American Idol 9 – Final 2 – What Should the Idols Sing?

Crystal Bowersox and Lee DeWyze will be facing off tomorrow night on the Final performance episode of American Idol 9.

They’ll sing 3 songs each.

One will likely be a coronation song–the puppies-rainbows-potsofgold song the winner releases at the end of the competition. It’s always fun to speculate on just how lame the song will be. Last year’s Kara DioGuardi-penned “No Boundaries” hit a new low of suckitude. It’s hard to imagine this year’s song will be worse…

The remaining two songs can be brand new songs, or a reprise of a song already sung on the show.

My favorite Crystal Bowersox performances are “People Get Ready”–powerful, full of emotion and one of Crystal’s Idol “moments” during the season. Also, I’m going to reach way back to the semi-finals to pick Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Long As I Can See the Light”. That’s the first time–for me anyway–that Crystal became a real contender. She took that song and completely “Crystalized” it.

For Lee DeWyze–I loved “The Boxer” but it was featured so prominently in his hometown package, it may be overkill to bring it back a week later.

Or, he could but out some Dave Matthews or Kings of Leon–two artists he covered during his hometown visit.

Both have a wonderful body of original songs. In a perfect world, they could add their own songs to the mix. But I don’t see that happening. Wouldn’t it be cool to hear Lee sing “So I’m Told” or Crystal perform “Holy Toledo”.  Ah. Dream on.

What would you like Crystal and Lee to sing? What performances would you like to see again?

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  • Thirsty

    Not really related, but does Lee have a massive noggin or is it just the angle?

    I just want Crystal to come out on Tuesday night and own the night. What should she sing? I don’t know, but I hope its good material she can connect with.

    As for Lee, I hate to say I don’t really care.

  • http://none SueSt

    New songs please. I realize they are under a lot of pressure, but I find repeat songs just way too lazy. Agree with MJ and so many other bloggers that allowing them to play their own songs would be the bomb… Would love to hear Holy Toledo from Crystal and (got to go with) Sweet, Sweet for Lee… Either way, if they can’t play their own songs, I want to hear something different. Entertain me!!

  • AIaddict

    Crystal – Holy Toledo and People Get Ready

    Lee- Flower Child and Use Somebody

  • KRo

    Please Lord, do NOT let a Kara-penned song find it’s way into the Idol finale this year!! These two (Crystal and Lee) have much better original songs out there I’d rather hear.

    I’d like to hear Lee sing “Walk Away” by Ben Harper. For Crystal, she would just KILL “The Difficult Kind” by Sheryl Crow.

  • dteixeira

    I hope they both sing new songs. For me, hearing a performance for a second time is never as good as the first time.

    I’m wishing and praying that they can sing originals (HOLY TOLEDO!!!).
    This has the potential to be a fantastic finale.

  • jumpstart

    Last year’s Kara DioGuardi-penned “No Boundaries” hit a new low of suckitude. It’s hard to imagine this year’s song will be worse…

    I refuse to believe it’s possible to have a worse song this year. Of course, if Kara writes it, nothing will surprise me.

  • jolie_05

    Well, I wouldn’t mind one repeat and one new song. Two repeats is pretty lazy, even though they are under a lot of pressure. But hey, they should be able to do it. They have to be able to perform a full set and remember the lyrics and arrangements to all of them. Besides I’m sure they already have a repertoire of songs they know and performed back home in their respective venues. So in a dreamworld I would love two new songs. For Crystal, maybe “What’s Up” or a Ray LaMontagne song, perhaps “Shelter”, “Burn” or “Empty”. Or a Iron & Wine song. I wouldn’t mind, though, to hear “Me and Bobby McGee”, “Long as I See the Light” or “People Get Ready” again.

    And Kings of Leon would be perfect for Lee. We know his dream performance is “Use Somebody”. Dave Matthews, I also agree would work for him. “Crash into Me” is a very sexy song, I’m sure he’ll win a lot of hearts with that one.

  • bridgette12

    I don’t care what they sing, as long as it’s not a folk song.

