American Idol Heejun Han: “Jimmy Iovine is Such a Mean Guy!” (VIDEO)

When asked by the New York Post, after Thursday’s American Idol Top 13 reveal, whether he’ll be stepping up the funny, Heejun Han answered, “I don’t know if you’re aware of it, but this is a singing competition! Not about being funny!”

Heejun is probably referring to Idol mentor, Jimmy Iovine who, when remarking on Heejun’s Top 13 boys performance for the results show said, “This isn’t American Comedian. This is American Idol.”

Jimmy Iovine is such a mean guy!” said Heejun when asked about his remarks, “I never knew that, he could be a little nicer, right?”

Heejun also talks about breaking Asian stereotypes.  Not all Asians score high on their SATs–the Top 13 contestant swears he only got 200 on his.  When the NYP writer mentioned that  you get 400 points for signing your name, Heejun quipped, “Well, I got that wrong!”

Watch the video below

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  • Miz

    LOL. It is 200 points for filling in your name on the SAT.

    I hope they keep Heejun around even after he’s eliminated just for the comic relief. 

  • Sunny Mc

    Oh Heejun, hang in there until top 10, I need you to make the tour!

  • andy

     LMAO he’s great

  • tomr

    Doesn’t he realize that he didn’t get in on his voice/singing.  Too bad “Last Comic Standing” isn’t on.  That would have been a much better match.

  • CanadianLady

    Hoping Jimmy sees his potential, just like Peggy did. I think he really could be a good singer. 

  • Leandro

    Heejun FTW !! (or for the second place, I don’t care who wins, i just want to see him until the last episode).

  • GS61

    I love this kid!
    What a breath of fresh air for a 10 year old show, aging by the minute!

  • HaleysShindig

    Heejun is gold. I love how he is diffusing prejudice and bigotry and turning it into a positive force for himself. And..Peggi Blue knows her stuff, he isn’t Top 13 because he is funny, he is Top 13 because he can sang and I think will shock a lot of the detractors. 

  • Anonymous

    I hope that Heejun starts seeing his own potential.  He has a better voice than he gives himself credit for, but he doesn’t seem to be working hard enough to use it the right way.  He probably thinks he can’t win, and is focusing on the humor to ensure that he sticks around long enough so that he can make a good profit from this experience.  

  • Anonymous

    lol HeeJun, you’re going to work with this mean guy

  • newinNM

    Sometime being considered funny or even a “joke” contestant at this point in the competition can be a good thing.  It will make you stand out from the pack, and get votes, even having VFTW on you side can help.  The longer he stays in the more opportunity he has to show his talent.  Some very talented contestants have gone home early while some of the “jokes” were voted through.  

  • Jeffrey Christian

    Heejun Han is S11s Kellie Pickler – a charming, silly, adorable goofball. Who, like Pickler, is pretty terrible. If he can sing, AI has yet to display it – and he certainly didn’t show it on guys night (though compared to living Science Fiction nightmares like Phillip Phillips and Deandra, he’s Pavarotti.)

  • MissMyEm

    I’m on Heejun’s side but he’s dead to Jimmy Iovine.   Unless of course he does super well and Jimmy can smell $$$$$$$.    

    I get the impression, however, that Jimmy is totally into the “chanteuse” kind of singer. Pretty evident from Season 10 as well.

  • Anonymous

    I think the reverse of that is that it’s hard to get people to take you seriously, even after AI, or consider you a serious contender.  I think that this is what Kellie Pickler had to deal with during and after the show.  She had to deal with Ryan always making her the butt of jokes, and while her reputation has helped her in her career, it has hurt her too.  I think it’s a big reason why her current album hasn’t sold well.

  • Listening

    OMG I love HeeJun you know what I don’t care if he did win or knocked out better singers b/c if you were really good you’ll get a contract anyway. Also it’s on the other contestants to sing/perform better than Heejun entertains us to get people to vote for them. If they can’t sway us from choosing Heejun over them who’s to blame them or Heejun…come on it’s their fault.

