American Idol Top 10 Tour Photo Shoot BTS (PHOTOS)


Yesterday’s tour photo shoot was a Top 10 reunion for the American Idol finalists.

Eliminated contestants, Erica Van Pelt, Heejun Han and DeAndre Brackensick joined the Top 7  in Lost Angeles Saturday to pose for the official American Idol 2012 tour photos

Check out a gallery of behind the scenes snaps courtesy of @Idol_Insider.

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  • Anonymous

    Love Hee Jun’s and EVP’s new hair styles.  

  • raya

    I like the highlights Erika has since added to her hair.

  • Pam

    The cast looks great in the photos.  I love the highlights in Erica’s hair!  Jessica better be thankful that Heejun isn’t cutting her hair!  Hee

  • iFoundIt

    I think it will be a fun summer tour.
    Heejun/Phil -crazy, goofy fun, fun, fun 
    Erika/Skylar – more fun and quirkiness
    Colton/Deandre – the smooth heart trobes
    Hollie – she’s very pretty with a great voice
    Elise – the consumate artist
    Even though none of these people according to Randy are the best singers in America, they will be hits on the tour.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t wait for the tour!  I think it’s going to be a lot of fun this summer.  Any idea when tickets go on sale?  It must be soon ………

  • Miz

    I like all these kids/young men and women. I think this will be a great tour and entertainment for those who go.

  • Anonymous

    Erika looks so good!

  • Frank

    I think the tour looks so fun to be a part of. It’s basically a road trip with 9 close friends meeting people who love you and doing what you love every night and getting paid for it. It sucks that they only allow the top 10 to perform because it stinks so much for those who come in 11th (although last year was lucky it allowed 11)

  • Anonymous

    I always feel bad for those couple of people who make it to the live show but don’t get to tour.  That’s got to be the biggest bummer ever.

  • Tera2

    I think all those who make top 12 or 13 should go on tour too.  Its cruel to not let a couple go after all the hoopla of making it to that round.  I know in first couple seasons they all went if they made that round. 

    Anyway, Deandre looks cute in that pic alone.  And ts good idea Erika put some highlight in that hair.  I thought she needed reddish auburn and not just jet black hair.  Its nice haircut just drastic

  • Cindy

    Aw, I need to try and go to this tour. :)