Idol Chat With M&M – Top 10 Power Rankings

Sir Mac & MJ hash out their American Idol Top 10 power lists! Join the discussion in comments below.

Mac: 1) Alex Preston– Well, Majesty *was* my #1 pick last week, but in all honesty, if I had known in advance that she was doing Let It Go, I would not have ranked her #1. In no way was that going to be a stellar performance, unless she was stripping it down and just singing it with a guitar. Then, MAYBE, she might be able to get some traction with that song. But, this is about Alex. Alex who chose Falling Slowly, which has been done a googleplex amount of times on Idol (google it, kids). He had another solid performance, and Alex is honestly one of the more consistent performers. Sure, I Don’t Wanna Be was a step backwards, but the rest of his performances have been at least par for the course, if not moving him in a slightly forward trajectory. Plus, as one of the only remaining contestants without a bottom 3 appearance, Alex has that benefit also. His WGWG competition (Sam) landed in the bottom 3, suggesting that there might not be as close of a race as we thought.

MJ: 4) Alex Preston –  Last week’s performance was a step in the right direction for Alex. “Falling Slowly” has been overdone on all of the singing shows, but like “Hallelujah,” it resonates with audiences. He also managed to bring a fresh spin to it. It’s all good. If Alex continues to move along a positive path, I’ll move him up the list. He’s still got to work on making his performances less internal.

Mac: 2) Caleb Johnson– Again, as one of the only people who hasn’t been in the bottom, Caleb gets an upswing on the power list. Even moreso than Dexter, because Skyfall created a moment for Caleb. If Caleb gets eliminated, he now has a stellar performance to call back to sing for his life, whereas Dexter has that country ballad he sounded pretty good on. I’m not sure if Caleb CAN win, and I’m pretty sure he shouldn’t win. I can’t imagine Caleb being musically relevant right now. But, however you see Caleb, Skyfall was awesome, and he’s a pretty consistent performer who hasn’t been in the bottom 3.

MJ: 1) Caleb Johnson – Caleb is my #1 this week. His choice of “Skyfall” by Adele was a brilliant song pick. He totally zigged while folks were expecting him to zag (with a classic rock pick), but also managed to stay in his wheelhouse.  Caleb is a wonderfully THEATRICAL singer.  Big songs with great melodies, no matter what the genre, should be what he chooses from now on.

Mac: 3) Dexter Roberts– Yeah, I know, I’m putting Dexter in the Top 3. Holy crapola. Honestly though, he threw Roll Tide into the most southern song you could imagine. If you don’t think people from Alabama (which has already produced multiple winners) are voting for him, you’re nuts. He clearly has a following, as he has never been in the bottom, even on weak performances. Dexter might be the “frustrating sleeper” contestant who lasts longer than the general population would like. I think he’s good at what he does, to be honest, but I’m starting to notice an increased amount of people online who would like to see “Shrekster” gone.

MJ: 2)  Dexter Roberts – He’s in my TOP 2!  His pandering paid off big time. From here on out, it’s going to be bro country, patriotic ditties, and sad songs about losing loved ones…etc etc etc ad nauseum.  It’s working for him, why would he stop? It doesn’t hurt that vocally, he has a pleasing tone. I bet he records well, too. But there’s no originality to be had, here. Nevertheless, he knows who his fans are and what they want, so he sits at the top of my list.

Mac: 4) Jena Irene- This girl bounces around my list like a super bouncy ball in a rubber room. Her performance last week on Decode was so buzzy that it’s hard to not think that Jena found new fans. The problem with forward motion is keeping it going, and Jena absolutely needs another hit this week to keep that motion going.

MJ: 3) Jena Irene – She’s my #3. Her performance was so buzzy, I think she DID gain some new fans. If the performance is a fluke, down my list she’ll fall. But I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she’s caught on to what she needs to do. Her pre-idol performances demonstrate that she’s certainly got the goods and is a great performer. All she needed to do was find her groove.