    I’m team Heejun that guy is hilarious and he’s a good singer just needs a little work. :)

  • Pam

    Heejun has no filler does he?  He is comedic gold.  Better watch your back around Jimmy Heejun.  ;)

    Thanks mj

  • Leandro

    Here’s mroe of Heejun being interviewed by his related future wife (I hope it’s just a distant cousin ;P) and Ryan Secrest saying he’s one of the most clever contestants ever.

  • tomr

    Heejun is no Kellie Pickler.  She is sweet and adorable(without a mean bone in her body) and can sing.  He is rude, arrogant, disrespectful and mean AND he can’t sing in tune.  He is much more like Sanjaya and William Hung.  A joke!

  • newinNM

    I completely agree with you, but if you go home at number 11 there won’t be an album to worry about.  The longer a contestant stays on the show, the better the opportunities will be in the future.

  • Peerapong Jaroensuk

    why did his voice sound like that?? so high and pitchy.

  • Anonymous

    A lot of people seem to like the Idols to filter their comments, be politically correct all the time, show tons and tons of gratitude and always be nice to each other…in short, be perfect little boys and girls.  Not me!  I love the ones who aren’t afraid to speak their mind and even show a bit of attitude.  At least I feel like I am seeing the real person then instead of someone constantly putting on a front.  So you go Heejun!  Tell it like it is and be yourself.  Obviously you are doing something right since the public is definitely behind you at this point.

  • judes

    Ha tomr you need some new words your comments are getting old now.Perhaps you can learn from Heejun as Ryan is right he is quick to answer with wit .To me Heejun has the personality & the talent to go further than some would like. All the best to him.

  • Anonymous

    It must be me but, at best, I think he’s just mildly amusing. Seems like a nice kid but he hasn’t made me laugh yet.

  • Anonymous

    Just don’t get the guy at all.  Agree with Jimmy. 

  • Anonymous

    Oh, please, the guy will sell nothing.  At least Sanjaya was cute.

  • CanadianLady

    From what I’ve seen and heard, he isn’t someone who’s has been training as a signer all his life. He is just an ordinary guy who happens to have a terrific voice and is just realizing it. I’d really like to see how far he can go with some vocal coaching. Isn’t that the reason they have shows like this? To find the rough diamonds and help them shine?

    I don’t really get the impression he’s trying to be a comedian either – I think that’s just who he is.

  • Chris

    Album sales eventually peter out for everyone (except for Kelly Clarkson, still going after season 1!) but Kellie P.’s personality is what keeps her on Ellen and gives her leverage to make money in other ways.

    In that Billboard survey of Idol success stories she was #14, so not bad for the “goof ball” roll. I am sure Heejun would be happy for that kind of success.

  • iFoundIt

    Doesn’t he realize that he didn’t get in on his voice/singing.

    But there are others in the Top 13 that are worst singers – who don’t even have interesting personalities.

    And the hard truth is that aside from maybe the winner or runner-up, most of these people will eventually become a distant memory. Whereas I think people will remember Heejun.

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t that the reason they have shows like this? To find the rough diamonds and help them shine?

    The shows like this(or any shows for that matter) is to entertain the audience. Be it a diamond in the rough, a well trained songbird, or a goof ball , as long as the contests keep people hooked, the show did its job. Majority of the people don’t care if the contests can sell records or not after the show..

  • YM

    “He is rude, arrogant, disrespectful and mean AND he can’t sing in tune.” ???Tomr, Now who’s the rude and disrespectful one? Heejun may not the best singer but I didn’t hear him go out of tune at all.  

  • Hazehel

    But there are others in the Top 13 that are worst singers 

    Absolutely none worst than Hee Jun, and quite a few better singers got eliminated in the semifinals.

    I find it sad for this season that the one with the most attention, and probably the most liked and the one with the most fans, is the worst singer of them all.  He will go far no doubt, because his fans want him to, but it will do Idol no good.  He is a joke, and Idol will become a joke.  God forbid if he actually wins this damn thing.

