America’s Got Talent – Top 48 Part 1 – Results

America’s Got Talent results! See the performances from Tuesday night’s performance show HERE.

America’s Pick:

Snap Boogie – Boston break dancer

Sandou Trio Russian Bar – Death defying acrobatic act (involves incredibly high jumps with tricks on a thin, springy bar)

Anna Graceman – 11 year old singer.

The judges’ pick:

Miami All Stars – Dance troup.

I’m OK with all those picks except for the 11 year old.  I’m really really tired of precocious kid singers right about now. Please go home and ride your bike or play with dolls or something.  Former American Idol contestant, Dezmond Meeks, was sent home.

Twelve more Top 48 contestants perform next week.

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  • JGLucky

    Those Funny Little People should have went through. They’re better dancers than the actual dance acts this year.

  • pattieann

    Snap Boogie is my favorite act this year. I hope he goes all the way.

    MJ – I agree with you about the child acts. Let them be kids while they can.

  • GreenHippo

    Anna Gracemann was on Ellen before – I just now remembered. Sorry MJ, but she is good and ppl like her, I prefer the Russian bar ppl myself.

  • BlueAzul18

    Is it wrong for this young girl to be singing? If it is her dream to become a singer and if she has the talent (which she obviously does), why can’t she compete in this show? Because of her age? Let them be kids while they can? Her singing her heart out on a talent competition is way better than some of the things kids her age are doing these days. She has a great chance at winning this thing.

  • fusion8

    seems like Anna is going to the finals. i think she’s fantastic. why wait? Jackie is doing great. so i am sure a record label will sign her up even if she doesnt win the whole thing.

  • TwigLA

    I like Anna and I’m ok with her being on this show. I don’t particularly want her to win, but I do want her to go as far as she can.

    Snap Boogie is my current favorite. He’s good and has a lot of charisma. Miami All Stars may be good, but it’s just too busy for my tastes. I think there are too many in their group.

    I was VERY glad the (not very) funny little people went home. I found them annoying.

  • Landmd

    Snap Boogie is my current favorite. He’s good and has a lot of charisma.

    I am so glad he made it of all the acts that night him and Russian bar people were my favorites!

    Please go home and ride your bike or play with dolls or something.

    Anna does have talent but I agree with MJ you only get one shot at being a kid, once its gone its gone. What is the weather like in the area of Alaska she is from? Music might be her dolls if they are snowed in a lot.