America’s Got Talent Quarterfinals Part 2 Results

Moving on to the next round are:

Silhouettes – Shameless patriotic pandering FTW!
Steven Retchless – Male pole dancer (YAY)
Daniel Joseph Baker – Fierce singing act

Judges Choice

Smage Brothers – Motorcycle stunt riders – Piers wanted magician, Landon Swank, Sharon voted for Smage Brothers. Howie broke cast the deciding vote for Smage Brothers.

This list looks pretty good to me. In particular, I’m happy that Steven Retchless and Daniel Joseph Baker made it through.

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  • MayMirabella

    Overall, I was pleased with the results. I was really happy that the very athletic and talented poll dancer was voted in along with the Fierce, wonderful, entertaining Daniel Joseph Baker.

  • Allison

    Basically the judges instructed the audience to vote for those acts, but I’d have picked them too. I’m satisfied.

  • Listening

    Is it just me are was something up w/ the whole Smage reveal? I think they knew the whole time the judges were going to pick them. It was weird as soon as Sharon said their name they reacted like they won and then I think they tried to play it off by saying oh we didn’t have mikes so we couldn’t hear yet they heard fine when pierce said he wasn’t voting for them b/c one said he feared for his life. I don’t know I just got all suspicious.

    Hey did you notice Howie had the same concerns for Steven Retchless- pole dancer that he did for Prince Poppycock he thought he was too out their for America appearance wise but he’s talented. He should of known better I remember what we did last time he said something like that. I can’t help but get a little upset when he says stuff like that your good but America wont let you go through b/c they’re prudes. I knew that wasn’t happening b/c he’s super talented especially when he was in that line up of 3 it was glaringly obvious who was going through.

  • t2

    Where is Prince Poppycock when you need him? He would have been a breath of fresh air this year.

  • slbbw

    Well, gosh @Listening, why would it upset you? Homophobia is pretty dang rampant in the U.S.
    Anyway, quite pleased those two boys, in particular, made it. I agree w/ MJ about the Silhouettes.
    One thing I don’t understand. There’s no way a huge group of children could leave their homes, their schools, their families to perform in Las Vegas. I wouldn’t waste my vote on a group like that, no matter how good they are. It’ll never happen, professionally, and it takes a spot away from performers who do have a chance of advancing professionally. /endrant

  • idolbeat

    Most kids in any kind of performance arts – singing, dancing and acting, that want to advance in their area, will either already be home-schooled, take classes on-line or will home-school if the opportunity presents. A lot of parents have flexible enough jobs that will allow them to work on their computer, wherever they may be (Las Vegas) or one parent doesn’t work at all and they are the parent on set. Even grandparents and other family members can be a guardian while on the set.

  • Grammie Kari

    I like the talent that we’ve seen; however, they are not the same quality as last year. They were an outstanding group. Hopefully, it will get better.

  • Landmd

    Steven Retchless – Male pole dancer (YAY)

    Yay from me too, glad he made it!!