Mac: 5) CJ Harris- Another singer with a buzzy performance. CJ really only has one buzzy performance to his name, since hitting the voting rounds. Jena has two to her name. CJ also needs a slam dunk this week to keep a Top 5 spot. If he reverts back, he could be a Bottom 3 contender (as Sam and Majesty’s fans will likely rally to save them this week).

MJ: 5) CJ Harris – We agree here! CJ had a great performance this week. He’s the other country guy who is infinitely more interesting, as long as he keeps being true to himself. Like Jena, he could fall down the list with a bad performance.

Mac: 6) Majesty Rose- Formerly my #1 pick, drops to #6 this week. I think Majesty got the message, at least I HOPE she did. Her song choice this week will show us if she’s turning it around or not. Honestly, most of her performances have just been good not great, and now that other contestants are starting to have their ‘moment’ on stage, Majesty needs to register a ‘moment’ if she plans on making the finale, or even getting the trip home at Top 3.

MJ: 9) Majesty Rose – I’m afraid our girl Majesty Rose has lost the plot. She was nearly eliminated last week because she chose a song that was ill suited for her.  See, I’m not sure she GOT the message. She’s gotten so many mixed signals from the judges and Randy, she could be very very confused at this point. I was peeved that the judges soft pedalled their critiques last week, because she NEEDED to hear that the path she was on was wrong. She stays near the bottom on my list until she redeems herself.

Mac: 7) Sam Woolf- The fact that Sam was able to hit the bottom this week shows how little support fan girls and “the frau” have for Sam. This season is about the music, apparently, and Sam has given a series of (also like Majesty), good not great performances (before this week, of course). Sam needs a moment, and without that, he won’t even crack the Top 5.

MJ: 8) Sam Woolf:  Yikes. How the mighty have fallen. All those people I assumed Sam had? Not so much. Or maybe he had some and they abandoned him. Since he’s hit the big stage, he’s been like a deer in the headlights. I give him points for last week’s attempt to break down the wall he performs behind.  A few years of musical and LIFE experience could make a ton of difference for Sam. But I’m afraid this is an issue that won’t be solved in the next couple of weeks.

Mac: 8) Jess Meuse- I realize that Jess has yet to be in the bottom, but honestly, America has not been kind to girls this season. Jess is the only girl who hasn’t appeared in the bottom, and her past two weeks have basically been her singing a lullaby to America. Unless she picks up the tempo this week, she might be called to the bottom. You have to bet that Majesty and Sam’s fans will get them out of the bottom, and that 3 different singers will occupy that spot. It’s safe to assume that Jess, the last girl, will see a Bottom 3 appearance this week (barring a stunning performance).

MJ: 6) Jess Meuse – I still have faith that Jess has fans who are rooting for her. She’s a small town girl from Alabama, after all! But that good will may be wearing thin.  Jess has to make a big bold move and knock it out of the park if she wants to stick around.

Mac: 9) Malaya Watson- Malaya has one bottom appearance to her name, and has since turned in two rather good performances. Malaya struggles though on more contemporary songs, and since this list is Top 10’s from 2000-Present, I have to wonder if Malaya is going to be able to connect to a current piece. Think about the Malaya songs of the past few weeks, and her worst song is the only one that is a Top 10 hit. Malaya works better as a throwback artist, so this week has her at an automatic disadvantage.

MJ: 7) Malaya Watson – I didn’t think her performance last week was good. She still needs to reign it in. The girl needs to learn how shade her performance dynamically. Again, I don’t think she’s getting the correct feedback from the judges, or the help behind the scenes to make her a better singer.  I have her ranked a little higher than you, because the judges love her.  Now that the tour cast has been settled, maybe they won’t be so hesitant to call her out.  Another shouty, uncontrolled performance that’s not well received by the judges? She could be in trouble.

Mac: 10) MK Nobilette- If MK can have a second consecutive solid performance, I’ll move her up the list. What I saw last week was a good performance from someone who had previously been awful, and her fans finally rallied to save her. I’m not convinced that MK has really broken out of her shell, and she continues to pick songs and convey little to no emotional connection to the lyrics. Pick something that reminds you of someone who died, or someone who broke your heart, and sing THAT to America. I want to see MK have a real moment on stage, and she got a pass this week because 3 other people honestly deserved to be in the bottom 3. That may not be the case again this week. She can’t just keep aiming for “good enough to stay in the competition”, because as the numbers get smaller, being just OK will get you sent home.

