American Idol 12 – Week 8 Theme – Standards, Hit Songs of 2013

The Idol Pad is reporting this week’s themes are

Standards and Hit Songs Of 2013.

Here’s an American Idol theme week I can get behind! And considering the girls we have left (I am feeling REALLY confident there WON’T be an elimination this week) the performances have the potential to be fantastic:

Standards are the American Songbook, including classics sung by Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Ella Fitzgerald, etcetera and have usually produced some really great performances from the finalists. Off the top of my head, Season 1, Season 6 and Season 9 had Standards themes. Season 4 had a Broadway theme, which had some overlap.

Hit songs of 2013? We’ve been begging for a contemporary theme, and here it is. The two themes together could be a nice contrast and result in an eclectic night of music. I HOPE!

Via The Idol Pad

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  • ptebwwong

    Finally, a current theme. As long as the list of songs isn’t short this should be a great theme that will show the potential artists and marketability of these remaining contestants.

  • No Thanks

    This week or next week?

  • girlygirl

    Season 8 had Rat Pack theme (or whatever it was called Top 5 week), which would also have some overlap with standards.

    And yay for current songs!

  • Wui Zhuan Lim

    So hometown visits will be held next week?

  • Wui Zhuan Lim

    Liking this theme: Hits of 2013 very much…
    The most current theme i have to say…people can’t complain much

  • jms

    …Now that I see the themes for next week, I am kind of on board for a no-elimination week, especially since the “end the season early” idea is unrealistic.

    The standards ALMOST always lead to great songs and good choices. And hit songs of 2013? Current songs. Granted, I hate most pop music today, but it’s a current theme and that’s just great with me.

  • jashala long

    Yes next weekend

  • LeahKittyS

    Next week, when all 4 of them will almost certainly be back. Tomorrow night we have One-Hit Wonders and Contestant’s Choice.

  • Karen C

    I wonder if they will do it with the 4 or delay it a week.

  • Incipit

    Granted, I hate most pop music today, but it’s a current theme

    LOL. Yeah – it’s a “current theme” of music I don’t want to listen to either, jms – and I’m not hating on the music of today, 2013 has good stuff – I just don’t care about Pop Karaoke. Save us from Psy and “Maybe”?? *snerk* The Standards, as always, offer more scope for creativity, IMO.

    But I see how a longer show has it’s uses when the music some folks don’t care about hearing is stacked in one section of the show – then the split personality of an Idol audience could each choose to watch one half of the show? Heh.

  • Larc

    I’m also thinking all 4 will sing next week. Maybe they will have voting this week as well as next week and combine votes for 2 weeks to determine who goes home on Thursday night May 2.

  • jms

    I heard Candice had a really good cover of Call Me Maybe, but I hate that song so much that I can’t even bother watching it.

    Strangely, as much as I hate pop music of today (in general… there’s a gem of a song here and there), I do have an issue with there not being enough of it on Idol.

    And I think the standards are among the more tolerable of ancient songs on Idol and allow for more creativity and fun than most other old songs.

  • jms

    People can probably complain that there aren’t enough themes like this throughout an Idol season :P.

  • zaclona77

    But if we are talking hit songs of “2013”… what would these be, anyway? We are just four months into the year now and I have to say of the top of my head all I can come up with is songs that have been hits in 2012. Any suggestions here?

  • LeahKittyS

    I think it refers to songs that are topping Billboard now, regardless of what year they were released in. My guess is some of the songs we will hear were actually released in 2012 but are still hits.

  • Incipit

    Good point, zaclona77, but I can’t help with suggestions – I don’t know anything from 2013 Pop. Or 2012 Pop, come to think of it. Heh.

    Trust the Fabulous List Makers, TPTB? I’m sure they will have amazing ‘current’ yet fresh selections for the contestants to chose from?


  • Damien Roberts

    Thats what I’m thinking, using just songs from 2013 would be a pretty limited catalog…although Idol has done that before.

  • Damien Roberts

    Amber should definitely sing “Give Your Heart a Break”. lol

  • Anny_nanny

    Sinatra’s week of s9 was jumping off a cliff, but I couldn’t blame the contestants.

  • bjorders

    Someone could do “Harlem Shake”. Oh wait, Lazaro is off the show. Rats!!

  • Cavaknights

    I tweeted Candice last week about song choices, and she told me she might be doing Call Me Maybe next week! (: If you haven’t seen her cover on youtube of it, I suggest you haul ass because it is mindblowing!