  • iFoundIt

    He will go far no doubt, because his fans want him to, but it will do Idol no good. He is a joke, and Idol will become a joke.

    Considering that the majority who are signed to record deals are eventually dropped, I’d much rather perfer someone who has a sense of humor – than someone who takes themself so seriously.

    After all, this is just American Idol, popcorn entertainment, nothing more.

    Actually Jimmy Iovine never said Heejun wasn’t funny.  He just said this wasn’t American Comedian.

  • BonnieDee

    I don’t remember his singing as being horrible.   He does need to be careful with the comedy because he’ll have everyone expecting him to say something funny everytime he opens his mouth. 

  • Hazehel

    Considering that the majority who are signed to record deals are eventually dropped, 

    Most, if not all, artists, even the famous ones, get dropped from labels when they are no longer selling.   It’s nothing unusual, nothing to do with being an idol, and quite irrelevant to the Idol show.

  • TheOther

    I don’t think Heejun will win.  I also don’t think he has any illusions of that.  My predict – he will land in 6th or 7th.  There may be a shock boot before him.   

    Heejun is a true original – in sea of Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood wannabes that come through every season.

    I also do not think his singing is anywhere close to terrible.

  • Leandro

    “He is a joke, and Idol will become a joke.  God forbid if he actually wins this damn thing.”

    When Idol was serious? It’s and it always will be TV entertainment. A good artist can take some advantage of that for a while but that’s just it at the end of the day.

  • RockiDreams

    This kid is getting old fast.  As for his singing – he needs to work on his diction – could not understand one single word he sang.  Song choice was the pits.  I also get the impression he is not very serious about this competition which may or may not be the case.  If it is, someone was robbed of a spot in the top 13.  I watch Idol for the singing not for some smart ass remarks.  He has a fantastic opportunity now and dissing someone he has to work with is not a great plan. 

  • tomr

    Perhaps you should read MJ’s posting guidelines.

  • tomr

    You need to review MJ’s posting guidelines.

  • Hazehel

    When Idol was serious?

    It’s is serious as far as the many contestants in the show who aspired to make it in the music business are concerned, like Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, and Daughtry.   It’s the only reason why so many of the contestants would cry on the show, they didn’t intend to cry for your entertainment, they cry because it is dead serious for them and their future career.

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm…I’m really not sure how you can say someone was robbed of their spot in the top 13, when the viewers voted Heejun into the spot he is in.  Whether or not he makes it to the end, or gets Jimmy Iovine upset or whatever, the fact still remains that the viewers like him, better than they liked some of the other people there it appears.

  • shell29

    Maybe the producers see him developing into a “joke” contestant, but I don’t see him that way.  I don’t think he went into auditioning for Idol with the intent of being the “class clown” or the comedian (and his tearful reaction to making the top 24 makes me believe that he has been taking this seriously).  That said, I do think he’s purposely coming off as a jokester (in interviews and on Twitter) now that he’s seen the mostly positive reaction he’s been getting to his humor.  It doesn’t bother me yet, but I agree with those who feel that it could get old real fast. 

    I think Heejun has a decent singing voice.  He’s not the best in this Top 13 but IMO he isn’t the worst either (I’d be more inclined to put that label on Heejun’s Idol BFF P2 but that’s just my personal taste).  I just think he needs to learn to enunciate better and stop picking sappy ballads to sing.  If he doesn’t improve in those areas he might make the tour but he won’t last much longer in the competition.

  • Anonymous

    I think he is mocking everything about this reality competition on purpose and people are lapping it up. He is average Karaoke at best with a thin, weak voice with no ability to sing outside of what he has learned at the Karaoke Clubs. And he seems very unappreciative of his opportunity.
    I find him one of the most selfish contestants I’ve ever seen on this show. (But I’ve only been watching since season 7 and  enjoy the likes of Cook, Adam and Lee and James a hell of a lot more than this creepy snotty brat)
    That picture of him with Nigel tells it all… his look of distain is a big turn off… what a creepy dude. I hope he is gone first…

  • ladymctech

    I welcome Heejun in the top 13 and will probably sob the day he is voted off.