  • tinawina

    It’s producer’s choice, a repeat song, and the coronation song right? I would LOVE if they lost the coronation song for originals. :)

  • itsalleternal

    If Kara writes the song, it will surely be another load of suckage. Hopefully Wednesday will be her last day on the job…

  • windmills

    IMO the coronation songs suck more because of the specifications for them than because of whoever’s writing them. I don’t know what the specifications are but I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a rainbow requirement.

  • jolie_05

    Well, here I am hoping Kara will surprise us (if she’s the one writing the coronation song). Or perhaps the coronation song is a cover. That would probably be better. But I’m really, really hoping they could rather use one of their own songs instead.

  • cassie87

    If Lee picks a song he’s already done, I’d say “The Boxer” would be the best choice. I kind of hope they both do something new. It’s kind of a risk, but I think it would be cool. I’d love for Lee to do some Kings of Leon or an original. All his originals are great. I really like “Princess” or “Flower Child.”

  • Katie1

    I think it would be cool to hear Lee sing “Around Here” by Counting Crows.. or Dave Matthews Band would be great also.
    I would Love for him to sing his original song “Stay”.

  • Nina1

    does Lee have a massive noggin or is it just the angle?

    He has a massive noggin. I think his parents found him under a toadstool, too, b/c helooks not one bit like either of them.

    If I were Kara and writing the coronation song this year, I would go to great lengths to make it a good one. The flak from a bum one can’t raise her songwriting fees.

  • X-traspecial

    What happened to the Producer’s choice? Did they do away with that this year?

    Funny we haven’t heard anything about the coronation song this year. Sure hope it’s not another from Kara, that had to be the worst one EVER.

  • weese

    I am hoping that each will sing an original written by them and a contemporary song they have not sung before on the show. Finally I would like them each to choose their own coronation song –something that is meaningful to them–could be a big classic or an obscure Indie.

  • abbysee

    I am surprised we haven’t heard much about the coronation song. That leads me to speculate that they may just surprise us and let them sing one of their own. IMHO since they both have a body of work they can choose from, it would be to the shows credit to let them go for it. Just might add an interesting layer to this season. I know Kara can write good songs, but she should be forever banned from penning the coronation song. Whenever singers of the caliber of Adam and Kris both massively fail on a song, there is definitely something wrong.

    MJ, you picked two good ones for Crystal, and I am almost certain she will sing one of them, well that is if she is allowed, and will not have some shit foisted on her. I can’t wait to see this unfold.

  • AndreaH

    They don’t have to do a producer’s choice song?

    Does anyone know if they get to do full songs or are they just the usual 90 seconds?

  • wjmtv

    They’re missing the boat if they don’t let Crystalee do original stuff. They’re both very good, and I think the street (sidewalk? subway platform?) cred it would give to the show, is something they could stand to gain. But what the hell do I know?

  • tessa

    I hope Lee picks a classic rock song he hasn’t done on the show. It’s got to be an inspired, heartfelt rendition of a song that he feels connected to and where his voice can rise. That would create another “Simple Man” moment which he needs to seal the deal. Lee FTW! As for singing an original, it would be awesome if Lee can do “Stay” or “Worth Waiting” with just him and the guitar.

  • hicksaholic

    I agree that allowing them to do an original would perk up what’s been a pretty lackluster year. Plus if both are good songwriters(I assume they are) neither would have a big advantage over the other if they are allowed to do that.

  • dancin

    if they do originals… Crystal… Holy Toledo…. or Speak Now… or Sandman she has so many wonderful ones

    reprise i agree CCR or People Get Ready

    barring that i’d love to hear crystal do something by sheryl crow… even sugarland and crystalize it :)

    Lee… not sure bout originals cuz i havnt really paid much attn to them but no no no to DaveM !! reprise… the Boxer

  • Bethlyn

    *Ignoring the uncalled for comments*

    I am hoping both contestants follow the same plan. One softer song, followed by one which really pushes their vocals.

    No seconds please. Once is enough.

    I don’t see any reason for these artist not to sing one of their originals either. Here is hoping!

    I’d love to see Lee sing his own ‘Predicament’, followed by something Kings of Leon. Not sure he could do ‘Sex On Fire’ on AI, but a girl can dream :-). Melissa Etheridge might actually be another great choice. I can honestly hear him singing ‘Like I do’ with the gender switch. I really think he would tear that song up.