MJ: 10) MK Nobilette – MK is at the bottom of my list by default. Everyone else deserves to rank higher. She was clever last week, directing her performance to the judges, allowing her to connect on a smaller scale. But if she is going to survive on Idol, she has to learn to perform to the camera and to the studio audience. This week will be a big test for MK. If she fails, she could be eliminated.


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  • Caroline B

    It hurts to see Majesty fall, but I’m afraid I agree that she’s lost the plot a bit – hopefully temporarily. I just rewatched her audition and and sighed over Harry’s apt comment afterward.

    “Just hearing you sing and play a lovely melody in a quiet, elegant way is refreshing, and that bodes well for you because not a lot of people do that anymore. It’s a nice feeling from me to hear something very subtle and elegant like that.”

  • tomr

    This year, more than ever, it’s all about song choice and performance and not voice. The judges are not taking on pitch issues. Even Randy could do that. No “moments” yet and the screamers are getting away with it!

  • Kesia Monteith

    That was a fantastic audition and my favourite of all the auditions of the five seasons I’ve watched Idol (although I didn’t watch the season 8 auditions). I have no clue where that Majesty went, but I hope Tightrope/Violet Vill Majesty comes back to us this week :(

  • hesh R

    MK, Malaya and Jessica are likely the bottom 3 unless they hit it out of the ballpark. Caleb, Alex and CJ are likely a lock for the top 5.

  • Kesia Monteith

    I hope there’s more girls that can make up the top 5. I think they’re more interesting than the guys, beside my favourite in Caleb and sometimes CJ.

  • Eilonwy_has_an_emu

    I hope there’s more girls that can make up the top 5. I think they’re more interesting than the guys

    ITA on this part. it’s a source of frustration to me this season that the gals I find interesting seem stuck on “I’ll sing a song I really like!” while the guys are more likely to have an actual strategy to define who they are musically (which I may or may not like, but I respect like crazy). Strategic thinking is not supposed to be Y-linked! (And, indeed, Jena Irene demonstrates some… but I was expecting better of Majesty Rose.)

  • Karen C

    I think Caleb is one of the top contestants too, he’s been the most consistent and it seems like his performances have had the most interest. I would kind of wonder also where he would fit into current music, but there is some theatrical rock like Muse that is popular, and I could see him doing something like that.

    If he pulls off The Edge of Glory and especially if he turns it into a song that fits him, I think he’ll do very well.

    I’d actually put CJ as my second, he really impressed me the past couple of weeks.

    I was a bit disappointed in Alex and Majesty last week, I thought they would be stronger than they are.

    My rankings would be

    1. Caleb

    2. CJ

    3. Alex

    4 Majesty ( who would have been second up until last week)

    5. Jessica

    6 Jena
    7. Dexter ( just because he seems like a strong competator

    8. Sam ( others who are the same type are stronger in the competion)
    9. MK
    10. Malaya

  • John Rocketship Potter Clayton

    I would argue that Jena and Caleb both had a “moment” last week, in that those are performances that they’ll be remembered for for seasons to come, and remembered as in the top performances of the season at the end.

  • Marko

    This season consistency is the key IMO. While good entertainers (Majesty, Jena) are hitting bottom 3 consistently boring (Dexter), pitchy (CJ) or forgettable (Alex) are safe.