  • Eriko

    Heejun can be funny and makes me often smile. But so do countless of sitcoms, talk shows and other programs on TV. I watch and like AI because it´s a singing competition. And even tho Heejun can be funny, there are other people or actors on other programs that I find much funnier. So I´d take a great 90 sek singing performance from him over a 5 sek smile….but I´m not too optimistic that it´ll happen, but you never know….

  • CanadianLady

    Wow! Can’t believe how different people’s perceptions are.

  • Ringo

    I watched the interview and did not see a scintellating wit whose principal focus is getting a laugh.  Maybe half of a joke after persistent prodding from the interviewer.  I think the “Heejun is a brilliant comedian” party plank is just off. 

    Then again, the “Heejun is an awful singer” plank does not ring true to me either.  Certainly his performances are not cringeworthy to me.  I can’t see voting for him as a comedian or a performer, but I don’t begrudge him a spot in the top 13.  Let’s see how he pans out, week in and week out.

  • Anonymous

    Ringo, I feel exactly the same way.  While I can’t say that Heejun is my favorite in the competition this year, there are several that I think are way worse (like I know others seem to like Deandre but I can’t stand that guy).  I don’t find Heejun hilarious, but neither do I find him offensive in any way.  I like the tone of his voice, think he deserves to be in the top 13, find him very entertaining, and wish him well. 

  • ZsusK

    He’s not for everyone, obviously. But, I find his dry sense of humor a breath of fresh air on a show where the contestants are all painted as earnest and angelic.  Heejun has a really lovely tone to his voice, and I think his performance of Angels was underrated.  Anyway, it’s obvious he was being snarky about Jimmy. I’m sure he and Jimmy will have some fun with it.

  • TheOther

    I watch Idol for the singing not for some smart ass remarks. He has a fantastic opportunity now and dissing someone he has to work with is not a great plan.

    Jimmy Iovine is known to tell it like it is, so I would think he and Heejun would get along great.

    I went back and listened to Jimmy’s critique.  It really wasn’t really that bad.  He basically said that Heejun completely confuses him.  He said he gets the personality, the shtick, and that Heejun sort of has a good voice.  But he said this is American Idol, not American Comedian.

    Jimmy was a lot of more scathing in his critiques of many of the others, include Jeremy Rosado.

  • Cathy Knott

    It is still frustrating to see good singers go home and someone like Heejun stay because the voters think he is funny. 

    MInd you since I am so frustrated with Idol this year it WILL be funny if the voters keep this average talent and send people home who have better voices.

  • judes

    That picture with Nigel isn’t serious- obviously we have a very different sense of humour. I don’t see him as selfish & I’ve heard him interviewed saying he is very appreciative of this opportunity & will be trying hard to do well. Heejun will obviously never please everyone though & I’m glad about that as I would hate for him to tone down to be bland & boring.

  • Tinawina

    Eh. Heejun can sing but he’s raw IMO. I’m interested in seeing how he does with coaching. He’s not going to win unless he learns super fast. I think he’s destined to make the tour, but go out midpack.

    The show is supposed to cast a mix of sing-in-the-shower types and seasoned vets, so I’m not offended by his presence.

  • songsungblue

    I have a soft spot for Heejun because I love his deadpan humor.  And you know, it’s not easy to be an ‘ordinary’ guy like him and have such a natural ability on camera.  That’s an amazing talent right there.  He wasn’t intimidated to crack on Jimmy Iovine!  He’s a nice change of pace from the sobbing OMG! I WANT THIS SO MUCH YOU HAVE NO IDEA OH AND I LOVE GOD! contestants. 

    I guess it’s not surprising that I’m reading so much racism in people’s comments [not here, but places like EW].  I’m married to an [extremely hot!] Asian guy, and let me tell you, stereotypes never die. 

    Go Heejun!  

  • Anonymous

    Songsungblue, great post!!!!! Heejun is golden!!