    Holy Toledo would be amazing for Crystal, followed by ‘Human Touch’ by Bruce Springsteen.

    I wish them both all the best. Both of these contestants are true artists. Not too much glitz. Just talent. That is enough for me.

  • weese

    The finale should not have to have the same formula every year. If they have two good song writers who are both begging to do originals they should let them. Next year may be different but for this year it just makes sense.

  • dancin

    Another thing i’d love is for them to be able to do a whole song!! especially if they let them do originals

    lee… to add to mine i’d like him to do sorry by buckcherry

  • sleeptalker

    I think I’m the only person who hopes there is a coronation song. I always found something very cool about seeing both contestant’s takes on one song. Even though NoBo wasn’t a great song, Kris and Adam both did different things with it. I think Lee and Crystal are different enough that they would have different styles, but similar enough that we wouldn’t get a Blake Lewis “This Is My Now” take 2.

    And I enjoy cheesy rainbowy songs. but that’s just me.

    I’m still on board with originals instead of repeats. I kinda like “Farmers Daughter” for Crystal…I know it’s not the most Idol-oriented, but I just love it.

  • dancin

    i like the coronation songs for the cheese factor.. best one ever david cook.. but i think thats cuz it was him singing it lol

  • sylvanaire

    I think the best they’ve ever done for Final 2, was what they did Season 7. 1 Judges, 1 new song, and 1 personal choice. Now, they don’t have songs from a songwriters competition to draw from this year, so they could replace that with a new song the label picks. (The labels have certainly decided who they are going to sign by now, right?) I know it’s never been done on AI before, but bear with me here. That’s what they did on Can You Duet. The final 2 or 3 couples spent the day with the head of Big Machines Records, and he laid out a couple songs that had already been written, that would fit them, and they picked which one sounded best to them, and that was the first single pushed to radio for whoever won. I don’t know why the coronation song MUST be puppies and rainbows. Seems like after 9 years, the show could do something to shake things up a little.

    In the above scenario, the personal choice song could be one of their original songs, but having 2 songs sung on the same night that the audience is totally unfamiliar with, might be too much. Still, that would be my ideal line up. If they were allowed an original, I’d pick Sweet Sweet, for Lee. That song just has radio hit written all over it, imo. And for Crystal, I really like Holy Toledo, but I wonder if it would be too geographically specific to get play in LA or Boston. So I’m going to pick Sandman. It’s got a universal theme, and some oomph to the melody.

    Realistically, we will probably get stuck with Judges/Producers Choice, a reprise/Personal Choice, and the Coronation song, whatever that turns out to be. The secrecy surrounding the first single gives me hope it might be something good, but I’m not holding my breath!

  • jhgebel

    I want Crystal to sing… Speak Now or Holy Toledo…. Stay by Sugarland and Long as I Can See the Light by CCR

  • t2

    Seriously couldn’t care less. Most boring finale ever. Thank you MJ for posting videos in case something good happens.

  • HeyHoLetsGo

    If Lee wins, he should thank Crystal for her generosity in arranging Falling Slowly. That’s when it turned around for him, even though nearly everyone agreed that Crystal sounded better.

    Truly a triumph of marketing, that Lee! Even with shaky performances, the glad-handing of the judges convinced America that he is far more interesting than he is. LOL.

  • hypnoticwhisper

    Ugh I don’t like it when they do repeats. I want them to chose a song that sums up their experience on idol and how much they’ve grown in the last few months.

    Perfect Example : David Cook – The World I Know

    I wish Lee saved “Simple Man” and performed it during the top 2 rather than top 3.

  • alxsavage

    In case they are allowed to, I hope both of them choose new songs instead of reprises. That’s really all I’m asking for. Last season’s finale wasn’t really good, thanks to NoBo 1/3 of the show sucked. So whatever happens tomorrow, I hope it’s better.

  • girlygirl

    It’s strange we haven’t heard anything about the coronation song. I can’t see them letting the Idols sing original songs — why do that for these 2 when previous, more talented Idols haven’t been allowed to do that? I could see them allowing originals next season as a revamp of the whole show, but not as part of a season finale. I could be way off base on this though.

