American Idol Post Game – The FINAL CHAT

Join us for the VERY LAST American Idol Post Game chat of the season! It begins at 1 pm EDT.

We’ll be talking Final Two and tonight’s big FINALE!

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  • Toby74

    I am trying to find a place to talk about the voting system. Last week I was voting for Haley. Two times when I called her number which was on redial, so I did not make a mistake and dial the wrong number it gave one vote to Scotty and one vote to Lauren. Last night when I was voting for Lauren it did fine and then it gave a vote to Scotty. So, how many times has this happen and is this why Pia and James went home early? Did this mess up Haleys chances of being in the finale?

  • idolhound2011

    I will never vote, watch, buy anything to do with american idol ever again. What they did to Lee is just
    not cool with me. American idol can screw. By the way I buy a lot of music.

  • poohbear

    I agree that both final contestants are nothing to write home about, however, if Scotty McDreary wins, then it’s another year where an average white boy with brown hair takes home the prize (snooze). If they want to give this show a little boost, best if they “decide” that a girl wins this year. At least it will have people talking.

    With McDreary, there will be little talk and a huge migration of viewers to Cowell’s X-Factor next fall.

    Maybe that’s why this show has stunk for the past couple of years. The decision to let Idol slide could be just a delivery system for an audience for Simon’s new show with a big, obligatory, pretend competition between producers.

    Whatever it takes to hook an audience is all it is to these creeps.

  • gabriel oak

    I just read a record $122 million votes were cast. By whom? Who is voting in this wretched contest?

    Neither of these final two are exciting singers but I have to say I don’t want Lauren to win. She really doesn’t deserve the crown at all.

  • smart141voter

    No Conspiracy in American Idol? Really?
    1. The demographic of American Idol viewers is mostly viewers from the Southern States (South) (see wikipedia).
    2. The rating trend was downward. This year revenue is down 17% than last year. New producer (Nigel Lythgoe) has to do something about it.
    3. Out of 10 winners 8 winners were from the South (2 of them are very successful: Kelly Clarkson & Carrie Underwood; the majority of their music-genre fans is from the South).
    4. There were 2 ‘potential’ contenders from the South in Top 13 (Lauren Alaina & Scott McCreery; their music-genre is popular in the South).
    5. The voting system is NOT verifiable. Even if a contestant is considered very talented by the music experts/industry/viewers, he/she can be voted off, and suspicion about manipulation is almost zero. Because in people’s mind: “Because viewers can vote unlimited, contestant whose fans vote like ‘crazy’ will win, contestants who can’t generate excitement will lose.” This is where TPTB has the ‘loophole’: they reserve the right to disqualify, block or remove any votes from any individual. They have created their own privilege to steer the direction of the outcome of the show to what they deem necessary for the sake of the show. Viewers are just ‘pawns’ and ‘scapegoats’ (“How come they are so stupid to vote him/her off?”; Remember: ‘cougars’/’tweens/teens were to be blamed ) The contestants are the talented young musicians who are in desperate need to survive. Absolutely they are thankful for being exposed to millions and got (meagerly) paid too (they get $1000/week; in comparison: host, judges get between $10M-$20M for each of them; who knows how big is the chunk for TPTB) Remember: without these contestants, there is no show. But they better shut up. The repercussion is huge.
    6. The goal of “All New” American Idol was to reverse the downward trend. How? Courting the viewers from the South. How? The winner has to be from the South.
    7. Eliminate all 5 female contestants (they all are NOT from the South)
    8. Then Paul, Stefano, Casey, Jacob, James, Haley.
    9. Lauren & Scotty: in the final.
    1st & 2nd from the South. Double whammy. Rating soaring (majority of viewers (South) love it). Trend reversed (even without Simon, wow). Goal achieved. Huge success. $$$ pouring in. ‘Long live American $dol (& N$gel)’!