  • Anonymous

    Agreed. I have no problem with Heejun making it into the finals.  Yeah, he’s not the best singer here but he’s been compelling enough to inspire people to vote.  
    But if he cannot keep up with the singing, he’ll be voted out.  I figure he has a couple weeks of good will left, if does not improve.  Usually, it’s the talent that works out in the end.
    I agree with Songgungblue — he’s been a breath of fresh air and a breaker of a few of the Asian stereotypes.

  • NathalieR

    You really don’t get who Heejun is then. Heejun is not making a mockery of the show. I believe he really WANTS to be on the show and do well, as evidenced by his tearful breakdown when the judges put him through to the top 24. But he does not really BELIEVE that he sings well. I think he uses the comedy as a cover-up for his true feelings. He puts up a stoic, non-chalent, comedic front so as not to be crushed by disappointment if/when he goes home. I think he’s both hilarious and sweet at the bottom of it all!

  • Tyra Reinhart

    Heejun is hilarious. I believe, though he is not the best singer, he is very good. He has had better performances then his last, but If he whips out something as good as how he sounded in his final vegas song, I think Heejun will do very well in the competition. I for one am rooting for him! :)

  • Kariann Hart

    As Kellie Pickler has said, Idol was feeding her some of those naturally funny moments.  Some of the banter with Ryan was planned.  This didn’t bother me; I thought she was delightful.  Two shows where Kellie spoke of this was the Larry King Show and The Joe Scarsborough Show.  She spoke about the calamar jokes and a few other things.

    There is no doubt in my mind, Idol will help Heejun – and that’s fine with me.  I do want to see him on the tour!

  • Anonymous

    ROFLLLL ROFLL ROFLLL ROFLLL!! Awww man, this guy cracks me up EVERY time!

    “But you get 400 points for putting your name!”

    Heejun: “ya well i got that wrong..”

  • nadja

    heejun is at a critical position in the competition. he has the potential to sink or swim if he doesn’t showcase his singing to be on par with his persona..prove jimmy wrong u know?
     under mentorship it will be very interesting to see which way he will sway.  Traditionally peaking early in the competition can affect a persons chances…..but watching someone really grow and blossom during the competiton….ppl dig that sh!t, the live shows can really separate excellent singers from STARS too.  up until now he is not standing o calibre, he is middle of the pack… but i would like to see if he has it in him in the next few weeks to see if he has anything in reserve and unleash anything unseen yet.
     if he really is talented…if he grabs the opportunity by the horns, i think he could be at least top 6 (I don’t think he will win though). 
    i actually enjoy watching these shows when they find talent that’s fresh and unique. he’s not really that vocally, but for me personally, he is great to watch though for now. we shall see when it gets down to business how it all goes!

  • Anonymous

    I agree NathanlieR. In his interviews or in any video where he commented, he would go “They’re so pretty! Everyone is so pretty even the guys” or “I have a big face” or when Randy asked him what he thinks of him singing (in the screen) he said “He’s ugly”

    I think his humor is what made him extremely patient (and sane) with children with special needs. FYI, special needs children are difficult to deal with especially if you don’t have a lot of patience, a sunny disposition and humor. That’s why his kids love him.

    Besides that, he knows he still needs a lot of work in the vocal category, he said that on results night when asked about Jimmy. Besides, having passed thousands of people who auditioned, getting into the top 50, then 24 … means that the judges (and vocal coaches) know he has it. Then top 13, means that people love him and believes he can do this. It’s actually up to him to improve. There’s no denying he’s up against seasoned contestants like Jessica Sanchez who’s been singing in competitions since she was a kid or Philip who’s already a local musician in his city and also competing since high school. 

    After I heard a jist of his Empire State of Mind performance, he’s really really good. There’s a slight huskiness in his voice and he can play around with his notes. I guess the overwhelming feeling of performing live can get into newbie’s nerves, it showed in his voice (unlike Baylie Brown who wasn’t able to grasp control) but he was able to pull it together. 

  • Lina Riyanty

    I think he is serious about his singing. I checked back of his first audition on Pittsburg, when the judge give him compliment, his eyes looks teary.

