolls, girlie!

Sandou Trio Russian

Scary scary acrobatic act features a woman performing gymnastics on a thin bouncy balance beam. Don’t try this at home, kids.

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  • tomr

    Please just not the kid!

  • wfowfowfo

    That’s probably a bad idea — it’s stuck in my head. The teenagers in my house thought he was pretty funny.

    We love this stupid show, but I’m tired of the fued between Howie and Piers — enough already.

  • TwigLA

    I like Snap Boogie and I sort of like Desmon Meeks. I actually like the little girl too – way more than Jackie Evanchoe (sp?) from last year.

    Of the dare devil types, I like the Russian trio and the motorcycle family.

  • desiree_chick

    I hope Desmond Meeks and Anna Graceman gets through. I fear they will get lost in the crowd with all the spectacle acts. I also hated the comments the judges made to Desmond. The crowd ate it up, and all the judges were like “it’s corny”, “cheesy”, “over the top”, blah blah blah. Hello? You mean those dancing little people, a fucking talking bird, and spunk opera is NOT cheesy? Puhleeze, they are just trying to get rid of the competition. I think Desmond Meeks might fit in more for X-Factor. I mean, if your main prize is performing at vegas, than isn’t Desmond perfect for it? Pierce pretty much says everything that I was thinking about Desmond. Same with the fiddler men, I just agreed with Pierce about how some notes were not hit well, but that was a fun interpretation of a classic song, and I dug it. But whatever, at least these judges were honest compare to Idol and The Voice with all their sunshine and flowers talk. Even if Howie and Sharon are also talking out of their ass.