American Idol Alum – Behind the Scenes of the THR Class Photo

American Idol Reunion, YO! Check out this fun behind-the-scenes video from the Hollywood Reporter Class Picture shoot.

It includes bonus video from the shoot, including interviews with Kris Allen, David Archuleta, Allison Iraheta, Kimberly Caldwell, Jackie Tohn, Elliott Yamin and Blake Lewis, along with a behind-the-scenes look at how it all came together. Thirty Idol alum took part in the epic photo shoot. Read more about it at THR.

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  • TwigLA

    That was fun

  • Fenway

    I’ve read here at different times that Kris is 5’8″ and that David A. is 5’7″. One of those is wrong. David is taller than Kris.

  • lavenderpixie

    I wanted to hear Jackie talk about Platinum Hit, but it looks like they edited her out for the most part.

    Nice to see everyone again. Kim’s album is pretty good. Not sure why it was delayed for so long.

  • PRMari

    Really interested in Allison’s new music.

  • sma11ie

    Maybe Archie grew.

  • kmd

    That was a very nice video. Archie and Kris were cute and it was interesting. It was fun seeing all of them. Elliott is always late. I think I remember that Elliott was late when the idols from his season went to meet the President.

  • heidijoy

    Nice video and reunion. Enjoyed their little talks, picture taking etc. Really didn’t know some @ the reunion. Archie and Kris did a nice job talking about Idol boot camp, new format etc.
    Hoping Allison will be happy with her new music. I think Blake and Elliott were proud of being “fashionably” late and have the personalities to pull it off.

  • Nina1

    Maybe Archie grew.

    Shrinkage for Kris? :-)

  • girlygirl

    Kris says he is 5’7″. I have seen online posts, etc. before that claim Archie has gotten taller over the last year or so — so maybe he has. He’s certainly young enough to grow a couple more inches.

  • wolfsbane813

    a NIN & Lauryn Hill baby? sounds like it could be amazing!!! looking forward to allison’s new stuff.

  • almondean88

    I totally love the little sticky name tags that all the Idols have on!

  • Tony

    Who the hell is “Jackie Tohn”? I honestly can’t remember her from any season.

    And for a second I didn’t recognize Allison with the black hair. She used to be so easy to spot. lol

  • zweiosterei

    Who’s Becky O’Donohue?

  • jammasta

    Who the hell is “Jackie Tohn”? I honestly can’t remember her from any season.

    Top 36 Season 8.

  • goboywonder

    Allison-I really like her new look.
    Elliott- Always so cool with his dark glasses.
    Kris- Congratz for his song on Matt’s album.
    Blake- Seems more likeable. Maturity?
    Kim-I admire her tenacity.
    David- His interviewing skills have improved exponentially and he has the most beautiful hair and eyes/lashes.
    Jackie- Don’t know her, but happy she enjoyed it.

    Wish the best for them all. :)

  • Willis

    Great clips! Just bought Kim’s album online on a whim. Nice so far. Good for fans of Pink or ‘breakaway’ Kelly.

    Also in my buying spree, Lacy Brown (S9) just put out an album on itunes for $4.00 and it is way better than I expected. Genre says Country but it sounds more Folk. I loved her recorded more than her live on Idol. I recommend both.

    Can’t wait for Alli’s new material!

  • McCreerian

    Genre says Country but it sounds more Folk. I loved her recorded more than her live on Idol. I recommend both.

    Lacey was pretty underrated on the show. I always thought she had a pretty voice, but people never forgave her after “Landslide.” And she was a female so that makes her a spawn of the devil in the idol fan’s eyes. She was very likable and more likable than Lilly or Katelyn(the ones people complained about not being in the finals on S9).

  • julesb2183

    Jackie Tohn was a semifinalist in season 8 and Becky O’Donahue was a semifinalist in season 5 (I think). If you don’t recognize a name from Idol, they are probably semifinalists that didn’t make the Top 12, ha ha.

  • Ratna12

    Why do I get the feeling that one of the quiet ones was Kris Allen.