American Idol Judges Monday Press Conference (VIDEO)

Check out this Associated Press video of Monday’s American Idol judges panel press conference in New York City. Mariah Carey denies she is ‘feuding” with fellow judge, Nicki Minaj. Randy Jackson is his typical (annoying) self, and Keith Urban is as laid back as could be.

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  • SullyD

    lol at Nicki using her fake british accent and Keith cracking up.

  • hillstreetblooz

    Hmm… I found Nicki and Mariah to be reasonably articulate in answering the questions, Keith is kinda laid back but charming, Randy I didn’t find annoying at all. They showed us little peeks of their personalities, and right now, until we get to see them in action during the audition rounds I’m not falling for any BS or the typical hype about feuds etc. fed to the media via TMZ or Nigel. They’re still in the gelling stage. Will there be some awkwardness? Some tension? Jockeying for position? Of course. I want some footage of them judging these audition rounds, lol.

  • Tuki

    Randy really is so annoying. Now he thinks he is all that because he got his job back.
    Anyhoo maybe I am in the minority here but I don´t see much chemistry in this panel. It´s like weird.. Keith is laid back, but he could become a bit boring.
    Mariah and Nikki just meh.

  • lovesickheroine

    Lol I can tell just after a few months, Nicki will feel AI’s sucking the life out of her but I hope she fits well with this serious group of judges.

  • harvestmoon

    Considering I’m not much of a country music fan, it’s amazing how excited I am to have Keith Urban on this panel.

  • Larc

    I really wish I could feel more enthusiastic about the S12 judges panel than I do.  Keith probably has the greatest potential, but he’s likely to be swamped by the me-me-me divas.  As for Mariah and Nicki, I’m thinking they could be even less interesting and relevant in the long run than JLo and Steven were.  Randy just doesn’t matter, IMO.  Unless there are more exciting contestants than in S11 to create some much-needed lightning, I won’t be surprised if Idol loses a higher percentage of viewers next year than they did this year.

  • justmefornow

    LOL. Love how Nicki shoots down Mariah’s talking about her years in the business by saying basically the music industry is so different now compared to 15 years ago.
    (She is right, BTW). 
    This could be fun.

    Randy is Randy, but I could listen to Keith talk all day with that accent.

  • elliegrll

    They all bring something to the table, even Randy, who will let us know what the producers want.  I wouldn’t want a panel with four people who are as laid back as Keith Urban, just like I wouldn’t want a panel with four people who are just like Nicki.  The interesting thing is their different personalities and how they will play off of one another.

  • mtlfan2

    that will be interesting!!!
    Mariah might reveal to be the best in the lot imo

  • dabney c

    Wonder how Pepsi got around the idea that Nicki will have a big red Coke cup in front of her for several months.

  • quickjessie

    Well, just based on this promo I’ll have to stick with my decision to skip AI for the first time since it premiered.

    I can’t find fault with 3 of these judges but Randy literally makes me ill.  The guy is a delusional blowbag if he thinks anyone gives a rat’s ass what he thinks about anything.

    He turned me off years ago with his disrespectful comments to contestants.  Referring to young women as “dawgs” and “dudes” is/was just more than I can bear.  I live for the day when one of these singers tells him respectfully that she is not a “dawg” and would prefer not being referred to as one. 

    Gah.  Hate.

  • buffynut2001

    Can’t watch another season with Randy. I just can’t!

    Zero chemistry so far!

  • fantoo1

    It’s hard to tell from this video.

  • too-cool-for-school

    Nicki saying sometimes you have to tell people they shouldn’t be in the business… that’s what I’ve been thinking about her for several years. Glad we’re on somewhat of the same page. xP

    Mariah and Keith seem cool but there doesn’t appear to be much chemistry between them. Keith and Nicki might get along in the middle and Mariah and Randy on the outs, who was super annoying I agree. Ugh, why is he still there?? The three new judges would have been fine.

  • MyDailyComment

    why does she look over at mariah when she says we are getting along?
     …its different from 15 years ago…, so bitter, and angry and judgemental….
     It seems like I took everything she said as a secret backstab to mariah.

    I don’t believe they are getting along for real.

  • MyDailyComment

    Didn’t keith say if your using the fake british accent, it can’t be good….