American Idol: Lauren Alaina Drops By Fox and Friends (VIDEO)

American Idol runner-up, Lauren Alaina sat on the Fox and Friends “curvy couch” to talk about Idol (her faves are Phillip Phillips, Colton Dixon and Holly Cavanagh), singing background vocals on the upcoming Aerosmith album and her upcoming tour opening for Sugarland.

Lauren will sing her single “Georgia Peaches” on the NBC Today show tomorrow morning.

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  • Reflections On Life

    Congrats to Lauren for booking a tour with Sugarland!

  • Wex

    If anyone knows if theres live feeds on Justin.TV of the new VoiceUK just like there was of The xFactor UK so those of us on this side of the pond can watch it, please post it next week…Ive read the premiere episode was good and very similar to the UK version but just curious to see the whole episode and all I see on youtube are partial clips

  • Wynona

    Lauren is so cute. I love her CD. I don’t even listen to country music but her CD is so versatile in sound that any fans who like other genres of music could like this CD.

  • April

    Love the interview with Lauren, she has grown so much in her interviews since idol.

  • BonnieDee

    She looks great!  And I can’t wait to see what exactly she did on the Aerosmith album.  Even background vocals is a honor.  Of course as a Lauren fan I hope for more.  

  • Lexie

    Strange that they had at least two incorrect facts…that her album debuted at #1 on the country charts (nothing against her, it just didn’t) and they also stated that, “often it’s the runner-up that does better than the winner.”  She may at some point in the future and is doing very well now, but she isn’t doing better than the winner at this point.   Lauren had nothing do with it, I’m sure, but do your homework, people!

    She’s a great interview, that’s why I’m here:))

  • HaleysShindig

    Ummmm…its FoxNews. Accuracy isn’t exactly their strong suit. 
    Loved the interview, though. Lauren is always a great one! 

  • Anonymous

    So great for Lauren to live her dream, and she looks great here.
    Imagine, 17 years old and touring with Jason Aldean and Sugarland.
    Go Lauren !

  • Chris

    I heard them say runner ups can do better, not that she was doing better. So they were factual. And her album did go straight to number 1 on iTunes country the day it launched. It didn’t hold for Billboard’s weekly chart, including store sales it dropped to #2.

    I remember Paul MacDonald sent her a tweet with a screen shot of I Tunes calling her “fancy” for being #1.

    Its an interview about her so they played to her wins, Aldean, Sugarland, etc…

  • Anonymous

    She looks great and has grown up a great deal looking forward to watching her career.

  • Chris

    Paul’s tweet and the screen shot from Oct 11th’s iTunes Country rankings.

    Paul McDonald ? @thePaulMcDonald
    Holy moly! Look at you all fancy at #1 on the charts @Lauren_Alaina! Congrats! Super proud of you. Have fun with it!

  • Anonymous


  • Cal Manjunath

    Stop focusing on the negative, aka the “incorrect” facts. It’s obvious that many people here want to paint Lauren in the worst light possible so they try to find any possible way that they can. I mean, why not focus on the rest of the interview, which is positive?

  • Lexie

    I should have known better…if you’ll look at my original post (which isn’t too far up), I had nothing but positive to say about Lauren.  Just commented about the statements made by the announcer and interviewer…just surprised they made those mistakes…okay, back to the previously scheduled positives:))

  • Cal Manjunath

    I’m sorry, I wasn’t specifically talking about you. It’s just in general, there are a lot of people on this site who tend to talk about Lauren in a negative vibe. For example, someone called her a “slut” on her Georgia Peaches music video, and someone once replied to a comment about her working hard saying that she only works hard because she has to.

  • Anonymous

    Oh lord …She debut at #2 Country  behind…… lets say it all together ‘Scotty”
    They didn’t really say she is doing better then him…. but so we are all clear… Lauren is not doing better then… again all together  “Scotty”

    Well I clearly feel better.  Its all good happy they are both doing as well as they are, As Lexie said now back to the positives.

  • Chris

    If anyone gets a #1 on ITunes, does that not count? Take Lauren out of it and insert One Direction or any new album launch. We get immediate feedback from iTunes and digital sales was #1 for the debut.

    News people check their facts and maybe next time they should say debut at #1 on iTunes only not on Billboard. But that would be long and cumbersome. People have said for at least a month CAD has sold a million copies but technically its been under a million.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve deleted my comment!!! Everyone chill. I was simply talking about the hosts not having their facts straight. Sorry for stepping on so many toes. 

  • Pam

    The interview was cute.  Yes Lauren, they will want pics with you whether you have on makeup or not.  Heh 

    Thanks mj!


  • Cal Manjunath

    Anyway, it was a great interview. Thanks MJ!

  • Lexie

    A different topic, perhaps?  My daughter is making me watch Disney channel, and the guest on So Random is Destiny and Paris…the backup singers from American Idol last year for Scotty (and maybe others, I don’t remember:)… They sound good!

  • Cathy Mcguire Kosak

    FOX is about as accurate as most weathermen……but WE all know the truth !!!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks MJ for posting this looking forward to watching her sing tommorrow.  On a side note her band tweeted last night that  Charles Barkley somehow saw them and there bus in New York  sat night(They had been with Aldean Tour sat night in New Jersey) and invited them all into a bar for a drink.  They tweeted the picture it was cute they all seemed so pumped about it.

  • Chris

    From the tweets I saw this morning, it sounded like the MyKindaParty tour was really rocking last night.  Add Sir Charles to the mix and I’m surprised she made it to the F&F interview on time.  I think she’s going to miss those wild and crazy boys during April.  Sugarland may be too calm after hanging out with Jason and Luke.

  • Anonymous

    I do not think she was with the band and the bus at that point  she was not in the picture and they were in a bar so she wouldn’t be there. I imagine that would cause a stir and I think they have been trying to be stirless after the Hiton lobby tweets of standing out in the cold.But yes I am sure she had fun with the Party Tour she’ll get to see them again in May for a few dates.

  • Chris

    Agreed.  Definitely not, my only point was they were all having a good time.  Clean good time, not get her in trouble kind of fun. e.g. there were posts of playing football, basketball, dancing with Luke, rapping, general fun.

  • Chris

    On your other comment, seeing the pic of her band with Charles, I think it may have been the combination of this unusual crew that maybe the management felt uneasy about back in January?  Just a guess, but a couple of white guys, a black guy, a blonde girl and her mom showing up at midnight may have seemed odd to a jumpy clerk.

  • Anonymous

    Ya just wanted to be clear so as not to start any stories. Saw the football pics really cute.

  • Anonymous

    I’d llike to know why everyone gets so defensive.  Each of us is entitled to our opinions.