America’s Got Talent – EP 7

I’m WAY over these auditions. Thankfully, this week is the last. Vegas week begins next Tuesday with a Two Hour special, and then the Top 40 are revealed on Thursday.

This week, auditions submitted via My Space are featured…

Recap and Videos After the JUMP…

Michael Trixx – Magician – Michael does a “Rock and Roll” magic show. Sharon calls him a “rock and roll hobbit.” Actually, he looks a little like her husband. He looks so upset when the judges tell him he sucks. Which he does. – VIDEO

Diva Boy and the Sexplosion Dancers – Eh…What the hell? – VIDEO

Randy Hanson – An Ozzie Impersonator that Sharon actually seems to enjoy. They send him on to Vegas. – VIDEO

Holly Stone – Sob Story #1: Holly gave her baby up for adoption when she was 18. And she found her. Guess where. My Space!!! And now here she is, singing on America’s Got Talent, with her daughter waiting in the wings. She’s got a decent voice, nothing spectacular. But that backstory is hard to resist. The judges advance her to Vegas. – VIDEO

The Cadence – A percussion group–basically the Blue Man Group without the crazy blue faces. Not bad. Piers and Sharon thinks they need backing music. Sharon says no, Piers and Hoff say yes. Man, that judges bit, with Piers hesitating before he says yes, was so set up! Please. – VIDEO

Sweetones – A mother daughter act. These two whistle out of tune. I’m beginning to get really cranky here! “Irritating, pointless, childish and a waste of time,” says Piers. Oh sorrow, my computer ate the clip I recorded, so you all will just have to imagine how much this bit sucked.

Specialist Daniel Jens – Sob Story #2 – And it’s time to pull out the patriot card! Soldier makes his fellow soldiers in Iraq feel better when he serenades them on guitar. He sings “I’ll Be” and he’s…pretty amateur. His wife waits backstage. But then, who cares if he can sing! He’s got the greatest back story evah! Well, at least Piers is honest and says he’s got to work on his singing. But still, the judges do not hesitate to advance him to Vegas. – VIDEO

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  • Lisa

    I thought tonight was Vegas & Eli! Grrrrrrr….

    I missed the last act. Was not impressed with anyone. I would have preferred more Vegas of the *good* ones who made it through & only show 1 or 2 weeks of initial auditions. Why the drawn out auditions this year?

  • mj

    At this point, I have to say that I actively despise this show. The talent is awful. The ham-handed manipulation and OTT sentimentality literally makes my skin crawl. I’ll continue to cover the show since I started it, but unless things get better, I’m going to be doing the minimum.

    If there is any conflict at all next week with So You Think You Can Dance, I won’t be covering the reveal on Thursday. I’ll probably just list the Top 40 after the fact.

  • sabby_rina

    I liked “Britain’s Got Talent” a lot better. “America’s Got Talent” has been quite a disappointment… I miss seeing Simon on the panel.

  • dancin

    OMG I tried to watch this last nite but CHEESEFEST INCORPORATED
    i am a cynical biatch and these sob stories sound like so much pre scripted pap lol

    maybe i’ll catch up when they pare it down a bit

  • the DJ

    Why is it that the judges of AMERICA’s got talent are this trio? You have a brit Piers who’s credentials are unknown to America. A second Brit Sharon Osbourne who’s only claim to fame is she was able to give a blow job to a real talent OZZY. And the only American to judge American’s is David Hasselhoff who’s greatest talent was drunkenly crawling on the floor to eat a hamburger. And with this casting criteria we should take this show seriously?