America’s Got Talent Season 7 The Finale – Results

This is your America’s Got Talent Discussion/Results Post

LOL, they’re playing PP’s Home during a recap of the season. It’s everywhere…

Florida is doing his single I’ll Cry while David Garabaldi and his CMYKs are painting. It’s a picture of a guy, I think it’s Florida. The singer, not the state.

Ne-Yo, GREEN DAY!!!!!! and Justin Beiber are going to be on.  Guess which is the one I’m looking forward to ;)

Winner will be on the Today Show tomorrow morning.

Ne-Yo is on with his new single, something like Let Me Love You until You Love Yourself.  Long title, even longer than Last Song I’ll Write For You.  Ne-Yo has an album coming out named Red on Nov 6.

Judges discussing what they think of finalists.

William Close is going to perform with One Republic after the break.

William Close on, One Republic, song is Feel Again? I think that’s what Nick said.

One contestant leaving after the break.

Showing them after the show.


Olate Dogs and Untouchables with Frankie J singing.

Now they are showing the weirdest acts. Bringing some of them on the show. One of them called himself the grandfather of rap and did a song called What you gonna do and a bunch of them were singing it, including Nick Cannon.

Howie did something for Howard Sterns first season.  Introduced a video.  He is putting Big Barry in a suitcase.  Howie surprises Howard in his dressing room, has him open up the suitcase, Barry gets out and sings NY NY.

Blue Man group is on. Wonder if they would have won AGT..

Showing the judges when they came on.  Howard Stern can’t believe they hired him.

Tom Cotter is going to roast the judges.  Was pretty funny, now Joan Rivers came out. Says he was too nice. SHe roasted them for awhile, then she brought Tom back and said to show what he learned,  he was funny, got a few good ones in.

Joe Castillo is out with some kids singing Edge of Glory, I missed who they were.

Bringing out the 6 finalists.  One will be going now. America has voted.

In 6th place……long pause……..The Untouchables.  Aww, Sharon says it’s her last show too.

Oh, wow 5th place now…… Joe Castillo goes home in 5th place

Tom Cotter, William Close, Olate Dogs and David Girabaldi still in the competition. IMO I think this is the right top 4 given who was left.

Now at top 4.

Finishing in 4th place…….David Girabaldi and the CMYKs

Funny part is I’m pretty much predicting to myself who is going, and I’ve been right every time.  This show has way too much filler. It could have easily been an hour.

Speaking of filler, Justin Beiber is on now. Singing As Long As You Love Me. Or maybe he’s Lip Synching As Long As You Love Me.

Just thinking what would happen if Green Day, the Blue Man Group and David Girabaldi and the CMYK’s met up.  Could be very colorful. I know, that was terrible….

Hmm, so JB had to speak into Nicks microphone and push his earpiece aside….

Looking at Nick Cannons moments.

Now GREEN DAY !!!!!!!!!!! Awesome!! Single called Oh Love, album called Uno! out soon, I think Nick said Sept 26.

Just thinking if Tom Cotter wins, does he get a lame coronation joke?

3 acts left in the competition: One going now, after a long pause:

3rd Place:  William Close……..

Sharon says Simon Cowell will do great things for him, does that mean he’ll sign him?

Top 2 next after the break.

Here we go with top 2, going to reveal the winner.  Showing their journey. Oddly enough using the Man Who Could Not Be Moved in the background. Now showing Olate Dogs.

Ok, here it comes:

The winner is:  Olate Dogs…..

Not really what I expected…………..

So the results are:

6. The Untouchables

5. Joe Castillo

4. David Girabaldi and the CMYKs

3. William Close

2. Tom Cotter

1.  Olate Dogs- Winner

And that’s it for America’s Got Talent for 2012.   IMO it was an interesting season, there were some that I thought would do well that didn’t make it through this far, but they did have a lot of unique talents this year.

Funny a WDDT won both shows.  White Dog doing Tricks.

MJ, thank you for letting me do the live blog, it was fun to do, and I’m sure I’ll be posting about the other shows.  Including the X Factor, which I DVRed, and especially Idol.


  • fuzzywuzzy

    Wow! P2’s “Home” is being played during a montage of the 6 finalists’ journey to the finale. NBC sure is getting a lot of mileage out of this song. lol

  • whoisthatwoman

    Wow…NBC sure does love “Home.”  More great promo played throughout the introduction.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    lol Just heard “Stronger” being used as background music for the trailer for the movie “Won’t Back Down” during the break.