  • Kathleen Moore

    MJ and Mac, I always enjoy reading your power list. However, with the end of the continuous power-voting, I’m wondering if there can be a true power list. Especially since the perceived top two at the beginining of the voting rounds were both in danger last week of not even making the tour.
    Three weeks into the final rounds, eight contestants have already made the bottom three. And only one contestant have made the bottom three more than once. With that criteria, the top five on my power list haven’t made the stools of shame yet. And the contestant with mulitiple stool appearances is #10 (same as M&M).
    Anyway, my power list Please keep in mind, this list is extremely volatile. With the new voting system, a bad performance by almost any of my top five could possibly send him/her home. While another five-star performance by my #6 contestant will easily shoot her into the top three. RIght now, I think nine out of the top ten has a legitimate shot at the confetti shower come May.
    1) Dexter. Unfortunately, he’s my number one. I think the Alabama voters are voting for the Bama 3 as a block. He’s a poor man’s Tate Stevens. I hope I’m wrong. But I hear a lot of buzz for him.
    2) Caleb. Before last week, he was a generic rocker. But he switched things around with Adele. I think he could have another shocker this week.
    3) Alex. His musicallity has earned him fans. His friendship with X-Factor’s Alex (and Sierra) has also earned him fans.
    4) CJ. Another member of the Bama 3, and to me, the best one. But he doesn’t seem to get Dexter’s buzz. One thing though…he seems to lead the Facebook voting polls during the show. I want to place him higher. Let’s see how he sings this week. And more importantly, how he does in the Facebook polls.
    5) Jess. Our final member of the Bama 3. She’s mid-pack, although with a better performance that last week, she could go up. She does have a likeablity problem though.
    6) Jena. Yes, she probably should be higher. However, she was only one week out from a bottom three performance. She doesn’t have a huge fanbase; however I don’t know if anyone has a fanbase other than the Bama 3.
    7) Sam. He’s above Majesty, only because he’s a cute boy. I want to strangle the person whose picking his songs. He’s a cute puppy dog, who should be singing cute puppy dog songs, not songs about being crazy and unwell or mojo filter and shooting Coca Cola.
    8) Majesty. Hoping this is only a temporary blip. I can actually see the perceived singing princess wanting to sing the brand new Disney princess song. No one could foresee the train wreck. And with the new voting system, it nearly got her voted off. I just hope Majesty picked up the pieces and caresses a 21st century classic tonight.
    9) Malaya. Notice that she sang toward or at the end of the show the past two weeks. I think that’s TPTB wanting to get her on the tour. Now that she made it, I see a first hour (maybe even a first half hour) apparenance from her.
    10) MK: She worked the crowd, and especially the judges last week. A few more hearfelt songs, and she may last a couple of more weeks. But another “Satisfaction” or “Drops of Jupiter,” and she’s gone.

  • mtthew

    honestly, i think the limited votes are going to have more of an effect on a contestant who has a bad performance because frau and fans can’t “powervote” for 2 hours to give their fave thousands of votes. i don’t think majesty or sam are out of the running and believe they can rebound, but it’s definitely going to be an uphill battle.

  • amadcow2

    My top two are Caleb and Jena

    My bottom 3 are Sam, Malaya, and MK

    The rest are swimming around in the middle. This year, with the changes in voting, it seems that anything can happen and people really need to bring the heat.

    My prediction based on the spoilers and gut feeling (not the Devo song), is:

    – The ‘save’ will be used if either Majesty, Alex, or Jessica is voted off.
    – Caleb and Jena remain strong
    – Dexter is safe
    – Sam is boring

  • Incipit

    “I still have faith that Jess has fans who are rooting for her.”

    Well, yeah – I am – but it has nothing to do with whatever town she’s from – that’s not how I pick music. I’m interested in Jess because I like the tone of her voice. (I liked Majesty too, for her vocals – but she’s lost a few steps)

    So it’s that simple – even with Bandzilla messing her up two weeks in a row – I like the tone of her voice. Her vocals have layers, and her delivery has the believability that the kids can’t begin to command. She’s picked good songs, especially last week – and as long as the show keeps throwing out these soft categories with no parameters to speak of – she can keep picking songs she has done before – why not? If the show asks for more from any of them than they have shown us so far – it will be the ones w/experience who can deliver – and hopefully, not let Randy and his Glory Note Moments get in their head.

    If these idiots ever get around to giving us iTunes – this is the one whose tracks I ‘may’ buy.


  • Larc

    I agree Caleb is at the top and that’s disappointing. Not because Caleb isn’t good, even the best of the bunch. He is. But he’s not that good overall. And the lack of other contestants who are clearly better than Caleb is the disappointing problem with this season, IMO.

