Caleb Johnson - American Idol 13 2014 Top 30 Contestant Page

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And…I’ll be posting several American Idol Top 31 contestants previews every day in the run up to the American Idol XIII premiere on January 15.

Click for the FULL list of the American Idol XIII Top 31

Third time (at least) is the charm for soulful rocker, Caleb Johnson! The hopeful made it as far as Hollywood in Season 10. And in Season 11, he was cut JUST before the Top 24.

The producer’s policy last year was basically, guitar players need not apply, so Caleb didn’t stand a chance. But a new regime means a new attitude! A singer with Caleb’s Southern rock vibe is totally welcome on American Idol XIII.

In Hollywood Season 10, Caleb was in a disastrous group with finalist James Durbin.

Here’s his Season 10 audition.

Caleb is a songwriter too! Check out “Down to The River”

Caleb Johnson American Idol XIII Atlanta Audition

Caleb Johnson – Road to Hollywood

This is Real

Hollywood Week – Sympathy for the Devil by Rolling Stones

Hollywood Week – Group Round – Too Close by Alex Clare

with CJ Harris, Matthew Hamel and Tyler Ahlgren

Final Judgement – Radioactive by Imagine Dragons

Rush Week – Stay with Me by Faces

Top 13 – Pressure and Time by Rival Sons

Top 12 – Working Man by Rush

Top 11 – Skyfall by Adele

Top 10 – Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga

Top 9 – Dazed and Confused by Led Zepplin

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  • Mateja Praznik

    Looks like the next big international popstar.

  • Sicola789

    Already better than any of the guys last year. Slightly generic, but we need a rocker in the mix after they were absent last year.

  • justmefornow

    I remember him. Poor James in that group, lol.
    Glad to see a rocker in the mix, at least, but this guy has a look and sound about as current as if Meatloaf was competing this year, which means NO CHANCE.
    I liked that punk rocker David Roth so much better. What happened to him?

  • Kesia Monteith

    Yeah! I liked Caleb! I always enjoy the big voiced raspy rocker, especially with a soulful bluesy style…

  • Aakash Mansukhani

    Damn, he’s really good!

  • Karen C

    I don’t think he is anything like Meatloaf, he’s really more of a blues based rocker. And there is some of this type of music currently, Gary Clark Jr , Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, Delta Rae are all current and do blues based rock.

  • Karen C

    I think he is really good. I remember him from Season 10, and I really liked his voice. Glad he came back And I absolutely love his original music. I think he would bring a different kind of rock to the show than what we have seen in recent years.

  • sue

    Great voice!