American Idol Phillip Phillips to Undergo “Good Sized” Surgery Before Tour

Backstage at last night’s American Idol Top 4 performance show, Phillip Phillips told E Online that he’ll be undergoing major surgery before the summer tour to take care of the chronic kidney stone problems plaguing him throughout the competition:

Phillip, who has pushed through the competition despite complications associated with his liver, also spilled that before the Idol summer tour he’ll be undergoing some pretty serious surgery.

“It’s probably going to go down,” he told us. “It’s a pretty good-size surgery, a lot of time down, but you gotta do what you gotta do. So we’ll see. I should be [back in time for the tour].”

Even with all the pressure, the contestants make performing look effortless. However, when we caught up with female frontrunner Jessica Sanchez, she assured us she still gets stage fright before going in front of the cameras.

If Phillip makes the final–and there is a good chance he will–the typical busy promo schedule the winner and runner up embarks upon will have to be postponed.

Actually, immediately post Idol is probably the best window of opportunity for Phillip to take care of his health issues, before tour and recording would begin.  After the tour, there’s the jam packed promotion schedule to promote the debut record.

Plus, the poor guy has been in so much pain, the sooner he takes care of business, the better.  Get well soon, Phillip.

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  • Anonymous

    I’m confused. The article mentions surgery to correct kidney stone problems and then mentions complications associated with his liver?

  • Sarah-Jane O’Connor

    That’s because he probably does have complications with his liver because of the kidney stones. Everything’s connected.

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad to hear this.  I don’t think he’s looked like he’s felt well all season, although he seemed better last night.  He needs to be better for tour, or I’ll be really disappointed if he’s not at my show.

  • idolstruck

    Finally, he has to take care of his health first and foremost! We need him healthy and happy during the Idol tour and promos. Take care Phillip, lots and lots and lots of people are very eager to hear more of your amazing music!!

  • Eleanor Baldwin

    I wish him well.  He must really be suffering.

    However, he can’t sing.  I predict this week will be the usual top four elimination surprise (Daughtry, i.e.) and I think he or Jessica will go home.

    It seems this is always the shocker week.

  • Anonymous

    He has looked really ill at some mentoring sessions over the course of the season.  Good to know we can look forward to a healthy Phil Phil very soon.

  • Anonymous

    I wish him well and a speedy recovery! Phil’s my favorite, but that has no bearing on my well wishes. I want them ALL to be healthy!

  • Gwen

    Yep.  Liver and kidneys.  One can affect the other.  Glad it isn’t a lot more serious at this point.  Health should really come first.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if his singing will improve if his health does.  I have to think that it’s been a burden on his body/psyche/spirit.

  • Anonymous

    P2 is my favorite and has been all season.  I do wish him well and the others, too, so they won’t have to miss any of the performances.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    IMO, P2 should withdraw and have his surgery ASAP to allow himself as much time as possible to recover before the tour and recording his CD.  Everyone knows that he’s going to be signed and considering the kind of singer he is, there’s no advantage to him winning the show.

  • Anonymous

    I wish Phillip well. I can’t imagine being in his position, singing each week and being in pain. It might have taken a toll on his performances. There were some weeks he looked ill. 

  • Madred

    P2 needs to decide what is more important to him, his health or a game show title. Nigel may let him out tonight for health reasons and write him off as the person who received the least amount of votes. It’s a shocker for ratings, but he’s still a liability for the finale if his kidneys go out before the last show. 

  • Anonymous

    If he wins that leaves about seven weeks before tour.  He most likely would do one week of promo stops then go have it done.  6 weeks should be good to recover but he will not have full energy back for the tour it will be hard for him to do everything on the tour and get that record done if they follow the same pattern of recording it while on tour.  Best thing for him health wise would be to not win but career wise I think you always have a better contract and shot at success if you win.  Goodluck to him.

  • CanadianLady

    I’m assuming this is being monitored and that doctors are involved. I hope/don’t think Phillip or Idol would do something that would be detrimental to his health in the long run.

  • Chris

    I doubt he quits this close to the end. It’s 2 more weeks, then a week of cheese on Good Morning America and other talk shows. Schedule the surgery for ~ May 30th and he’ll be good by July 6. In fact, Idols have missed the tour for health reasons so there is no magic. The person that benefits potentially are the other finalists because with P2 out of the picture, more stage time for them.

  • Chris

    I just posted a similar theme. 6 weeks is decent recovery period and he could pull a Scotty and skip the group numbers which will save him strength on tour. Go out, sit on stool, do2 or 3 songs and he is out of there.

