Briana Oakley - American Idol 13 Top 30 Spoilers 2014

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briana oakley

I’ll be posting several American Idol Top 31 contestants previews every day in the run up to the American Idol XIII premiere on January 15.

Young soul and blues singer, Briana Oakley, was considered one who got away when she didn’t advance further than Hollywood in Season 12.

Click for the FULL list of the American Idol XIII Top 31

But although the young singer showed great promise, she was only 16 years old at the time of her audition last summer.  A year can make a huge difference, especially for a singer so young.

Watch her wow the judges with a bluesy and soulful rendition of “Up To The Mountain’ in her Long Beach, CA audition.  I wonder if she’ll introduce her backstory from last season.  She talked about being bullied in school back in Antioch, CA after she was on a TV talent show.

Briana Oakley – Long Beach Audition – American… by IdolxMuzic

She performed “Impossible” in “Hollywood” as her a cappella audition. She advanced to the Top 72, but was cut before the Top 40.

Final Group Including Kez Ban & Brianna… by IdolxMuzic

An 11 year old Briana posts a performance of “At Last” to You Tube.


Road to Hollywood

  • dabney_c

    Ooo, I remember really liking Briana, and being stunned that she was cut so early. Glad she’s back!

    P.S. I’m starting to get super-excited for the new season. Last year was a bust (even though my favourite won), but I’m thinking this year will be more fun.

  • Blirel

    I like her voice but she should go with the blues and not country. I don’t wanna sound racist but usually only people vote for white country artists so if she went blues they would vote for her. Her voice is great and probably has shown progression since last year

  • overthetop1

    I hope that the bullying isn’t part of her story this time.

  • ZsusK

    I remember her from last year. I wasn’t overly impressed. She was just good enough to make it to Hollywood. And the bullying story will do her more harm than good, so I hope she drops it this season. I do realize that all sorts of kids get bullied in high school, even the ones who seem to have it all going on. But, when you are pretty and talented, no one wants to hear about how you were shunned. So delete that from the resume, Briana.

  • Chessguy99

    If it isn’t used on her, there will probably be another. Jillian Jensen had a bullying back-story on S2 of XF, and she’s in this Top 31.

  • helo23

    I remember liking her last season. She also reminds me of Rue from The Hunger Games Ha! And listen. I just don’t understand some of these people that use being bullied as a kid a sob story! Were we all bullied, teased, humiliated, picked on at some point in our lives? Yes, ok, I can sympathize and find you somewhat relatable, but we, as an audience, don’t want to hear your plight. Sorry. Maybe if Idol just tones down the whole sob story aspect on idol, TV, and XF. They are tedious and annoying and a debby downer. Who really enjoys sob stories?