    ETA: “Stronger” is in the background of the official trailer, towards the end (starts at ~ 1:38).

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Who was the woman performing with Flo Rida?

  • Kariann Hart

    Idol is getting attention even when it’s not on.  I’m not watching X-Factor, but will watch “Glee!”

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I’m getting bored with all of the lame filler for this show.

  • karenc

    Me too.

  • Guest

    First time watching AGT – I’m watching this for the Phillip Phillip song, Green Day and One Republic groups… are there really no women in the final competition?

  • karenc

    Actually, you’re right, there weren’t.  I don’t think there were many even as far as the semifinals.

    ETA: The Untouchables had several girls in the group.

  • Leandro

    wow!! Tom Cotter and his lame jokes is still remaining? I wouldn’t let him pass through the first audition. Really, people?

  • Leandro

    Other than singers and dancers, there aren’t many women auditioning. So, it’s kinda of predictable. Untouchables had a lot of girls, anyway.

  • Leandro

    Congratulations to The Olate Dogs !! And to the Olates too. lol

    If Tom Cotter had won I would have said to bring back the singers. lol

  • DoesMonaKnow

    Olate Dogs!

    Ne-Yo’s upcoming album is called R.E.D. (standing for Realizing Every Dream) while Taylor Swift’s is just Red. I guess it’s the “in” color this fall.

  • karenc

    Yeah, the only one different was a female comedian, but she wasn’t that good, and didn’t make it through.   Most of the other females were in group acts.

  • Kim

    I’m so glad a non singing act finally won!  And the 3rd place curse continues lol.

  • TheGreatXL

    Yay, a non-singing act finally won!!!

  • Q3

    I think America picked the right Top 3 but got the wrong order. Tom Cotter got robbed and William Close should have been #2.

    I would fly to Vegas to see William Close. If I was in Vegas, I would go to see Tom Cotter. But I can;t imagine paying to see a dog act in Vegas.

    America got this way wrong. But I do hope the dogs get Fillet Mignon dinners for a year. :) 

  • Listening

    I thought  the top 2 were going to be William Close and Olate Dogs b/c for me Cotter bombed last night. I kept switching between Olate and William b/c while the dog tricks were rather boring and mostly consisted of the same stuff we’d already seen they’re just so darn cute. And William Close got on my nerves when he went the patriotic root to get votes. I wished he just stuck to the song he was playing in the beginning. William also suffered b/c the energy and the power of the instrument didn’t translate through the television.

    Oh and I just have to say was it Cotter that said him and his wife were living paycheck -to paycheck. He tried to make out like they were poor but in the video clip it looked like he lived in a big house. I actually thought it was a joke and there’d be a punch line then the wife started crying and I didn’t buy it so I thought she was in on it. But at the end of the video he never said anything like gotcha so I was really confused.

    I decided not to watch the results b/c I wasn’t impressed by yesterday. I started watching it but then thought you know what this is 2 hr and i’m not feeling it i’ll just read the blog and find out who won. This season ended w/ a fizzle for me.

    But despite all of that I think William will get a deal and be a break out star. And i’m happy for the Olate dogs act. I feel like THEY needed to win to really get anything out of the show and their story touched me.

  • sweetmm

    What with this UK/US obsession with dog acts?  You want to watch great animal acts go to a bloody circus!!! 

  • Kariann Hart

    Since William is known already in Las Vegas, this will guarantee him another job.  He didn’t NEED to win.  I am just not into comedy that much unless it gets crazy like Jimmy Fallon.  The dogs were cute enough.

    My favorite part of the whole season were all the dancers featured.  Now, let’s see some female singers next year.  Sharon WILL be missed!

  • cooks

    Against my better judgement I gave this show another chance and I wished I hadn’t. I can honestly say I will not be tuning in next season.

  • raymarhead

    As far as I’m concerned it was OLATE Dogs FTW since their audition. So happy they won. Those dogs are DOPE.

  • Fred Christie Sr

    It was a horrible finale in y opinion.

  • Fred Christie Sr

    Horrible finale in my opinion.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Disappointing season this year.

  • hcpoirot

    Congrats to Olate Dogs. They deserved it. Just try to train your own dogs to walk with 2 legs without any help. Lets see how long before you can achieve it.