  • Miz

    I wish Phillip the best with this. I hope this is all worth it for him.

  • Anonymous

    The advantage is getting the lion’s share of media coverage, something young artists need as much as possible.  If he was going to quit, he would have done it weeks ago, anyway.

  • CanadianLady

    Agreed. if they follow the tour show format they used last year, it would actually be best/least stressful for him to win.

  • damo

    The last person that I can remember having a health problem that could affect his career post show was Bo Bice.  I do not think that Bo’s career really recovered when he was forced to take time off right after the tour for emergency intestinal surgery.

    I hope that Phillip can get this resolved pre-tour.

  • No Thanks

    You’re right.  Bo’s career never recovered.  He couldn’t promote, cancelled a bunch of stuff.  Lost ALL momentum.  It was many years and multiple surgeries. until he finally got his intestinal problems resolved.

    ETA: Bo had emergency surgery DURING the tour. He was miserable during his entire post Idol experience right up until he got dropped by RCA.

  • larc

    There are 43 days between the Idol finale and the first tour concert day on July 6.  If P2 needs 6 weeks for recuperation, that’s only 1 day less.  And that doesn’t take into account the time needed for rehearsals to get ready for the tour.  I think it will be a very rough go for him.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think he would drop out now, after dealing with this all season. I’m sure he wants to win; it’s a big advantage over finishing lower. Sounds like he’ll have time enough to recover from surgery before the tour.
    I’m sure they’ll work around any limitations he has in planning the show for the tour. Whether Phillip wins or not, he has a large fanbase who are likely to buy tickets for the tour.

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t Katherine Mcphee miss a big chunk of the tour season 5? She was on vocal rest or something.

  • No Thanks

     Yes, she missed a bunch of early dates, and cut her set to only 2 songs.  It caused her to delay her album to an early January release.  Didn’t help her singing career either.

  • Anonymous

    Good luck to Phil. Can’t imagine trying to do this competition while battling very painful kidney issues. And besides a few nods to it here and there by Idol, he hasn’t played for the sympathy vote at all.

  • Pam

    Last night did seem to be one of P2’s better nights vocally.  I agree with the choir though, his health should come before this competition.  It would be better for him to withdraw now to have maybe at least a couple or so extra weeks to recover and not risk missing any tour dates but ultimately, that’s up to him and his physician. 

    I do feel a ton of sympathy for him though and I wouldn’t wish this on anyone.

  • Nadine Richards

    I think it was a mistake.  Kidney problems usually don’t cause liver problems, especially kidney stones. 

  • Loretta

    Poor Phil2.  I have noticed his coloring and ill looking complection and his eyes has lost some of the twinkle.  With only two weeks left I say he should hang in and then have the operation.

  • TFLS

    The business is a bit different now – more compartmentalized.  It will affect Phil’s career sure; but I think he could recover – especially if his record label and management company stand 4-square behind him, promoting the hell out of his first album.  If they abandon him like Bo Bice…..

  • No Thanks

     I really don’t think any record label or management will be too patient with a chronic illness.  That’s why he needs to get his health under control and in check BEFORE he embarks on his music career.

    Because if he has to constantly cancel and back out of stuff, he will lose his label and management money (or money making opportunities).  And NO ONE in the entertainment business is that charitable (unless they can make it a tax write off).  If I recall, 19E threatened to sue McPhee’s ass for breach of contract if she didn’t get her ass back on tour.

    He can not and will not be able to handle the brutal schedule of an Idol winner (or even a runner up).  But if he takes care of his health NOW, then he might be able to forge a decent career post idol.

    Just keeping it real.

  • too-cool-for-school

    Lol, he has held on this long. Why would he withdraw now? I feel really bad for him. I’m a total pain wimp and I can’t imagine what kind of fortitude it takes to put this kind of problem on the backburner when you’re in an intense competition.

    I’m glad there is at least some time for his surgery and hopefully a speedy recovery following. You never know, he could go tonight. It wouldn’t be the first time a frontrunner left in 4th place. But dropping out? No chance.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not sure anybody knows how long his recovery period will be, since we don’t know specifically what his issues are.  I think he’ll figure it out, and the show would be beyond boring without him.

  • Desmond Hobson

    I noticed that Phillip missed the latest Ford music video shoot that aired last night.  No doubt these health problems have something to do with it.

    Now that I know of his health problems, I admire Phillip even more.