American Idol XIII Promos - Fun With the Judges and More - (VIDEO)

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Two more new American Idol XIII promos right, just for you. One, is a montage of the judges having fun together. Because, if you didn’t know, THEY LOVE EACH OTHER SO MUCH. The other, emphasizes the search for a superstar, and features a few hopefuls, including the singer pictured here.

American Idol returns to FOX on January 14. That’s just a little more than a month away! According to spoilers, the Hollywood Round begins in two weeks. Hooray.

Fun with the Judges

The Next Superstar Starts Here!

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “One, is a montage of the judges having fun together. Because, if you didn’t know, THEY LOVE EACH OTHER SO MUCH.”

    I’m thinking that AI’s surveys from last year indicated that the lack of chemistry and animosity among the judges last season were major reasons why people were turned off from watching the show. Which is why we are being bludgeoned over the head with promos that emphasize how much the judges love each other. lol

  • L. R. M. L.

    Planning on watching this coming year if there are contestants that I like but why so many different promos? Why don’t they stick to 1 or 2?

    They all end up being similar at the end anyways.

  • Sassycatz

    I think another important factor (pardon the word) is the entertainment media. Those that were still following along were all over the judges not getting along story and contrasting Idol to The Voice in terms of “likeability.” The media has a way of creating an impression that paints how the public sees things even when members of the public aren’t watching the show or either show … for that matter. However, in this case, Idol was suffering from the judges total lack of compatibility. How much of it was blown out of proportion? Not sure.

  • AlesheaDominique

    I’m actually liking all these promos and they are getting me excited about the new season. Despite all the drama and it’s faults I still love this show and will go down with the ship

  • Team Jessica Sanchez

    BEST SHOW EVER! Can’t wait! :D

  • Matthew

    Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood were a decade ago. It will be interesting what the ratings are like , and whether they drop. The auditions are some of the most boring episodes, and if they continue with the bad singers (whether delusional or looking for airtime), it won’t be of any interest. If I give it a chance, I probably won’t even tune in till Hollywood or more likely live shows. So far, I still havent seen or read anything NEW about how these new producers are going to refresh the show. It’s still seeming same ole same ole. And they’re going to have to back up the truck if they want to keep Ryan, especially with JLO getting even more money. Is Connick really the person who’s going to bring in the younger demo? (It still would have been interesting to see how a JHud, Adam Lambert panel would have changed the show).

  • Matthew

    Well the panel chemistry is also one thing that the Voice has nailed and been lauded for. Even when they substituted Shakira and Usher for the Spring, they didn’t miss a beat. And the show hasn’t seemed to suffer by airing 2 seasons a year. XF , on the other hand, has also had incoherent judges with not a whole lot of chemistry

  • Matthew

    Well its not just the media. If you watched Idol last year, it was pretty obvious that there was tension between Mariah and Nicki. Mariah also had trouble giving succinct comments. You only have to watch half an episode of The Voice to see how well they’ve nailed chemistry. (and with current artists).
    The Voice this season also has some great vocalists. Compare the Voice Final 6 to X Factor. Do you think “Carlito, the one” can even touch the men on the Voice? Rion is no Jacquie or Tessane. Maybe XF should introduce Autotune from now on and try to find the next Britney ‘pop star’

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Over the years, I’ve realized that for me, the Idol judges can only take away from the show (Ellen, Kara, Steven, Nicki), but they rarely add so much as to make me want to watch the show. Ultimately, it’s the contestants who are memorable to me (or not) and they are why I watch the show (or not). Last year, the combination of Lazaro and toxic judges panel almost turned me off the show forever.

  • Matthew

    To get blogs like this one to keep posting them

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I think that it’s too late for Idol to significantly change the age of their viewing demographic. They are mainly concerned with regaining viewers who have left, which is the more realistic option.

  • Amy Beth

    I really hope the love fest doesn’t interfere with the judges having actual opinions.

    Despite hating each other, last year’s panel seemed to vote and opine almost unanimously. IMHO, that was just as un appealing as the toxic tension.

  • listening

    I’m sorry i’m sorry but I don’t buy this at all call me cynical or whatever but their “chemistry” feels fake. I believe they were told to act fun and bubbley and that”s what they’re doing. I’m tired of having their chemistry shoved down my throat, everything they do is exaggerated. It just feels scripted , put upon and forced whatever not legit.

    I just want to see the talent b/c whereas a lot of times they have contestants that might not possess the vocal prowls of the voice contestants I simply prefer their personality/ energy. I connect more to American Idol contestants I feel that’s why Idol contestants have been the most successful reality singers. So that’s what i’m waiting for not the Judges “chemistry” oh b/c did I forget to mention that’s what they got chemistry out the whazoo. Man that chemistry just oozes off of them you could bathe in it. The y just laugh and laugh and laugh and giggle and laugh some more. They love each other barf.

  • Cary Gonzalez

    I’ll give it a chance. I’m just hoping that Harry doesn’t try to channel Simon and the J-Lo is banned from saying “goosies”……

  • Incipit

    Double down on the Yes on the “No Goosies Zone” please!

    But I don’t see any reason why Harry would want to channel Nasty Nigel, AKA Simon Cowell. He’s got his own well known feisty personality and he also knows how to talk about the music intelligently in good sound bites; Cowell couldn’t do that, and Carey couldn’t do sound bites. This could be Just Right.