  • Aiden Heeseung Han


    I am Heejun’s brother and I must respectfully disagree with people saying Heejun is not serious about this competition. 

    Heejun is naturally hilarious guy yes, and I understand his sense of humor might mislead some people to believe he is not serious at some time. 

    But if you have watched all AI episodes, you might have seen him crying when he made it thru the Vegas group round and when he made it to top 24.

    I have lived with him for the last 22 years and still sharing a room with him, but can’t remember the last time I saw him crying like that – He just never cries unless he is extremely thankful or sad.  

    I believe when he said crying, “they are waiting for me at home, I am just glad I am giving them a good message” during the Vegas episode, it was not only to his family but to his friends in the organization supporting and praying for him as well. He is doing this for the organization and his family, and the two means world to him. 

    Also although the Hollywood episode didn’t show it, Heejun actually didn’t sleep at all during the Hollywood group round (The MIT episode) in order to master the new song and moves.

    Believe it or not, He is very serious and thankful now. It’s just his funny like that all the time.   

    Heejun and our family are extremely thankful for this experience. And we very much appreciate your support and constructive criticism.

    God bless you all ;)

  • RockiDreams

    Aww, thanks Aiden for your post.  There is nothing in this world like family love and support.  Part of the reason I continue to watch AI since Season 1 is to watch kids try to achieve their dream in an extremely tough business.  
    Perhaps Heejun uses some of the humor as defense.  I don’t know him.  I can only comment on my opinion and how it comes across at times and for me, it is getting tiresome. I could not stand Pickler after about two shows and to this day will not even listen to a clip of her singing she annoyed me so much. It did not help that I absolutely loathe country music.
    I enjoyed Heejun when they show clips of him when he was working with the kids.  I prefer that side of his personality.  Whether AI allows that to shine remains to be seen.  Other than that – song choice, song choice, song choice, work hard with the coaches, blah, blah, blah.  As for looks?  I don’t care when the voice touches me in some way.  Most of the time I am not watching the singer – they are on my radio or iPod.  In any case, much luck to him and to all the rest of the contestants. 

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I like HeeJun as how he presents himself and think that he’s an OK singer. I know that he’s inexperienced, but still at this point, he’s just OK, IMO and I seriously doubt that there’s any possibility of him winning the competition.  At this point, I think that it would be a major achievement for him to make the tour.

    “I enjoyed Heejun when they show clips of him when he was working with
    the kids.  I prefer that side of his personality.  Whether AI allows
    that to shine remains to be seen.”

    To be honest, I don’t like any emphasis placed on backstories, especially ones like this, no matter how selfless HeeJun may portray himself.

  • Esther

    I know most Idol audiences usually only like good boys and girls who never say a wrong word. In other words, no strong personalities! At least not when you are in the competition. You have to be the least offensive person possible. Even David Cook, who won American Idol, only became well-loved after he toned down his personality a lot throughout the competition. I mean, poor Jacob Lusk got a ton of hate last year for his look in the mirror comment. IMO, Heejun’s the most non-fake contestant left. He just says whatever comes to his mind. That’s what makes him funny. And underneath all that humor, he seems like a really sensitive guy, I mean the way he cries, y’all. It’s not even a desperation type of cry but like a BABY! LOL.

    What he needs to do now is pick good songs to showcase his soulful voice. I don’t think he would last long in the competition but I’m going to enjoy every second he’s on and will be sad when he’s voted off.

  • escape

    Oh, I think Heejun is a gold mine. I love his dead pan delivery and his spot on timing. The guy knows exactly what he’s doing. And the joke is on anyone who thinks otherwise.  He is going to make this season a blast.

    I can see him being a breakout star.  I can see him eventually going to Hollywood and doing his thing.

  • stargazed

    I’ve read the entire thread and “liked” most of the positive comments about HeeJun.  I guess something is wrong with my hearing as I’ve watched him through the entire audition series and found his voice soulful and with good tone.  His humorous side came later to me as I watched him best that hateful cowboy.