  • gclay

    Jena needs to follow in the footsteps of Elise and Haley: follow up a great performance with another great performance (Vienna/Whole Lotta Love style) thats how she will gain fans. Its been done before contestants have gained fans she just has to nail every performance for the next 2-3 weeks.

    Also, with this new voting things are much different. I am not an MK fan at all, but last week she performed well so I gave her 10 votes wheras last year I wouldn’t have voted for that performance. That will save weak contestants who give strong performances (MK, Malaya, even CJ)

  • Karen C

    I like Jessica too, she does have an interesting voice and arrangements.

  • Ronnie D

    I definitely agree on Caleb. However, I think some people might be underestimating him. He proved he could be versatile when he sang Skyfall. He isn’t a one trick pony.

  • Karen C

    Actually I agree with you. If he were in one of the stronger seasons, he wouldn’t have been so highly rated.

  • jcabby

    Caleb is the frontrunner IMO. His choice of Skyfall caused quite a buzz. If Jena continues making smart choices as she did last week, she could see herself in the top 5. Alex cold make a run for the top spot. He is dynamic with his cool guitar playing and phrasing.

  • Barbara Rodriguez

    Ok so I haven’t been watching idol but i decided to checkout Caleb – I know I am really showing my age but can anyone one say Meatloaf !! Song for the finally ” Paradise by the dashboard light ” …. what do you think ??

  • Tinawina

    I totally agree that Caleb is number 1 by far and Majesty is falling fast, probably faster than Sam.

    I don’t think Jena’s postion is solid unless she continues her momentum this week.

    I think CJ was a dead cat bounce and he’s still a midpacker. Ditto Malaya and MK. All might hang around a while longer but they won’t win I think.

    I think Jess still has people but she needs a moment fast. I think she still edges out Jena but if she doesn’t step it up and Jena has another strong week they will switch places.

    Dexter is this:

    Alex – I don’t know if he has momentum or not. He’s had solid performances but no knockouts… I think he’s treading water and not playing to win.

    Ben was my pick to be dark horse if he pulled it together but we all know how that went. LOL. Take my asstalking with a grain of salt.

  • Eilonwy_has_an_emu

    can anyone one say Meatloaf !!

    In your absence, we had reached the point of rivalries over which Meat Loaf-related nickname should stick. I prefer Meat Loaf Muffin, but there’s no consensus.

    Song for the finally ” Paradise by the dashboard light ” …. what do you think ??

    No. It doesn’t cut well, and it affiliates Johnson with an artist whose heyday was 37 years ago (with a resurgence in the early 1990s). Even with Idol’s high median viewing age, the BooH era is going back to the median viewer’s childhood.

    Johnson already has a lock on the portion of the Idol audience that wants its old time rock ‘n’ roll. As long as he remembers to give ’em one rousing oldie in each of the two-song weeks, nothing will shake that, His (interconnected) challenges going forward are to woo the younger viewers who prefer newer music, to show “versatility” and “artistry” for the vocal voting block that will go for that regardless of genre, and to convince Interscope that he’s commercially viable in the current music market.

  • Sassycatz

    I’m not quite getting Jena. I want to because she’s certainly talented, but her voice just doesn’t appeal to me. I like Jess more, but am afraid she’s too stuck on her “vast” experience and what she’s done in clubs which may not be transferable to this stage.

  • justmefornow

    Caleb is my favorite too this year. In some ways though he reminds me of Candice; cut twice before in stronger seasons against better competition, finally makes it through and seems better than they actually are because of weak talent around them.

    Unfortunately he seems just about as current too. (I bet Interscope is hoping he doesn’t win this thing. Even boring schlubby Dexter is more marketable.)

  • Barbara Rodriguez

    I love Meat Loaf Muffin lol :D – I know that song is way to long for idol :( but it should be interesting to see the choice of songs along the way

  • Eilonwy_has_an_emu

    but it should be interesting to see the choice of songs along the way

    Yeah, Johnson has my attention as the “what will he/she do NEXT?” contestant this year. I like having at least one around to provide that sense of anticipation.