  • raminasr75

    I am guessing hits of 2013 means any song that can be heard on the radio in the last 4 months, so I think songs released in 2012 would qualify. Heck I’d be happy if they made the theme hits from 2010-2013. Yes the themes were boring earlier on in the season, but the last few weeks have been very good IMO.

  • Madilo

    isn’t Call me maybe from 2012 ?

  • Noa Na’aman

    probably any song that was on the charts in 2013 and that would include songs that were released in 2012 but remained hits this year.

  • jdanton2

    Candice tweeted lyrics from Nature Boy. that would be for Standards.

    “Candice Glover ?@CandiceAI12 3h
    The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.
    10:26 PM – 23 Apr 13”

  • Noa Na’aman


  • Patrick Tang


    Amber : Don’t You Worry Child by Swedish House Maffia
    Angie : Wide Awake by Katy Perry (I’ll be suprised if she chooses another song)
    Candice : Mirrors by Justin Timberlake (the JT live version is actually very jazz-influenced)
    Kree : It’s Time by Imagine Dragons

    Candice-Kree duet: Ho Hey by The Lumineers
    Amber-Angie duet: Diamonds by Rihanna

    Group performance: Thrift Shop by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

  • jumpstart

    “Amber-Angie duet: Diamonds by Rihanna”
    Not an Amber/Angie fan, but please … just NO. I absolutely despise this song. *blech*

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I’m hoping for a no elimination week so that all 4 gals will be able to sing songs of this theme.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Oh man! I think that Candice would KILL on “Nature Boy”!

  • usedtobelucy

    If we were in England, Ding Dong the Witch is Dead would qualify. heh

  • Tinawina

    Oh man next week sounds awesome! This is especially a gift to Amber, whose voice was made for Standards. But I think all these ladies can handle both themes well. I’m excited!

  • Connie Stamley

    Dear Kree please sing Hold On by Alabama shakes. Angie please do timeless by Airborne Toxic Event or madness by Muse. Candace how about try by pink or too close by Alex Claire. And for amber demons by Imagined dragons.

  • NatSasic

    I think the fact that there are only two themes indicates this will be a no-elimination week. Usually three contestants have three performances each.

  • vdawg

    I could see Kree doing Mama’s Broken Heart by Mrianda Lambert next week. That would be a great choice for her.

  • Amy Beth

    If Week 8’s themes are “something old, something new”, will Week 9’s be “something borrowed, something blue”?

  • tati83

    So then does that mean there will definitely be a non-elimination this week? Since, Top 3 is usually 3 songs each (Judge pick, Contestant pick, Jimmy pick)?? I would be ok with that as long as they combine votes for both weeks! I would love to see all four tackle these two themes!! Could be great!

  • Kyle Bianchini

    Season 8 did standards too.

  • Peter Hewitt

    it actually came out in 2011 but became a hit in 2012

  • rp9882

    I hope that Angie Miller does her cover version of Taylor Swift’s “We are never ever getting back together”

  • girlygirl

    Wide Awake shouldn’t qualify, since it really would be a 2012 hit song, not a 2013 one.

  • Matteo Rodrigo

    So where did that one hit wonder post claiming Destinys Child and others as one hit wonders

  • ReginaFilange

    TPTB like all 4 of the girls, so they might want to feature all of them. Maybe they’ll only sing two songs each to make up for the time.

  • Ira

    Time for some real “adult” performances, but 2013 has been a rotten time for contemporary music..

    Candice, ” Good Morning Heartache” Billie Holiday

    2013- time to flip the script….My suggestion is Brad Paisley’s, ” I Can’t Change the World”…Country and the Blues are kissing cousins, and I think Candice has shown with her cover of the Cure, that she’s open to new ideas.

    Kree, Carmen McRae’s – How Long Has This Been Going On

    2013, Pink, “Try”

    Angie,Carly Simon’s powerful take on, ” “Body and Soul”

    2013,M83 feat. Susanne Sundfør “Oblivion”

    Amber, standard; The Man I love
    Amber, 2013; Daft Punk feat. Pharrell Williams old school jam, “Get Lucky”

  • Vetle Hovland


  • Ira

    Is it the state of pop music that you dislike, or what is made available to radio and other media outlets?

  • Ira

    I guess with the four ladies, this would be the “Kitty Litter” theme….Of course there’s another option, but I wont go there…

  • Tom

    So basically the themes are “Songs that are fantastic” (Standards) and “Songs the suck” (2013).