    A lot of the singers this year seem to be really seasoned and mature (older).  For me, HeeJun is what AI has always been about, talented kids with dreams.

    I’ll be watching you, HeeJun!

  • randi

    HeeJun actually has a very good voice, judging on what he did in Hollywood and his initial audition.  I think he was nervous when the top 13 guys sang and was off his game vocally but I’m hopeful he can pull it together and deliver like he did in Hollywood. 

    I think he throws out a one-liner now and then that is quite funny; like the “who’s that” when asked about Jimmy.  That was hysteical. 

    I don’t think he should stop being who he is and if that’s his personality he needs to just let it happen naturally.  People respond to authenticity.  That said, no way he’s winning this thing.  He’ll be lucky to make it past top 8.

  • Anonymous

    ….and let’s be real, it’s not all about the singing.  You have to have a personality to be able to market yourself and make you memorable.  I don’t expect HeeJun to win this.  I just want him to make the tour so I can see his cute self live. 

  • Esther

    Heejun talking about his on stage and off stage personalities:

  • tomr

    Unfortunately, like all of the finalists, Heejun has been at the mercy of the film editors.  They are focusing too much on his personality and not on his singing.  There were pros and cons to that.  His personality got him into the top 10.  For some of the others, it was their voice that was the deciding factor.  Heejun, hopefully, is in this to win.  He has the challenge to tone down the humor when it comes across as being at the expense of others.  He is funniest when he makes fun of himself.  At the same time, he needs to focus on ways to improve his vocals and presentation.  Hopefully, Jimmy will help him to do that.  There are others that have to do the opposite.  They have the vocals but need to show more personality.  What we have seen is that (except perhaps for one season), the winner has been the one with good vocals, has improved throughout the season, AND (most importantly) is perceived by the majority of voters to be the most likeable.  There is no way that Heejun won’t make the top five.  But, if he wants to win, he has to be less polarizing.  The live shows give him this opportunity (as they do to the others).  The importance of editing significantly decreased beginning last week.  Now improvement, vocals, song choice, and performance order become increasingly important.  It is my hope that each of them comes out each week and performs to the best of their ability.  There is much potential in this group and pretty much someone for each of us to get invested in.  Overall, I think the judges did a pretty decent job of making that possible.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t care what anybody says. I love this guy. His voice and his personality. The personality just being the icing on top. :)

    Hopefully he sticks around long enough to really mature as an artist. Would love to see him give great performances that end up proving a lot of people wrong. He has the vocal chops. Just needs to develop them. He impressed me during his audition and has since.(First HW solo and Top 24 performance aside…)He could really develop into a lovely singer. William Hung he is not…

    IMO. I don’t see him and Jimmy constantly butting heads. Maybe they will at first, but I can see Heejun melting this guys heart like he did Peggi Blue’s. Stranger things have happened.

  • Leandro

    “next to J-LO who’s the hottest girl on the show?” “Steven Tyler” 

    Heejun again and again and again.

  • Anonymous

    Awe….some of these comments make me sad for Heejun. I hope he never comes here to read them. But I guess thats how it is when you are in the spotlight.

    Why does a funny guy have to be labeled as only a comedian or be accused of not taking something seriously? If you had never been shown scenes of him outside of performing, you wouldn’t even know he was funny unless you followed him on twitter. You would only know him as a very serious and sensitive guy. In fact, I can tell he was not very happy with Ryan when he rehashed the “what are you sweating” joke on live TV when he would rather be responding to the criticism he had just received from the judges. 

    And about his voice…I love it! It’s soulful and passionate, but he needs coaching. Afterall, he has only been singing for a year. I feel the same way about DeAndre….I love his voice but he need coaching. Please stop accusing their fans of only caring about personality or looks just because you don’t like their style of singing.  They both deserve to be there because of their raw potential, so like someone already said, lets wait to see how these kids develop now that they have help.