    Last year’s producer choices (A Change Is Gonna Come and What’s Going On), while not current necessarily at least have relevance in terms of being adaptable to whatever is going on in the world at a particular moment. And Adam and Kris did great jobs with them. So I have hope that the producers’ choices for Crystal and Lee this season will be decent.

  • glamertitis

    05/24/2010 at 3:06 pm
    If Lee wins, he should thank Crystal for her generosity in arranging Falling Slowly. That’s when it turned around for him, even though nearly everyone agreed that Crystal sounded better.

    Can you please provide the link that states Crystal arranged that song? I believe she asked Lee to watch the movie “Once”. That is not her completely arranging the song. Funny how she stated that Lee is her musical crush and yet some have trouble taking her word for it that he might be good at what he does. Nope, everything has to be a conspiracy or someone is thrown under a bus….
    Outside of some blogs, Lee has tremendous support – I for one appreciate his current sound and look forward to following his career.

    Truly a triumph of marketing, that Lee! Even with shaky performances, the glad-handing of the judges convinced America that he is far more interesting than he is. LOL.

    So this is an assumption that only Lee has had marketing support? Has Crystal not had good marketing support as well? I think they both have.
    Both are actually very nice people and singer/performers – it’s the rabid fantards that make me dislike my 2nd favorite.

  • hypnoticwhisper

    Crystal – “Glitter In The Air” by Pink I can’t remember the last time she has done a real current song besides her duet. This song is beautiful and a great meaning behind it.

  • luvadamlambert

    lol I actually love coronation songs-magic rainbow is one of my most played songs (sad I know :))

    Worst season ever

    I’ve been saying this all season:CURRENT and MAINSTREAM songs!

    This is a really strange suggestion but I would love to see one of them choose “when we were young” by The Killers.I flove that song and IDK maybe one of them could do something really cool with it.
    But,Im guessing they’ll choose either an old or an indie song.

  • mozart4898

    So I’ve kinda asked about this before – are they or aren’t they required to reprise a song??? Cause that makes a big difference. Really as I had said in a post last night I think there’s good reason for a reprise – it shows the ability to be consistent for more than one performance. No, the initial buzz about the performance won’t be there but it won’t be there for either of them – if they can’t bring the energy to a reprise it’ll show. A touring singer will be singing the same songs every night, for months, and they need to be consistently good on them (or they should).

    If they reprise, for one, nothing from this past week, and I’d say not from the last two weeks really. Just too recent. For Crystal, “Me and Bobby McGee,” or maybe “Saved” or “Long As I Can See the Light.” (Actually there’s several others she could reprise just as well too, but I think those were the most polished performances – I want her to avoid “People Get Ready” just because the emotion from the original makes it a lose-lose for her – she either won’t be as “in the moment” as she was, or she WOULD be, and people will say it was faked.)

    For Lee – I’m not a fan, and I think he’s had problems with many of his performances, but I’d say “Treat Her Like a Lady” or maybe “The Boxer” (he even had pitch problems on “The Boxer” though…he’s hardly gone a whole performance without them). Hell-to-the-no on “Kiss From a Rose” or “A Little Less Conversation,” unless he wants to throw the competition.

    Producer’s picks – no idea. They’ll pick whatever they want, I’m sure, and their picks probably won’t exactly fit them well anyways.

    Coronation song – have them pick, along with producers (maybe even Kara/Rickey…they might need to rearrange the song to work for Idol, then again, Crystal’s work just fine with her and her guitar) the song they’ve written that they’d most like to have released as their coronation song. (FYI, “Speak Now” would probably be a really awkward choice for Crystal since it has the line “I’m never comin’ back to this town called Chicago.” Wave hi to Lee with that line, Crystal. Just saying.) Problem with that would be that Lee has recorded a good many of his on his two albums…and therefore the licensing would probably be difficult.

    “Farmer’s Daughter” would be an incredible choice for a single for Crystal – I think it’d be an instant radio hit. One phrase near the beginning would need to be changed to “I’m so.” If you’ve heard it, you know which one, lol.

  • hypnoticwhisper

    Lee – “Pants On The Ground” There’s been a couple of times where he pulled up his pants, and you can see his boxers… like in the Lips of an Angel performance =P

    ok… i really dont know hahaaa

  • gangreen29

    oops I meant to post this in headlines.

