American Idols Tour 2011 – Grand Prairie, TX – Video & Live Blog

The American Idols Live tour heads to the the Verizon Theater in Grand Prairie, TX.

The show begins at 7CDT/8EDT. We’ll be live blogging the concert right here.

Videos from last night’s concert in Oklahoma City, OK HERE.

The set list HERE

REVIEWS: Dallas Observer

VIDEO: dudezzone

Scotty – Your Man

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  • SajiNoKami

    i fricken live for these post when I am at work.

  • LexieN

    I would love to be able to “see” the audience–e.g., are there cowboys there or is this so close to Dallas/Fort Worth that it’s just like any big city? Thanks, MJ, for keeping this up:)

  • tawny

    I would love to be able to “see” the audience–e.g., are there cowboys there or is this so close to Dallas/Fort Worth that it’s just like any big city? Thanks, MJ, for keeping this up:)

    It’s really close to D/FW so it is just like any other big city. There could be a few though.

  • halo9125

    I think Strongnwiser is just pissed she paid 16 bucks for a margarita, lol.

    Oh wait- that margarita is kicking in, lol.

  • larc

    Concessionaires at such facilities are often granted a license to steal.

  • Desdemona

    WOW! Our Tweeters didn’t ‘talk’ much in the first half!

    ETA: Not getting much this half either. C’mon, Texas! Talk to us!

  • Lucy1234

    Yeah – not much in the tweet department tonight.

  • Desdemona

    Thanks, Verizon – we already know the set list – always like to read the tweets for ‘their’ take on the performances. Oh, well – hopefully a review to read tomorrow. :)

  • 50diamonds

    Just finished listening to and watching last nights vids. Fun to see the Idols grow and change. I gotta hand it to Haley – that sas move at the end of the Tightrope vid on this blog from yesterday tells me she can really kick it up when the time comes for her own tour. Pia is still struggling with being loose and comfortable but she is moving in the right direction. Haley must have more stage experience. It takes awhile to get comfortable – hang in there Pia.
    I see James has got his mojo back – sounded great on the crazy high notes on Uprising. He must be over his sickness. The energy of the room really kicks into high gear when he is performing.
    These kids are so talented it really is hard to find much to pick at. I’m not a country fan but both Lauren and Scotty are delightful. Naima – what fun! I hope her career blossoms. She’s unique – go girl! And I’m really liking Stefano – and that is new for me. I like Jacob too. Heck, I like them all – what is not to like about this bunch? Even Thia, who peeps say is boring. She has a gorgeous tone to her voice. She may not have a lot of performance background but I don’t think we’ve heard the last of that beautiful voice. Go Idols! Let’s hope the judges keep the focus on the talent again for AI – 11. It is such a pleasure to enjoy such a talented group!

  • happyhexer

    Heck, I like them all –

    That is how I felt when I attended the AI Tour concert in Portland. Although some got more applause than others, all were well-received.

  • brady

    I’ve noticed a pattern in these live blogs… people don’t seem to tweet much during HALEY’s performances. I have a feeling it’s because 1. she is mesmerizing and 2. she only sings two solos! I attended the show in Oakland and the crowd was paying attention to every single second of Haley – no time to tweet!

    Also, it cracks me up how many “group” performance videos seem to be centered/focused on Haley – even when she is just singing backup!

  • http://MJO judes

    Bray I would say it would be similar fior all those who have numbers where the crowd stands as well-
    eg James,Naima,Stephano & maybe Paul -harder to tweet when you’re really involved in a performance. If I was at these concerts I’d save the tweets for intermission & after the performances have finished so I got my monies worth & not miss anything.

    [ Gosh this is a first – being told to slow down posting- twice- usually my kids tell me to speed up I’m too slow !!]

  • Bedlamb

    Anyone going to the Houston show? I just bought row 1 Section A far right , and gave the row 1 section 202 to my sister. I used Ticket Liquidators for both of the sets, but the A tickets were fulfilled by a Houston dealer which means sales tax was added after the invoice. The 202 tickets came Fedex and arrived in about 24 hrs-awesome. I’m gonna try to get everyone down there by 4 or so to try before to meet some idols. I’ll be gone by the time the thread is started, I hope no one minds my posting in this one. I’ve found so many useful hints on this blog. Has anyone heard on this tour that row 1 is not the actual first row, like will there be a pit? James and Haley are our favorites, then Naima, Casey and Paul, but I think I’m gonna enjoy the whole thing since they broke up the genres.

  • cmc25

    The videos on group numbers show how Haley adapts her dance move to the tune of the music. She seems to be a natural performer and a delight to watch.

  • Ratna12

    Bedlamb: Has anyone heard on this tour that row 1 is not the actual first row, like will there be a pit?

    It just depends on the setup of that venue.
    if there is a walkway in the middle of the stage, then the 7th row can actually be the first row sitting in the middle and the 1th row will sit the closest to the stage either on the left or right side of the walkway.

  • Bedlamb

    Thanks! The walkway has a section (B) so hopefully with A we’re good.

  • Pam

    Scotty-Your Man

  • auntmable

    MJ, why only one vidio of idols in Tx? And for Tawnys FYI, my brother lives in Terrell Tx. and he is a real cowboy!!

  • mj

    I have no control whatsoever over the tweeters–how many there are, how entertaining they are etc. Likewise the videos. I try my best to find videos, but I can only post what is readily available.

  • Ratna12

    Maybe people in Texas just don’t take videos when they go see concerts, they just there to watch them live.

    I remember Kris was playing some where in Texas and nothing, finally 2 months later, somebody upload something to YT.