  • CanadianLady

    Aiden, might I suggest that you follow Mike and Judy McCreery on Twitter? I’d bet that they would be willing to give you some pointers on how to handle all the peripheral stuff that comes with having a family member on Idol. Their family has done a great job. @MikeMGarner and @JudyMacGarner

  • Leandro

    Dude, don’t lose your time with virtual forums. It’s worthless for you and your brother. Just saying. It’s not gonna change overall people opinion about him, but it can drag you down.

  • Axxxel

    High trees catches much wind (Hoge bomen vangen veel wind). It is a dutch proverb. It means something like, the higher your position in society or in career, the more criticism you will receive. So now your brother has climbed higher and is now in the spotlight.

    It is very frustrating to hear all that criticism as a relative because you know your brother much much better than all of us. American Idol is a popularity contest AND a singing contest.  However, no contestant can please EVERYbody. No matter how good you are or how nice you are, or how committed you are…there will be always haters around.

    And at that moment it is good for the contestant to have family and friends around who will be there for them, who will give them a listening ear to their complaints/musings or will give them a shoulder to cry on… Or who will keep their feet on the ground and party together with them during the good times. Just be there for your brother…That is the most important thing ! Or maybe one day you should be his publicist !!  :-) 

  • Anonymous

    I am not sure how much vocal coaching he has recieved and if he gets it (jimmy iovine pushed out the long time Idol vocal coaches, so maybe he won’t get any help to keep him from failing) he might really improve to a very passable level.

    Variety TV might make a come back.  Tony Orlando and Dawn?  The Osmonds?  The Smothers brothers ?  Or other prime time variety shows like Jackie Gleason.

    Think of Bob Hope,  icon who had a career as a singer as much based on comedy.

    I know we have a different time and place yet with the lasting sucess of Glee and popularity of Idol and dancing with the starts and imitators,  a variety show seems more possible now than any time in the last couple decades.

    Could Heejun be a singer comic ?

    (John belushi and Dan Akroid had soem fun runs like that.. not sure Heejun is in their league as a musician though)

  • Mary Wang

    Alright, to those who disapprove of Heejun,

    You have no clue what he is going through, mentally and physically. So, don’t judge. He is naturally humorous and a lot of people use humor as a way to keep themselves from being stressed out/overwhelmed. This type of personality helps him get through the competition and meet new people… he’s likeable. Some people just don’t understand humor but, you need to realize that he’s not out to please everyone on this planet. He has a pretty nice voice too if you’d take the time to go back and listen to his auditions. With work and perseverance, which he has, he can become an even better singer in this competition.
    I believe he’s doing a great thing for us Asian-Americans by being so amazing. He’s not the butt of all the jokes rather he’s the leader of them. He’s got a strong personality and a great voice. He’s showing that Asian- Americans are not to be looked down upon or rendered shy and tossed to the side. Heejun shows that Asians are a force to be reckoned with and that we are people who have a humorous side. We’re not all small-eyed, shy, and stereotypical- Heejun proves that.
    So, give this guy a chance. Clearly people like him… you don’t need to laugh at all his, or any of his, jokes but, do appreciate that he’s made it this far so obviously he’s talented… after all it is American Idol, a singing competition.

    – Mary 

  • Axxxel

    Sorry I digress…The cast of the dramedy Glee already performed new songs from Idol alums: Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Jordin Sparks… Maybe it is time an American Idol finalist who has singing talent but also other performing talent suitable for TV… should make his/her appearance in Glee. Wishful thinking ? They already have Katharine Mc Phee for the TV serie Smash.

  • Anonymous

    heejun is gonna be a big star,,,,after AI……his gonna be better off compare to the others that made it far in the competition..he might do a sitcom on FOX…

  • q q

    Iovine is a bucket of santorum. I hope Heejun goes to the end because f iovine

  • q q

    pitchy is not a word you lemmings

  • q q

    American Idol is a joke to real musicians, I mean c’mon , really, “dog”.

  • q q

    He knows he can’t win and that American Idol is not a singing competition. It’s a fake “reality” show that uses “hopefuls” to make money for its producers. So f it, have a ball Heejun!