    I give the contestants on Idol a chance every year, because of the Halo Effect – but this year I actually have some cautious optimism that the judges and the PTB won’t screw it all up. We’ll see.

  • Sassycatz

    I didn’t say it was just the media. In fact, I said the judges were incompatible. I said the media kept talking about it, harping on it, such that almost all other messages — whatever they might’ve been — were overshadowed by the story about the judges and even viewers who didn’t tune in to Idol or The Voice would’ve gotten the message and were given an impression of both shows and their respective seasons without even bothering to turn it on.

    The judges were the story last season for both shows. However, that’s not unusual for The Voice which is all about the judges anyway, but it is less usual for Idol, which tended to make press, in the past, via its contestants. The fact that the story on Idol was “all about” the judges and their incompatibility told you right there that they were having a bad season. Not one contestant — not even the winner — could overcome or compete with that message.

  • Matthew Kitson

    I think the judges are actually going to have good chemistry though. Seems like its going to be a very good panel

  • mjsbigblog

    These are ads that are running on television. If you want to find out the reason why there are so many, you’d have to explore FOX’s TV advertising strategy.

    The number of promos have next to nothing to do with internet blogs.

  • Anny_nanny

    I fail to see how JHud or Adam can attract someone younger than 30 years, so I don’t understand what you’re talking about.

  • Tess Herself

    Wonder what a singing competition show would be with just the singers taking the stage, singing a song, and then a voice over gives the number to call, people vote, and then its rinse and repeat. Wonder how many folks would tune in for such a show…not me, for sure.

  • listening

    I don’t mind some back story what I don’t want is to watch judges pounding on the table b/c they find it so hilarious another judge is holding a contestant while he sings. What I don’t want is to hear a thousand times how much they love each other and how much chemistry they have. What I don’t want is for that chemistry to feel fake or manufactured.

    I mean that’s one of the main reasons I like the Voice b/c of Blake and Adam interactions. That feels real to me Blake is so funny and I love the bromance jokes. I’m down w/ that I believe that. I don’t believe JLo, keith and Harry they come off like they were told to get along act super giddy, crazy and over the top.

    The Voice may get the ratings b//c of their judges’ chemistry but it aint getting the sales that Idol get’s b/c of their contestants talent/charisma. So I dealt w/ judges not liking each other b/c I was focused on the talent. And I certainly prefer that to what I believe to be fake fun. I find the fake fun insulting.

  • Montavilla

    I don’t recall it being the case that last year’s panel voted unanimously that often. It makes a difference, of course, when your “yes” vote merely means sending someone to a call back and when it means that you have to take responsibility for that person and give them one of your limited team spots.

    Even in the finals, where were disagreements. Nicki disagreed so much about the others not saving Curtis that she vowed not to save anyone for the rest of the season. Mariah was the only member of the panel to put Candice on her top three list. And, while Keith didn’t necessarily disagree with Randy, he did pull Harry Connick, Jr. onto the panel so they could fight about Kree.

    But I agree with your main point. We still want the judges to judge — and to judge passionately.

  • Tess Herself

    I would hazard a guess that the banter between the judges on the voice is probably scripted, most off the cuff reality shows have writers and producers and directors playing puppet master behind the camera. Personally, I could care less whether the judges like or hate each other, just like I could care less if Duck Dynasty is or isn’t a scripted show. If its funny to me I’ll laugh.

  • Sicola789

    Sometimes I feel like the chemistry on the Voice is forced. Sometimes Blake will laugh at jokes that aren’t funny and will do the clapping thing. Sometimes I feel like he does this just to make the chemistry look good, but there are times where it feels forced.

  • listening

    Yeah if i’m not mistaken I either thought something was a little off between Adam and Blake last season or the beginning of this season. It’s all blurring together but I wasn’t quie buying it.

    I definitely know they’re given some info about the contestants b/c they’ll sometimes ask random leading questions that result in the backstory we’d been informed about. For instance the one when Ceelo asked about singing like a soldier only to be told he was one or the one where somebody asked about a guitar only to be told it was given to him by deceased family member. Stuff like that I realize is scripted and that they’re terrible actors. A youtube show called Reality Check starring Melinda Doolittle and a guy named Michael picked up on that too. So I get some of it’s scripted but for the most part the interactions between Adam and Blake had felt legit

  • helo23

    Cassadee Pope….is that you?! Sorry, but that chick in the promo (even if it was less than 10 seconds) looked like her. And I’m going to guess she’s country too? AI needs to stop copying The Voice lol

  • Sicola789

    I wasn’t thinking Cassadee at all, this girl seemed to have a jazzy voice. I doubt they were saying “we need a Cassadee!”

  • Indigobunting

    The antics and promo are encouraging for me after the distracting female cattiness last year. I am a little ‘over’ Idol so I only watched last year for Keith Urban-I guess I will admit part of the reason I watch the show is for the judges (yes, Simon Cowell +/- Paula used to be pretty entertaining).

    I really don’t like Jo Lo as a judge, but I guess she is an improvement over Ellen and the divas from last year (neutral on Kara) but I think Harry is very funny and Keith is very knowledgable musically so I may just watch this year!