    I wouldn’t hate him for doing a song from the BooH 2 era, either, though I don’t know if that’s best for him. I loved that album.

  • mikkomfi1

    The judges saw “star” in MK last week, and she was not in the bottom 3. Was that talk by judges only “bla bla bla”? Jennifer’s comments about K.D.Lang were over the top, but Harry’s and Keith’s to me not, because I felt in the same way. She has some kind of magical presence and she is a star.
    But maybe just a little star. At this point, it is difficult to imagine, that she could draw 1000 people somewhere to watch her, but who knows? She is a little star, and it is interesting to see, can she develop in AI. I do hope that you are totally wrong placing her the 10th. Let’s see.

  • perfectstorm

    If Caleb wins, he will be iced out the way Candice was. It goes back to marketability.

  • artemis112

    I’m really nervous for Majesty tonight. I hope she goes back to the kind of song that she did so well earlier in the season. The change in the voting rules makes it very hard to save your favorites if they mess up-they’re only as good as their last performance. I’m mildly interested in a few of the others-Jess, Jena, Alex, and Caleb are talented, but I’ll really lose interest in this season if Majesty leaves so soon.

  • Sassycatz

    It is too bad that winners can’t be matched up, from the get-go, with labels which might actually give a damn about them, instead of having to go through a couple of years of misery and then find, perhaps a smaller or more indie label, that matches the artist better. Carrie’s example is a good one, in that she had to fight to get a label that fit her and they eventually listened, instead of RCA trying to mold her into a pop princess … which is what they wanted to do. Now, it’s solely up to the artist alone to make that transition. The label just doesn’t listen, dumps them, and AI moves on to the next season.

  • macfae

    I am feeling far too much of “NOT in it to win it” from many of these contestants. Either because they just wanted some exposure to gain fans or playing it safe to make the tour was their goal. Or simply lack of confidence.

  • Marko

    Lol. As Jim Cantiello once said: “I don’t know what kind of artist I want to be and I’m not in it to win it”.

  • Incipit

    Where’s Cantiello this season? He’s not working for Cowell anymore. (I seem to recall that he was)

  • macfae

    yes. On both counts. I feel Jess is accustomed to plaing as background music to crowds and is a little hardened because of that. I love her voice and choices but that wall has to come down or she will never make it to the top.

  • Sassycatz

    Exactly. As Debra Byrd said, you have to look through that camera and connect to the millions out in television land.

  • justmefornow

    Well yes I agree. But look at it this way, that’s the ONLY way he’ll get signed, by being the winner. No one is watching or gives a sh*t about this show really anymore, especially other labels.

  • Marko

    Yes he was but now he’s not even recapping Idol anymore. “AI in 60 seconds” was hilarious :)

  • Cathy Mcguire Kosak

    Could Sam sing Lonesome Town Ricky Nelson ??? I know it’s OLD,,But watching him and hearing his story,,I think he could really connect and have his moment……and a lot of people have probably never heard this song before….Just curious….

  • Marko

    Byrd is a genius. Idiot Idol producers let her go and now she’s vocal coach for The Voice.

  • Sassycatz

    You’re kidding. That sucks. (Wasn’t that around the time McPhee’s mother started working for Idol?)

  • macfae

    I miss Jim – he was always fun. But he seems to have totally dropped off the scene. Even his few tweets are kind of random.

  • Marko

    It’s true. If I’m not mistaken Jimmy Iovine was involved in this business.

  • Eilonwy_has_an_emu

    If there’s a 1950s theme week, sure. The song picks up some mild edginess with the 40-something set for having been used in Pulp Fiction twenty years ago.

    Otherwise, I’m not sure what he’d accomplish. The original Ricky Nelson bobbysoxers would be in their late 60s and early 70s, so Interscope’s not going to be willing to market a teen star to them, even if they vote their fingers off. Even an audience in their early 40s is good for Woolf only as a voting block, not as music buyers whom a label would realistically target.