  • Grammie Kari

    I really wish the songs would be 2 minutes long. We don’t even get a full length song on the tour, do we?

    This is not the TOP 2 I wanted, but I do wish both a great deal of success tomorrow night.

  • Willis

    I haven’t been too invested in this season for a little while, but I’m pretty excited for tomorrow night. Last week I made a CD of many of the studio tracks I downloaded but never listened to. While driving around, I was completely blown away by Lee. I really think he has a chance to be the best male winner (if he wins.) Very versatile. Comparisons to Cook, Chris and Kris are a little unfounded to me. Lee comes across as more of a Springsteen than a Daughtry.

    Brown Eyed Girl – Van Morrison (I imagine a favorite for many)
    Come Back to Me – David Cook (So people can hear they’re different; and I think he’d be better than Cook at it)
    Tom Petty – Free Fallin’ (as long as he does something a little different)

    Lee repeat:
    The Boxer or Chasing Cars. I think he’s come a long way since the first show and could do a much better version of Chasing Cars now.

    Fast Car – Tracy Chapman (lots of story to connect to)
    Me – Paula Cole (think she could offer a fantastically ‘Crystal’ take on this)
    Tom Petty – Last Dance with Mary Jane (oh, I dunno… still, would be great)

    Crystal repeat: As Long As I Can See the Light or Bobby McGee

  • wjmtv

    I happened to hear the original of “Chasing Cars” today, which is a song I’m not too familiar with. TBH, I thought Lee’s version was better. I believed him.

    For repeats, I really want Crystal to do “Natural Woman,” especially if they’ll let them sing the whole thing.

  • musikken

    Melissa Etheridge might actually be another great choice. I can honestly hear him singing ‘Like I do’ with the gender switch. I really think he would tear that song up.

    Lee could sing that song without changing a word. ;-) Maybe his woman left him for another woman. hehe

    Me – Paula Cole (think she could offer a fantastically ‘Crystal’ take on this)

    Good pick. That’s my favorite Paula Cole song, and Crystal could do a fantastic job with it.

  • girlygirl


    You just compared Lee to Bruce Springsteen? Why??? Lee’s style isn’t particularly like Springsteen and IMO he doesn’t have half the talent of Bruce.

  • girlygirl

    I like some of these suggestions, but Van Morrison has never cleared his songs for Idol and Pink has been very dismissive of AI (despite giving Adam the song she co-wrote), so I doubt she’d clear her stuff, either.

  • Willis

    Bruce Springsteen always performs from a real place/voice that many can identify with. Great at expressing emotions through phrasing. No matter the genre’s he’s tried over the years, the Boss can sing in them all and still make it sound like him.

    I compare Lee to Springsteen in that aspect, as a singer. Lee can sing Top 40, Brat Pack, Rock, etc. and it doesn’t sound karaoke, Just sounds like Lee. As far as musicality and songwriting go, Lee ain’t touching The Boss. But, few can.

  • cookcricket

    Last year’s finale was very controlled and as of yet, this one doesn’t seem to be, heck we don’t even know anything about a coronation song, if any.

    Seems to me that maybe TPTB would be just fine with whoever won.

    Well if there has to be a reprise, I’ll go with “Long As I Can See the Light” for Crystal. There are others she could do and do well.

    For Lee, I think it was when he sang “Like A Lady” that I finally saw a bit of what others saw in him.

    Honestly, I just want 1) a good show and 2) for Crystal to ‘bring it’!

  • iluvai

    I’m hoping there is a coronation song. It’s a rite of passage! I hope it’s good.

  • Idol Freak

    Maybe they co-wrote the coronation song – wouldn’t that be cool !!

  • monkeyman

    Both “The Boxer” and “People Get Ready” are not avaiable on iTunes anymore. All the other song by all the idol are! I think we know what this means!

  • J9BT

    05/25/2010 at 3:38 am
    Both “The Boxer” and “People Get Ready” are not avaiable on iTunes anymore. All the other song by all the idol are! I think we know what this means!

    monkeyman: you are a sleuth!!!! And sooooo right!!!! I’m quoting your post in the new thread so others can see.