  • Tom

    I wouldn’t mind Kree doing Darius Ruckers version of Wagon Wheel.

  • FinalFantasy13

    yay that means somebody can do accidently racist by brad paisley and LLcoolj

  • LeahKittyS

    That. Sounds. Awesome! And who knows, with the current music direction they’ve taken for the last two tours, maybe I’ll hear some of those this summer, if not next week.

  • Ira

    It is for this reason that I warn people about writing Candice off… It’s not the song selection, but her reply to your tweet. She and her team are very good about following up, and building on her base.

  • KaiChen

    Call Me Maybe is a 2011 track that peaked mid–2012.

    By no means is a 2013 hit.

  • therealDharper

    This week sounds like it’s going to be great. Old and new music – Fantastic!

  • Aakash Mansukhani

    Woah, Finally!!!
    Someone better cover Justin Timberlake haha

  • deshae78

    Sounds great! I am excited for next week, and hope all 4 girls are still around. It will be so refreshing to hear NEW songs on Idol! Finally!

  • Jason Gorny

    I would love to see one of them cover Demi Lovato’s Heart Attack, Fun.’s Carry On, and Lady Antebellum’s Downtown.

  • Jason Gorny

    Oh my gosh! A great song for a group performance would be Little Mix’s Wing! That would be cool!

  • mtthew

    i was listening to hey ho by the lumineers on my way back to work from lunch and i NEED kree to do a solo version of it. she would sound GREAT.

  • Jake W.

    Finally some hit songs!

  • Jake W.

    Please no Wide Awake. That is the worst Katy Perry song ever! Besides, it is a 2012 hit song.

  • Ira

    I can only hope that she will tap in to Liz Wright’s arrangement….

  • Ira

    I’m thinking Nikki and Keith Urban to open the show….

  • LeahKittyS

    Actually, early on in the season, some of them were talking about making a Harlem Shake video together. Who knows, it might pop up over the summer…

  • Mary S. Shepherd

    Okay, so who’s going to sing Thrift Shop?


    This is sort of a thematic whiplash. Seriously, I always enjoy Standards night, or its various by-other-names theme nights. 2013? We’ll have to see. With songs that contemporary, it’s going to take some tweaking to make them sound distinct from the originals.

  • Mary S. Shepherd

    Oh yes, all the arrangements by Harry Connick Jr. That was… unfortunate. Too bad too, because I think some alt arrangements of those songs would have been interesting – especially for Casey James who could have killed on the Willy Nelson arrangement of Blue Skies.Typically, however, Standards nights have been solid.

    Season 5 I think they did something Standards-like… Chris Daughtry sang “It’s Wonderful World” and Taylor Hicks sang “You Send Me” as I recall.

  • Connie Stamley

    That’s because Katy sings it. By a real singer it might be great:)

  • Kariann Hart

    There;s seveal I haven’t heard of, but I am open to change.

  • Kariann Hart

    Definition of ONE HIT WONDERS from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame:
    One Hit Wonders

    For as far back as rock and roll can remember, there have been artists associated with only one song – and one song only. It may have been their debut recording, or it may have come after an entire career’s worth of show business perseverance. Each of these songs was a Top 20 hit, and not one of the artists who recorded them ever had another song in the Top 40.
    (Traditional Pop like Angie sung is also included.)

  • Kariann Hart

    It sounds like you will get your wish!

  • Kariann Hart

    Yes, she did make a promise, didn’t she? Thanks!

  • Jason Gorny

    My idea for next week:

    Kree- Downtown by Lady Antebellum (Perfect for her to showcase her country side again to get the vote)

    Angie- Heart Attack by Demi Lovato (Might fit in with Angie’s theatric style)

    Candice- Mirrors by Justin Timberlake (Very R&B/Jazz like, perfect for Candice)

    Amber- Thrift Shop by Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis (I dunno, I just want her to be current lol)

    Group (result night) – Wings by Little Mix (Would be a fun performance! It’s all about following your dream)

    Duet 1 (Kree and Angie)- Don’t You Worry Child by the Swedish House Mafia (I think this would be a very cool song for both of them to sing)

    Duet 2 (Candice and Amber)- Sweet Nothing by Calvin Harris ft. Florence Welch (Can showcase the soft tone of their voice, not being overpowering)

  • Ira

    Take a listen and tell me what you think.

  • Miz

    I’d like Candice to do some Emile Sandé. ‘Next To Me’ would be good even though it was just done on GLee.