American Idol, Dancing With the Stars Leads Top 10 Most Watched Television Shows of 2010

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American Idol holds the #1 and #2 spots on the Top 10 regularly scheduled TV Programs of 2010. The list does not include Single Telecasts. The #3 and #5 spots go to Dancing With the Stars.

There are only two scripted series on the list NCIS: Los Angeles and Two and a Half Men tied for #10. The rest of the list is filled with sports and reality programming.

The Top 10 Single Telecast list is topped by Super Bowl XLIV.

Source: TVBytheNumbers

See the Top 10 lists after the jump.

Top 10 TV Programs – Regularly Scheduled

1 American Idol -Tuesday FOX 7.9
2 American Idol -Wednesday FOX 7.5
3 Dancing with the Stars ABC 7.1
4 NBC Sunday Night Football NBC 7.0
5 Dancing w/Stars Results ABC 5.5
6 Sunday Night NFL Pre-Kick NBC 5.3
7 NCIS CBS 5.0
8 NFL Regular Season L ESPN 4.9
9 Survivor: Heroes-Villains CBS 4.3
10 NCIS: Los Angeles CBS 4.2
10 Two and a Half Men CBS 4.2

Top 10 TV Programs – Single Telecast

1 Super Bowl XLIV CBS 2/7/10 36.5
2 Super Bowl XLIV Post Game CBS 2/7/10 25.8
3 Super Bowl Kick-Off CBS 2/7/10 20.8
4 FOX NFC Championship FOX 1/24/10 19.8
5 AFC Championship on CBS CBS 1/24/10 16.1
6 Academy Awards ABC 3/7/10 14.3
7 Undercover Boss CBS 2/7/10 13.2
8 FOX NFC Playoff-Sun FOX 1/17/10 12.9
9 AFC Divisional Playoff-Sun CBS 1/17/10 12.2
10 FOX NFC Wildcard Game FOX 1/10/10 11.8

  • sma11ie

    Alrighty, go American Idol! I guess it did beat DWTS after all. I’m kind of confused– what was all that talk about AI getting beat last season? Were those just single-show/one-off instances, and AI still beat DWTS overall?

    Interesting top list. I didn’t even know Survivor was still around, let alone that people still watched it! Wow at CBS with NCIS and Two and a Half Men. I don’t know anyone who watches those shows. I pretty much never watch CBS, except How I Met Your Mother. Goes to show how “unrepresentative” I am as a TV viewer. Of that list, I watch American Idol (and not even regularly, last season), and some football, when forced. That’s it.

    I wonder, if they published a list of top 25, or top 50 shows, if many of my shows would make it… setting aside the fact that a lot of my shows are cable shows with small viewerships compared to networks (e.g. Mad Men, Dexter).

  • alterego7

    Even though there was a decrease in AI viewership for Season 9, it still attracted a very large prime time audience. So if sales are down for Season 9, it can’t be blamed solely on the fact that Idol has lost viewers. And if they have lost viewers, it could be that those viewers weren’t invested in the “talent” of this last season.

    But I do commend Crystal for exceeding her projections, especially when her music was never going to be as mainstream accessible. Hopefully, this means that there is a place for someone who is different and who does not fit the Idol cookie cutter.

  • luvadamlambert

    thank god

  • Valentin432

    Idol comes from such a dominant position than even after a really bad season, it’s still the number one show on tv. Amazing longevity.

  • abbysee

    Interesting numbers….I too only watch idol from that top ten list. Glad to see even though they are not a ratings behemoth anymore, they still are top. Let’s see what happens now, post Simon.

  • http://MJO judes

    Its amazing that Undercover Boss did so well on the Single telecast list seeing that most of the others were sports programs!! I wonder which “Boss” that was. We do get this US version in Australia[ we had an Aussie version as well]- I think its a great concept.
    I also don’t understand the popularity with the NCIS shows- we have them all on repeat at the moment in Australia[ non ratings period]. I also don’t know anyone who watches the shows.
    I am glad to see that AI topped the list & hope it does next year as well [ mainly so that we don't have to give Simon the credit for larger ratings!!]

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  • hcpoirot

    Yep, although Idol lost viewers but they still the most watch TV show 2010.

    The very poor of Lee and Crystal sales can not just because of Idol low rating and the low sales of music industry of 2010.

    Both Lee and Crystal just not make people (even the Idol viewers) interesting enough to buy their new album.

    HOping he quality of the finalists improved a lot in AI 10 , not to mention the judges and producers handpicked the top 15. If the AI 10 sell like AI 9 later or even lower, then we all can blame the Idol show totally on the low sales. We had to wait and see.

  • hcpoirot

    judes, you need to check on NCIS shows especially the original NCIS. The show although is a murder / detective show is pretty hilarious. The actors had an amazing chemistry in the show and thats why they are the number 1 show. (Outside of Sports and reality TV show)

  • hcpoirot

    The proof why NCIS is so popular in US:

    Rating for 21-Dec-2010.

    NCIS repeat episode draw 11,9 million viewers.

    Glee repeat episode draw 4 million viewers

    Skating With The Stars finale draw only 3,4 million which is a bad sign for this show.

  • http://MJO judes

    12/24/2010 at 11:49 am

    judes, you need to check on NCIS shows especially the original NCIS. The show although is a murder / detective show is pretty hilarious. The actors had an amazing chemistry in the show and thats why they are the number 1 show. (Outside of Sports and reality TV show)

    I suppose my gripe is that there are so many of them taking up airspace [ seems to be one show for every main city]- so which one is the best one?