    Woolf is one who’s suffering from “not enough strategy” already. He needs to get thoroughly aligned with his natural fanbase of fellow teens, plus some 20-somethings who see him as wise beyond his years. (Basically, he wants the same audience as that Jake Bugg who was on the other week.) If he gets himself defined as an “old soul” by the over-50 crowd without wooing and winning the teens, he’s going to be a nightmare to market.

  • Holden17C

    If Caleb wins — or even if he just places high — TPTB will build a band around him Daughtry style.

  • Marko

    That’s actually not a bad idea.

  • girlygirl

    TBH, I don’t see his natural fanbase as being fellow teenagers. Teenagers seem to be all about pop stars, boy bands, edgy alt rockers, etc — not about mellow singer-songwriter types like Sam.

  • gclay

    If I remember correctly (please feel free to correct me): Byrd stayed until Season 11, Peisha McPhee was added in Season 9 (maybe 10), and Adrianna Mcphee (Kat’s sister) was added last season I believe to replace Byrd

  • Sassycatz

    I thought Debra Byrd was pushed out.

  • gclay

    She was but it had nothing to do with the McPhee’s I heard it was something with Interscope but I’m not sure. Byrd was phenomenal, but Michael Orland and Peisa are both great too

  • Guest
  • Mateja Praznik

    Well, I personally can’t imagine him being marketed towards significantly older audience than he is. That’s not a recipe to build a lasting career.

  • Kesia Monteith

    I think this is why I didn’t want Candice to win in the first place.

    When you DON’T win, your not likely to get that specific record deal. And I say, that’s fine. Work on being savvy in this business. Gather connections, figuring out your sound. Capitalize on the small fanbase you have gained out of just the 9-10 million people that watched you each week, see where that takes you. You did say, made top 3, so you got at least a little momentum. If you manage to find a small label, let’s see where that builds to even the tiniest success, and go from there. When you don’t win Idol, I think you’re allowed to have more chances.

    When WINNING Idol, the expectation is even greater for you to MUST succeed, as it is greater for you to be expected to fail. All because “you didn’t deserve it”, “you are not ready”, “you have no star quality”, etc. As a winner, don’t have the chance at artist development, you must be selling NOW, or you won’t get that second chance.

    As a winner, you have to prove you will not be a flash in the pan. And it’s very hard wiping that stigma off when you don’t surpass expectations, especially with the stigma being on a talent show has.

    I just don’t want Caleb struggling the way Candice has been struggling. :(

  • Sassycatz

    Ah, okay. Whatever happened to that “woman from hell” who used to yell at the contestants?

  • CanadianLady

    She hasn’t been around since Season 11 but I wish she was. Peggi Blu.

  • tomr

    Caleb was close. He actually didn’t scream for a change. Jena, however, has moved toward screeching/screaming. She has a nice voice but is shouting too much now. She was one of my early favorites (before the live shows) but haven’t liked the performances since.

  • Guest

    Meat Loaf and Jack Black’s love child is in it to WIN it.

  • Miz

    What is BooH? I’m at a total loss and google isn’t helping.

  • Miz

    I’m loving the new voting.

  • Miz

    Wasn’t this Majesty’s first time in the bottom 3?

  • justmefornow

    “Bat Out Of Hell”. It was Meatloaf’s break through album.


  • Miz

    I agree. I thought both of their performances were of the ‘moment’ type.

  • Miz

    Thank you. I’ve never been into using acronyms. :)

  • justmefornow

    No, thank you. I haven’t seen that video in a million years and I forgot how much of a hoot he was, lol.

  • Miz

    I’m going to wait to see what they do tonight. I’m hoping my favorites step it up. I’ll continue to vote based on performance.

  • Matthew Richards

    I’m glad Caleb got way up on the list this week. I’m sure Jess will be near the top too once the band doesn’t screw her over ;)

  • Karen C

    Ed Sheeran is this type of singer and is popular among teenagers now.

  • Karen C

    I think Caleb should stay away from Meatloaf songs because he does remind people so much of him. Better to try to show himself as his own artist and not an imitation of someone else.